Talkspace vs BetterHelp for therapists (Which is the better workplace?)

In this post, we will discuss the similarities and differences between two online platforms, Talkspace and BetterHelp, particularly for therapists. As online therapy becomes more popular every day, an increasing percentage of therapists are choosing to work on platforms like these as they bring plenty of advantages like steady client flow and increased safety.

Talkspace vs BetterHelp for therapists (Which is the better workplace?)
Talkspace vs BetterHelp for therapists (Which is the better workplace?)

In the table below, we will show you the main services and features offered by Talkspace and BetterHelp that users of these platforms have experienced in their usage.

 Feature  Talkspace  BetterHelp
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Therapy
 Salary  Min 21 USD per hour Min 31 USD per hour
 Work/Life Balance   Good Great
 Benefits   Available Available
 Minimum Experience   3 years of direct experience 3 years of direct experience



  • Therapists can work from anywhere
  • They can use HIPAA compliant technology
  • They have steady inflow of clients


  • Therapists need some tech and devices
  • They cannot attend emergency cases
  • There may be too many clients to handle



  • Therapists do not need an office
  • They don’t have any paperwork
  • They can earn more income


  • Therapists cannot meet clients in-person
  • They need to be tech-literate
  • They need to be familiar with online therapy

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online mental health platform that offers therapy services as well as psychiatry services. Talkspace was launched as a couples counseling platform in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank. The Franks had faced numerous challenges when they sought therapy for their personal issues and wanted to create a solution to help others in their search for good mental health care.

Talkspace vs BetterHelp for therapists (Which is the better workplace?)

Picture credit: Talkspace

The product was Talkspace, which has now grown to include therapy as well as psychiatry. Through Talkspace, users are connected with licensed and accredited mental health professionals who can provide therapy through live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions in addition to limitless messaging.

In addition to various therapy formats, Talkspace offers various therapies including couples therapy and teens therapy. It also has a great sleep program that can help those who are having struggles in falling asleep or staying asleep. All of these and more are covered by insurance and thus makes mental health care a lot more affordable and thus accessible.


About BetterHelp

BetterHelp was founded and launched in Alon Matas and Danny Bragonier as a solution for the current crumbling mental health care system. The popularity of BetterHelp has greatly increased after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and now the platform is the world’s largest online therapy platform.

Talkspace vs BetterHelp for therapists (Which is the better workplace?)

Picture credit: BetterHelp

In BetterHelp, users are matched with experienced and licensed mental health professionals in a short span of time according to their needs and requirements. BetterHelp offers therapy through chatting, phone sessions and live video sessions that the user can opt for according to their personal preferences.

In addition to individual therapy, BetterHelp also offers couples therapy, teens therapy and also group therapy sessions that are conducted about once a week. While BetterHelp does not allow insurance coverage, it offers financial aid or assistance to those who are finding affordability an issue in this platform.

Best features of Talkspace for therapists

Therapists in particular have a lot to benefit from working in Talkspace. Talkspace can bring plenty of advantages to any therapist who works here, such as the ones described below.

Therapists can work from home

The great thing about working in Talkspace is that the therapists do not need an office space to work. They can simply work from the comfort of their own home. In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, working for a platform like Talkspace is a wise and very popular choice that more and more mental health professionals are opting for every day.

They can use safe technology

The platform offers very safe and completely HIPAA compliant technology. This is beneficial for not only the user but also the therapist. The mental health professionals in this platform clearly understand the high levels of security that are offered in Talkspace and thus can practice their therapy with more vigor and effectiveness.


They have access to psychiatry services

Talkspace not only offers therapy services, but also offers psychiatry services. This means that those users who have mental health conditions like severe depression and anxiety disorders can get their medication and therapy from the same platform. Therapists in Talkspace can refer their users to the psychiatry services in Talkspace itself, bringing more convenience into the picture.


They do not have marketing expenses

Therapists and other mental health professionals who practice independently have to incur many expenses like rent and utilities. In addition to these, they also have many marketing expenses which they use to promote themselves and their businesses. All this is not necessary in Talkspace as the platform takes care of the marketing for its therapists.

They have a steady inflow of clients

Those therapists who have their private practice know well that some days their offices may see a lot of hustle and bustle and other days may be in pin-drop silence. Client traffic can never be expected to be steady all the time and thus the salary of the therapist may also fluctuate. However, in Talkspace, therapists get a steady inflow of clients at all times.

