Talkspace vs Calmerry (A Detailed Comparison)

In this detailed blogpost, we will be looking at the various features offered by Talkspace and Calmerry and also discussing the differences between these two platforms. Talkspace is one of the most well-known platforms today offering therapy as well as psychiatry, while Calmerry offers a wide variety of formats for anyone who is seeking online therapy.

In the table provided below, we have mentioned the different characteristics in each platform while also pointing out the major dissimilarities between the two.

 Feature  Talkspace  Calmerry
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Therapy
 Pricing  Min 260 USD Min 227.96 USD
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA All major credit cards,HSA, FSA
 Insurance   Available Unavailable
 Age group  13 years and above Any age group



  • Talkspace offers therapy as well as psychiatry
  • It allows therapy in various formats
  • It can be covered by insurance


  • It does not offer group therapy sessions
  • Those who do not have insurance can find this expensive
  • Live sessions are not available in all the plans



  • It offers very flexible and customizable plans
  • It uses therapists to match clients and not AI
  • It offers couples therapy as well


  • The video sessions are shorter in duration
  • It cannot be covered by insurance
  • It does not have psychiatry services

About Talkspace

Talkspace was founded in the year 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank, originally as couples counseling and group therapy platform. The entire aim of Talkspace was to make mental health care accessible and easily affordable. Talkspace today offers therapy services as well as psychiatry services in the same platform.

Talkspace allows users to quickly access and commence therapy sessions, many times within 24 hours of signing up for the platform. The users are matched with therapists using a smart algorithm which uses the information provided by the client. This ensures a better client-therapist fir than many in-person therapy setups.

The therapy in Talkspace is offered through various formats like messaging therapy, live phone sessions and live video sessions. There is even a feature for couples therapy in this platform. Users are also welcome to join the group sessions in this platform for free of cost. Talkspace increases its affordability by tying up with several in-network insurance providers.

About Calmerry

Calmerry is pretty new to the online therapy scene but has already created a strong name. The platform was launched in 2020 and is currently headquartered in the city of Wyoming. This platform provides online therapy services through cost-effective means and also through various formats.

Through this platform, those who require online therapy can choose from various subscription plans based on their needs and requirements. The platform ensures a very short waiting time and only uses therapists who are licensed to practice in the region of the user. While many other platforms use AI for the matching process, Calmerry uses mental health professionals.

Once the plan has been chosen and the therapist has been fixed, the user can commence communication through messaging. Most of the plans include at least one live video session for a period of thirty minutes. In addition to therapy for individuals, Calmerry also offers a splendid couples therapy program at the same price of individual therapy sessions.

Best features of Talkspace

Talkspace has something for everyone who is looking for quality mental health care. In this platform, users can find numerous features and tools to utilize to improve their mental health. Some of the unique features of this online mental health care platform have been explored in the points given below.

Talkspace can be accessed from everywhere

The Talkspace platform can be accessed through the website and even downloaded and installed as an app. And thus, this platform can be used from practically anywhere. This can prove to be a godsend for those who live in remote locations that may have a dearth of licensed and certified therapists.

It can be great for those who are disabled

People who are living with a physical disability can find immense use in Talkspace as it does not require them to leave the house for therapy sessions. This can also be relatable for those individuals who are taking care of an infant and thus are not able to leave the house often for therapy.

Talkspace offers couples therapy

In addition to therapy for individuals, Talkspace also offers couples therapy. In this feature, couples who are having difficulties in their relationship with each other can learn communication strategies and other cognitive techniques to help them regain their lost love for each other. The couples therapy feature in Talkspace is mostly not eligible for insurance coverage.

It also has therapy for teenagers

Teenagers can also find therapy in Talkspace. To avail this therapy in Talkspace, the user needs to register themselves on the platform as usual and also upload a video of their parents or guardians providing consent. Therapy for teenagers is necessary as most adolescents go through a great deal of stress and anxiety in this age group.

It offers psychiatry services

Talkspace is popular for not only therapy but also its psychiatry services. The psychiatry services in Talkspace are provided by licensed and experienced psychiatrists. While medications for most mental health conditions are made available through this platform, some substances like Adderall and Xanax cannot be prescribed here.

Talkspace also has a sleep program

Those individuals who are suffering from insomnia or any other type of sleep issues can make use of the sleep/insomnia program provided in Talkspace. This sleep program goes on for a period of eight weeks in which the participants learn several behavioral strategies and coping techniques designed to help them get the rest they require.

It has messaging therapy

Messaging therapy is pretty popular today and is one of the best features of Talkspace. In this format of therapy, the user can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists at any time. The messages can be sent as text messages, audio messages and even video messages as per the convenience of the user.

The sessions can be of various formats

The therapy in Talkspace can be availed through various formats or modes depending on the preference of the user. In Talkspace, the user can choose to have their therapy through live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. This convenience is certainly not available in in-person therapy which boosts the popularity of online therapy platforms like Talkspace.

