How & where to Talk to someone online (Tips)

In this brief guide, we are going to discuss talking to someone online.

How to talk to someone online

To talk to someone online people usually join chat rooms or forums where other like-minded people come together to offer support to each other and help out.

These forums can be about depression, mental health, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, or they may be about normal day to day things like dating and friendship.

Anonymity is usually a major thing that people want when they talk to someone online and most of the forums and chat rooms available keep this in mind.

How do I talk to someone online?

Most people find it easier to talk to someone online rather than face to face.

The awkwardness you feel in a new meeting is not there online.

You can ponder over what you want to say and how you want to say it without blurting it out.

Probably the best part about internet chatting, however, is that there are forums and chat rooms that are dedicated to specific hobbies and beliefs, which makes you meet all sorts of new people you already have stuff in common with

Other important things to remember when talking to someone online is to be safe, make sure you are not revealing any private or sensitive information, stay away from people who are intentionally trying to rile you up, and look in the right places for the kind of people you want to be friends with.

Features of talking to someone online

There are some key features of talking to someone online, like anonymity, for one.

There are various other things that are touched upon in online chattings, like therapy, online dating, friendship, supporting each other, and mental health.

Usually, when people want to talk to someone online they want to do it because they are feeling lonely in their real-life or feel no one understands them.

They may not know what to do anymore and feel helpless and this leads them to find someone online from the vast majority of people who spend their time online.

Someone may just want someone to talk to, someone they can vent to, while others may look for specific people to share specific interests, like forums dedicated to hobbies or tv shows and movies.

Why do people talk to someone online?

There are many reasons why people want to talk to someone online.

A random search for chat rooms will give you an idea of just how many different kinds of people are on the internet and how many different things people talk about.

There are some chat rooms that are dedicated to depression, while many others offer free online counseling 24×7 for a variety of complicated issues.

There are chat rooms for anxiety as well, and general areas of mental health.

Very few chat rooms feature suicidal thoughts and help with suicidal thoughts as most services prefer that if you are having suicidal thoughts you should call helpline numbers or seek proper help rather than just talk to someone online.

There are also people that want to talk to someone online for online dating or meeting new people because they may be an introvert in real life or maybe shy and have trouble talking to people.

Types of Online chat rooms

When deciding to talk to someone online you first need to decide what your goal is, and select the chat room or website accordingly.

For instance, are you looking for therapy or counseling? Or are you just looking to talk to strangers online in order to vent some frustration or just have a little change?

One may also be looking to date or make friends who share their interests and hobbies, in which case there is a whole different variety of platforms they can seek out.

Even under therapy, there are various different types of forums, where you can choose to be on a forum and publicly discuss things with people on a message board, in a chat room where you essentially talk to fewer people in the presence of a moderator who ensures rule-following from the members, or you might seek counselors out who talk to you one on one and try to help you.

Some of these services are paid while most of them are free. Even the paid services usually offer free trials or some free features, however.

Places to talk to someone online

Given below with details are some places where you can talk to people online.

Everyone knows that there are many free online chat rooms available for anyone who wants them.

Surprisingly few are anonymous and that is what Supportiv tries to remedy.

You can go on this website if you have any problems like relationship issues, or if someone is bothering you, or if you just cannot stop feeling low, or even if you are just feeling lonely, which happens to the best of us.

Supportiv has great anonymous peer support chats which are free initially and only cost mere pennies per minute after the first 24 hours.

On Supportiv you can talk to someone online to vent or get some opinions that might help you with your decisions.

There is no struggle of any kind and it is all without judgment.

There is always a trained moderator who maintains decorum and keeps things productive.

To get started one simply needs to get in a chat room, type what is on their mind and listen to people giving suggestions.

Chat 42 online is an extremely simple website where you open the web page, put your screen name in, and start talking to someone online, just like that.

There is no hassle and no extra stuff on the website, and it has no sign in or log in rules. It is an online chat room for two and one should not expect any real advice or therapy as it merely puts two strangers together to give them a chance to talk.

This is another great portal offering many different options depending on what you need.

They offer a service called Counselor Matching, where you take a short questionnaire and are then matched with a professional therapist who can cater specifically to your needs, as exhibited in the questionnaire.