It offers peer support

Talkspace also offers peer consultation for its therapists. This peer consultation can be used by therapists to share their experiences with each other and thereby increase their learning and exposure. Peer consultation or peer support not only helps in learning but can also be used as a space for expression and self-care for mental health professionals.

Best features of BetterHelp for therapists

Therapists who are opting to work for an online therapy platform can choose to work at BetterHelp. This platform has a range of plus points especially for the mental health professionals who work here. Some great features that BetterHelp provides especially for the therapist who work here are listed as follows.

BetterHelp provides plenty of work benefits

BetterHelp, as a company, has been known to provide amazing work benefits for all its employees. By choosing to work for this platform, therapists can experience employee benefits like health, dental and vision coverage. The company also provides 401K benefits with the employer matching the contribution.

Therapists do not need an office

Therapists who work in BetterHelp do not need to rent an office space for their therapy sessions. This not only saves them a lot of time but also brings them comfort and convenience as they do not need to commute anywhere for work. Therapists can work from the comfort of their own homes and thus can improve their work/life balance.

They experience a lot of safety

BetterHelp uses HIPAA compliant technology with strong security features like end to end encryptions and multi-step authentications and thus is very safe for the therapist and the user. Furthermore, the platform does not require any in-person meetings between the therapist and the user and thus reduces the risk of physical violence or assault from any of the parties involved.

BetterHelp pays well

The platform also pays quite well comparatively. BetterHelp not only has a high pay range among online therapy platforms but also offers amazing incentives and bonuses. The therapists are paid according to an engagement model which means the more they have meaningful interactions with clients, the higher they are paid.

Therapists can choose their own hours

Therapists who work in BetterHelp can also choose their own hours. This helps them bring more work life balance between their personal lives and their careers, leading to better mental health. Many therapists also supplement their private practice through BetterHelp, bringing added benefits.

The platform is pretty easy to use

BetterHelp offers an extremely easy user interface for only users but also the therapists who work here. This can be god-send for those therapists who consider themselves technologically illiterate. Therapists who are new to the platform can get the hang of it pretty soon and with a stable internet connection can easily commence their practice in no time.

Salary at Talkspace for therapists

In Talkspace, therapists are paid around $21 per hour, or around $29,779 in a year. This platform uses an engagement model to pay its therapists. This measures the amount of meaningful interactions that therapists have with their clients in any of the formats that Talkspace provides. Therapists who have high levels of meaningful engagement, such as videos, are paid more.

Salary at BetterHelp for therapists

BetterHelp offers $31 per hour for its therapists or around $11,300 per month. BetterHelp also uses an engagement model in which the mental health professionals are paid according to the number of meaningful interactions that they have with their clients. While the pay is certainly lower than in-person therapy, the added benefits can be very valuable to therapists.

How to become a Talkspace therapist?

If you want to become a Talkspace therapist, you will first need to check if you have the correct requirements. Talkspace requires the following from anyone who is applying to work as a therapist here.

  • Applicants need to have a LCSW, LMFT, LPCC or a PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • They will need to have an individual professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • They will also need to submit a completed and signed CAQH application
  • All applicants must have an individual NPI number
  • Furthermore, they are required to have an internet connection and a smart device

If you have the requirements mentioned, you can easily apply for any of the open positions posted on the Talkspace website or any other job posting website. When the platform sees you fit, you will be contacted via email and then guided through to the onboarding process.


How to become a BetterHelp therapist?

BetterHelp also has many requirements for therapists who want to work on this platform. It also requires every therapist to have a minimum of three years of direct clinical experience. If you think you have the requirements, you can go to the BetterHelp website or any job posting website and apply for the role.

Tips while working for Talkspace

Talkspace can certainly be a great digital working space for anyone who is planning to hop on board this amazing platform. Some tips for therapists who are planning to join Talkspace are listed in this section.

  • Create a home office space from where you can conduct your therapy sessions. If you cannot dedicate an entire room for this, a quiet corner in your living room or bedroom will do.
  • Investing in the right devices and a high-speed internet connection will definitely help you in your work. You can also do a dry run before you start your day to ensure that all the tech and devices are in top working order.
  • Since online therapy does not allow you to meet your client in-person, it may be difficult for you to establish eye-contact. To help you in this and mimic natural eye contact, you can look directly into the camera as you speak. You can also adjust the position of the camera and your seat to create more comfort in your sessions.