Talkspace is quite affordable

The plans in Talkspace have been designed to be affordable to any user from any socio-economic background. In addition to this, insurance coverage is applicable for all the plans in Talkspace which can further increase its cost-effectiveness. The plans also range in prices which users can choose from according to their financial statuses.

It makes great use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is made great use of in Talkspace. AI is used to detect users who require therapy at the earliest so that they are given more priority. More so, artificial intelligence is used in the form of an algorithm through which the users are rightly matched with a compatible therapist.

Best features of Calmerry

Even though this platform may be relatively new, it is armed with plenty of features in the online therapy game. Calmerry has a large collection of useful attributes that any new user of this platform can definitely enjoy. Some of them have been described below.

It offers flexible plans

In Calmerry, the user can find various subscription plans that they can choose according to their needs and conveniences. The best part about these plans is that the user can customize the chosen plan by adding or subtracting the number of live video sessions that they require. This feature is not available in many online therapy platforms.

It has unlimited messaging

Unlimited messaging is a feature that is available in all the plans of Calmerry and is the primary mode of communication between the user and the therapist. This means that the users of this platform can send any number of messages to their therapists. Messaging as a form of therapy can bring several mental health benefits such as increased accountability and expression.

It offers live video therapy sessions

Live video therapy sessions are also offered in Calmerry. These sessions are limited to durations of thirty minutes. However, users are free to increase the number of live video sessions up to four per week, which is again lacking in many other mental health care platforms. The live video therapy sessions have been found to have the same effect as in-person sessions.

Calmerry has a unique matching technique

Most online therapy platforms use algorithms to match the user with a compatible therapist using the data provided by the client. However, Calmerry uses a consultant therapist whose role is to match the user with the right mental health professional. Users of Calmerry have found this technique to be a lot more personal and effective.

It provides plenty of other resources

The Calmerry website is pretty resourceful and provides plenty of blogs and articles related to mental health and mental illness. In addition to this, the website also regularly puts up webinars which are open to any user. Furthermore, there are plenty of mental health tests that users can utilize to determine their mental health status informally.


Couples therapy is available

In addition to individual therapy, Calmerry also provides couples therapy. The couples therapy in this platform does not involve the partners involved in therapy at the same time. Instead, the partners in the relationship have to use their individual accounts and have separate conversations with the therapist.

It offers free trials

While free trials are not available usually in online therapy platforms, Calmerry offers one during the month of May, which is mental health awareness month. They are expected to do this every year. Calmerry also offers discounts for the first month of therapy. The costs of Calmerry are otherwise pretty affordable when compared to other platforms.

It projects the progress of the user

New users of Calmerry can have their emotional health checked out through tests that the platform provides. The progress that can be made by the user from their current emotional status can also be projected using these tests. And thus, the users of Calmerry know how much time their progress will take.

Calmerry is pretty secure

The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and therefore provides the utmost security and privacy to the users. This factor is highly necessary as the identity and information related to the client needs to be protected at all costs. Calmerry provides an additional coating of security in the fact that it does not require the client and therapist to meet each other face to face.


Pricing of Talkspace

The cost of Talkspace can vary depending on the location of the user and also the number of therapists who are licensed to practice in their area. Talkspace can cost $260 to $396 per month based on the plan that the user has opted for. The cheapest plan in Talkspace is the Messaging Therapy plan while the most expensive is the Live + Messaging plan.

Pricing of Calmerry

The price of a subscription to Calmerry can vary depending on the plan that the user wants to follow. The Messaging Plan of Calmerry costs $56.99 per week while the Messaging +One Live Video plan costs $74.99 per week. The Messaging + Four Live Video plan costs users $89.99 per week.

Signing up for Talkspace

To sign up for Talkspace, the users will have to go to the platform’s website or the app and click on the ‘Get Started’ option where they will need to provide basic details about themselves, including a username. They will be then directed to complete a questionnaire where they will be asked questions related directly to their mental health and emotional health.

Once the questionnaire has been filled out, the user can go on to meet with a consultant therapist who will then brief them about the various features that are available in the platform for their use and also the type of plan that is most suited for them. The user will be then matched with a suitable therapist and can commence their therapy sessions in a short span of time.

Signing up for Calmerry

To sign up for Calmerry’s online therapy services, the user will need to create an account in the platform and fill up a questionnaire about their mental health needs and requirements. Once the questionnaire is filled out, the user will be put in touch with a therapist who will then match the user with a suitable mental health professional.

This is the primary intake process. When this has been completed, the user will be shown their results depicting their current emotional wellbeing and also the percentage of progress that they can expect from the therapy. They will also be shown the number of months in which they can expect the improvement to take place.

Tips for using Talkspace

Talkspace can be definitely tricky for those who are new to the platform. Some suggestions that will help new users of Talkspace have been mentioned in the following tips.