You get an option to proper online therapy, where things like guidance and counseling for depression and other mental illnesses can be sought.

The best part is the 24/7 availability, where you can do it according to your own time.

You can keep your own pace and talk to someone online often as you want and need.

They also have an option to talk to someone online where you can meet strangers and talk to them about whatever you want.

You get an opportunity to be yourself and if you just need someone to talk to or build your mood by venting to non-judgmental and supportive strangers you can go for this option.

This option values anonymity and there is no signup or fee required.

The availability of this service is also great as there is always someone online ready to talk.

7 cups anonymous chat

7 cups is one of the best services to talk to someone online, whether that is a professional or just some supportive people who will help and respect you no matter what your problems are.

You can join their anonymous chat rooms online and talk about anything that may be on your mind.

They insist that to vent to strangers anonymously can be very helpful and relieving.

Whether there is a need to make a huge decision or you are having any problems with coping or if you are just feeling lonely.

Talking to someone online can bring about a massive improvement in your well-being and ability to perform in your daily life.

You may not have any close, supportive relationships in your life but 7 cups offer you a helpful ear and support of kind strangers who are feeling like you are.

They have both one on one as well as group sessions. 7 Cups also offers therapy if you want to talk to a professional online.

This is a service where you can take a health assessment and then be given an opportunity to talk to someone online, which is usually a Coach.

These are trained Coaches who can learn more about how they can help you as you talk to them more and more, and this leads you to understand yourself.

You can get easy online access to Coaches any time, who are available to support you throughout the time you talk to them.

Iprevail is a safe and convenient as well as HIPAA-secured platform, and it is ensured that both you and your data remain safe. Their coaches are vetted and approved by their team as well, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Counselling online understands that there is a stigma associated with any kind of alcohol or drug problems and this stigma makes it difficult to seek help.

This is why many people do not seek help for such problems but speaking to a professional online can offer a good solution to this issue. You can talk to someone online about substance problems on counseling online.

They say that it is helpful for chatting online with a counselor – speaking with a trained professional offers insight and help in a way strangers or friends cannot.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this as well, like for one thing this service is available all the time and you can access it anytime you feel like, but on the other hand, the problem is that it is a textual medium and therefore what is written may be misconstrued or misinterpreted.

Other platforms to talk to someone online

If you want to look into online dating or just talk to someone online with the view of dating or being friends, there are some great options for that too.

OkCupid is one such example, where you make an account and a profile where you write about yourself and meet new people who share the same interests and hobbies.

Other options are eHarmony,, and

Things to remember before you talk to someone online

The first thing you need to remember is to be safe, do not accept any invitations from strangers, and do not open any files or apps they send you as they may contain harmful stuff.

Also remember to never go meet people you talk to online in person, as they may be dangerous, or they may be pretending to be someone else on the internet.

Lastly, make sure you don’t give out any bank details or make payments on websites without checking if they are legitimate, as a lot of them are not.


In this brief guide, we discussed talking to someone online.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

FAQ: Talk to someone online

Can you talk to people online?

Yes, you can easily talk to people online these days, with a variety of different services. One such service is Talk with strangers, where you get free chat rooms for all kinds of people.

You can find different people you want to talk to through this service and many others depending on what you are looking for.

Is it bad to talk to someone online?

While it is not all bad to talk to someone online one needs to be a little careful at all times. It is important that you do not blindly trust anyone.

It’s okay to talk to someone online, like your friends, or people you know well, but sometimes people online are not who they claim they are, so you need to bear that in mind.

How can I talk to strangers online?

To talk to strangers online, the easiest method is to put yourself on chat rooms or forums.

You can easily find a place or website or even a social media group that has people who share your interests. Thus you will be able to find people you may like to talk to.

Is there anyone I can talk to online about my problems?

Yes, the internet is full of people like you and you can certainly talk to them about whatever you want, even your problems.

You can talk to strangers as well as friends if you want to about your problems.

How do I get advice online?

These are the best websites to get advice online.
•       7 Cups
•       The Answer Bank.
•       Free Advice.
•       The subreddit r/advice on Reddit
•       Elder Wisdom Circle.



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