Tips while working for BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a highly popular platform for online therapy as well as a spectacular workspace for therapists. Some suggestions to help therapists improve their working experience in BetterHelp are described below.

  • In live therapy sessions, you may not be able to see your client’s body language or other forms of non-verbal communication. To ensure that you understand them better, you can ask your client to be more expressive of their thoughts and emotions.
  • You can also encourage your clients to maintain a therapy journal so that they can write down their therapy goals and also their reflections of the therapy sessions. BetterHelp also has an online journaling feature in which the user can enter their thoughts and also share this with you.
  • To help your client feel better in live video sessions, you can also show them around your office space so that they are more comfortable and feel safe. You also need to ensure that your background is clear and free of personal artifacts that may reveal too much information about yourself.

Personal experiences of working in Talkspace

Therapists who have worked in Talkspace or are currently working in Talkspace have varying views about their experiences. A few of the personal experiences that therapists have had while working for Talkspace have been reviewed as follows.

  • Most of the therapists have enjoyed that the platform is completely operational online and thus allows them to work from the comfort of their own home. This has been particularly helpful in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made in-person meetings risky and unsafe.
  • Therapists who have worked with Talkspace have also liked the flexibility that the platform gives them, like flexible working hours. This has helped many therapists set a better work/life balance and also invest in other sources of income.
  • Those who have worked for Talkspace as therapists have also enjoyed the peer support system that the platform provides. This peer support system allows therapists to review cases together and also learn from each other.
  • However, many therapists have mentioned that the caseload can be too heavy for one person to handle from an online position. Some therapists have also complained that the pay structure may need revising.

Personal experiences of working in BetterHelp

Therapists who have worked in BetterHelp have had mostly positive things to say about this platform. Some of their experiences have been discussed below.

  • Therapists and other mental health professionals who have worked in BetterHelp have felt that the company is very driven and motivates the employees towards taking care of the mental health of others, including their own.
  • BetterHelp therapists have felt that the platform’s technology is pretty easy and very safe to use. And thus, onboarding and training can be done in a short span of time.
  • Therapists who have worked in BetterHelp have mentioned that the platform is very generous with benefits and bonuses, both tangible and intangible.
  • Some therapists have felt that the engagement model that the platform uses to pay its employees may need to be looked into as therapists may not be paid for the fault of the user.


Talkspace and BetterHelp are certainly extremely great platforms to work as an online therapist. There may be no major stark differences between the two platforms in terms of work environment and policies. However, it has to be noted that BetterHelp does pay its therapists slightly better than Talkspace.

Talkspace and BetterHelp both use an engagement model to pay their therapists. This means that therapists are paid according to the number of meaningful interactions or conversations that they have with their clients. Talkspace also ensures that therapists who opt for video sessions or video messages are paid more.

The technology that both these platforms use is completely HIPAA compliant which can be useful for the user as well as the therapist. Mental health professionals who work in both these platforms can enjoy several formats of messaging as well as live therapy sessions. This can bring great amounts of convenience and comfort that traditional therapy settings cannot provide.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it worth to work for BetterHelp?

Yes, it is worth to work for BetterHelp as the platform can provide a range of benefits and advantages for mental health professionals. The platform not only pays well but also allows the therapists to conduct therapy sessions from their own homes which can be highly convenient.

How many live sessions do you get with BetterHelp?

In BetterHelp, users can enjoy up to 2 live sessions in a month. Each of these has to be scheduled one at a time. The live sessions are also available in the form of live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions.

How often do BetterHelp therapists respond?

BetterHelp therapists are guaranteed to respond to your messages once or twice a day, five days in a week. However, this can vary from therapist to therapist and depends on their availability as well as the needs of the user.


How much do Talkspace therapists make?

Talkspace therapists make around $29,779 or $21 per hour. This total take-home salary depends on the location of the therapist and the number of clients that they have in their caseload. Furthermore, the pay is also affected by the number of meaningful interactions or levels of engagement that the therapist has with their client.

Is Talkspace a good place to work?

Yes, Talkspace is a good place to work as this platform allows you to work from anywhere. It also brings high levels of convenience and comfort to users as well as therapists as it functions completely online.

Can Talkspace prescribe medication?

Yes, Talkspace can prescribe medication through its licensed and experienced psychiatrists. However, it has to be noted that certain substances like Xanax and Ritalin cannot be prescribed through this platform. The psychiatry services in Talkspace are also eligible for insurance coverage through some in-network insurance providers.

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