  • Turn off your selfie camera during your live video therapy sessions. Having this on can distract you from what your therapist is saying and also make you self-conscious when you speak.
  • In order to ensure that you make the best out of your live video sessions in therapy, you can create a dedicated space just for this. You can also use soft-lighting and scented candles to create an overall calming effect that can help in increasing the effectiveness of therapy.
  • You can also maintain a therapy journal where you can record your therapy goals and also write down your reflections from your therapy sessions. This can help in increasing your learning experience while also providing a space for your self-care.

Tips for using Calmerry

Calmerry is a very easy platform for even new users. However, there are many ways through which the user experience can be improved. Some of them are:

  • In order to ensure that the quality of your video therapy sessions is great, it is suggested that you invest in a high-speed internet connection. In doing so, you can avoid any type of buffering which can disrupt your therapy session.
  • You can also do a dry run of all your devices so that you are not interrupted in between your live therapy by technological faults or glitches.
  • The Calmerry website has a number of resources like webinars and blogs that can help in increasing your awareness and also your education about mental health and mental illnesses. Perusing these in your free time can definitely help in your mental health.
  • You can also take the mental tests available in Calmerry every couple of weeks or so in order to understand yourself and your emotional well-being better. These can act as drivers and guides for your therapy and also highlight the progress being made.

Personal experiences in Talkspace

Talkspace has mostly positive reviews by those who have used this for their mental health. Some of their experiences have been summarized below.

  • Most users of Talkspace have loved how the platform operates completely online. This has been found to be useful by those who have very busy schedules and thus not able to go for regular in-person therapy sessions.
  • Those who are involved in taking care of infants have found Talkspace to be useful in delivering therapy sessions that can be experienced at home.
  • Many users of Talkspace have started using the platform after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic which restricted in-person meetings. The platform has been hailed as a great alternative to traditional therapy settings.
  • However, some users of Talkspace have found that the platform is not transparent with its pricing as the costs of the plans are mentioned only towards the end of the signing process. The price can also depend on the location of the user and thus different individuals may get different prices.
  • A large percentage of the users of Talkspace have complained about the delayed response from the customer support team of the platform.

Personal experiences in Calmerry

While the Calmerry app seems to have a low rating, many users of the platform are still loyal to it and continue using its services for their mental health care. Some of their experiences have been mentioned briefly as follows.

  • Users of Calmerry have loved the way the platform matches users with a therapist. While compared to other online therapy platforms, Calmerry does not use an algorithm for the matching process and instead using therapists. This is seen as more personal by many users.
  • The frequency of messaging in this platform is more consistent and much higher than other mental health care platforms. Users have felt that they are having a real-time conversation with a friend while using the messaging therapy in Calmerry.
  • Many users of Calmerry have felt that the platform is misleading, especially in regards to couples therapy. While online couples therapy usually involves both the partners in the chats and the conversation, in Calmerry the partners talk to the therapists individually.
  • Some users of Calmerry have experienced a lot of glitches in the app itself. Users have felt that the app does not provide smooth navigation which can be very frustrating.


Online therapy platforms like Talkspace and Calmerry are definitely the need of the hour today as most of us are still house-bound and fear in-person interactions. Both these platforms offer very similar features while differing starkly at the same time. Between the two, Talkspace offers more formats, while Calmerry may offers more cost-effective plans.

In Talkspace, users can opt to communicate with their therapists through unlimited messaging, live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions. The users and therapists in this platform are matched through an algorithm. In addition to therapy for individuals, Talkspace offers couples therapy as well as teens therapy.

Calmerry also offers various modes of communication through messaging and video sessions. Instead of an algorithm, Calmerry uses a mental health professional to match the user with a therapist. The platform can be greatly useful for individuals who are seeking therapy online but not couples as it advertises.

BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

Those who are seeking therapy online may also be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers plenty of formats of therapy, ranging from live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. In addition, unlimited messaging through texting, audio messages and even video messages are available here.

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers in its platform. Furthermore, group sessions can also be found in this platform, covering more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness. The pricing of BetterHelp is also pretty cost-effective, especially considering the fact that the platform offers financial aid to most users.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Calmerry take insurance?

No, Calmerry does not take insurance. According to the platform, this is because the plans of Calmerry are already very low-priced, especially when compared to in-person therapy settings.

Is Calmerry HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Calmerry is completely HIPAA compliant and takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously.

Does Talkspace use real therapists?

Yes, Talkspace uses licensed and certified therapists to provide mental health care to its users. In order to make sure that its users get the very best of care, the mental health professionals in this platform undergo a strenuous employment process and also rigorous training.

Can Talkspace therapists diagnose?

No, Talkspace therapists cannot diagnose mental health conditions. However, they are certainly qualified to provide mental health care in the form of psychotherapy and counseling for their clients.

Can Talkspace prescribe antidepressants?

Yes, Talkspace can prescribe antidepressants through its expert psychiatrists. However, certain controlled substances like Xanax and Ritalin cannot be prescribed here.

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