Taking Kratom twice a day (A complete guide)

In this guide, we will discuss how much dosage to be taken of Kratom twice a day.  


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree found in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, whose leaves can be used to fight fatigue, like pain killers and to improve work productivity, Its major use comes from its ability to reduce pain and manage opioid withdrawal in individuals. It is also used to treat medical conditions such as pain and diarrhea. It is used in native medicine as a stimulant as well as a sedative when consumed in high dosage. 

Taking Kratom twice a day

The usage of Kratom depends on its user as it can be consumed in a number of ways. The most common way to take Kratom is by consuming it in powder form and drinking water on it. You can consume Kratom twice a day depending on the intake of your dosage. There are different methods that can be used like, chewing the fresh leaves directly, maxing Kratom powder in juices, milk, or yogurt. 

Other methods involve taking Kratom capsules, Kratom extract, making cookies, mixing Kratom tea with ordinary black tea or other herbal teas. To mask the bitter taste of Kratom, sugar or honey can be added to the mix or eaten with flavored yogurt or in chocolate milkshakes. Depending upon what form suits you, you can consume Kratom twice a day. 

Deciding the dosage of Kratom

Deciding the dosage of Kratom depends upon its use, whether we are using it for healing purposes or for recreational purposes. Your daily consumption also influences your Kratom dosage, some use it once a day, some use Kratom twice a day, and some after every 2-3 hours. 

To ensure that you are yielding the full effects of Kratom you need to ensure that you intake a calculated amount of Kratom based on your body weight and the medium of intake. 

As the dosage varies from person to person it is safe to say that no one dosage level would work for all. You need to adjust the level according to your boy and needs, as a perfect dose for someone might not be suitable for you. To find the perfect level of dosage for yourself that minimizes the side effects, experiment with the dosage level till you are happy with it.

Keeping factors like your body type, age, gender, lifestyle, physical and mental health conditions, habits, and tolerance level you should decide the dosage level, especially if you consume Kratom twice a say. 

To begin with, your Kratom usage, start with a very small dosage, see how it affects your body and how you feel after using it. Slowly increase the Kratom dosage while continuously noticing how your body reacts to Kratom.

To test what level suits you, start but consuming 1g and wait for 30-40 minutes and notice its effect on our body. If your body allows, take another 1-2g but not more. Wait for another 30 minutes. This was you will start to have an idea as to how much Kratom your body can handle. But do not consume more if you plan on taking Kratom twice a day.

Kratom dose according to body weight

Studies have been conducted to assess with which body weight how much Kratom will be suitable. According to the research, if taking Kratom twice a day, a total dose of 20mg per kg is quite effective. That comes to an average of 2-3 grams. 

Kratom dosage chart for different body weights:

  • Between 50-60kg- 1-1.2 grams
  • Between 70-80kg- 1.4-1.6 grams
  • Between 90-100kg- 1.8-2 grams

This chart is for beginners who plan on taking Kratom twice a day. Experience Kratom users who have already build a tolerance for the substance can use a slightly higher dosage. 

Kratom dose according to its effects

For different uses, the dosage level of Kratom can be adjusted. Low dosage can be used as a stimulant while higher dosage as a sedative. Overdose can be very harmful and cause serious damage to the body and the mind. 

  • For energy and concentration- 3-6 grams of Kratom with grape juice will yield the best results.
  • Pain and anxiety- 5-10 grams depending upon the amount of pain and anxiety you are experiencing. Start with small doses and continue till you feel better. 
  • Opiate withdrawal- 5-9 grams, in the beginning, reducing it to 5-7 grams and then to 2 grams by the end of the week. 

These dosages are to be taken based upon how they are suiting your body and preferably taking Kraton twice a day. 

Factor to keep in mind

Decide the appropriate dosage of Kratom based on your age, health, lifestyle, and requirement. There isn’t sufficient scientific information available to determine the appropriate dose. Though it is a natural product, it does not mean that it is entirely safe. Consult your primary doctor or any other healthcare professional before consuming Kratom.

Take small dosages

If you are taking Kratom twice a day or more than that, sure that each dosage is small, for example 1g and then gradually increase your intake quantity to a moderate dose of 3-5g. Start by taking a small dosage and see how it affects your body, in case the effects are not substantial then increase the dose a little but do not double it. Once you are satisfied with the dosage amount stop increasing the dosage level as that might lead to an increase in tolerance level and if continued in a similar fashion turn into an addiction. 

Avoid regular intake

It is easy to build a high tolerance level for Kratom, especially if you are consuming Kratom twice a day. There space your Kratom does to twice or thrice in a week, particularly in the first week weeks of consumption. 

Avoid Kratom extracts

Kratom extracts are highly concentrated in nature and can lead to a build-up of high tolerance levels very quickly. This can turn into addiction very quickly if Kratom twice a day is consumed every day.

Consume Kratom on an empty stomach

To ensure that full benefits of Kratom are yielded while avoiding the side effects, have Kratom on an empty stomach. This will help in digestion and quick absorption of Kratom, resulting in a faster outcome. 

The time period between doses

Different users report the usage of Kratom at different times and with different dosage levels. The most common is using Kratom twice a day, keeping a 12 hour spacing between each dose. They range from three times a day, with 5 grams per intake then stopping for a week or two, and then resuming. Some have Kratom four times a day after an interval of 4 hours while keeping the dosage at 3 grams. One should ideally wait for at least 6 hours a day between different Kratom dosage. 

Avoiding kratom tolerance

It is easy to build high tolerance levels for Kratom, especially if your initial dosage is very high. So to avoid Kratom tolerance, we need to keep a few things in mind before starting the intake of Kratom twice a day. Kratom should be consumed in moderate doses with a break of at least 4-6 hours in between each dose. Consume the first dose on an empty stomach, wait for 6 hours and then after a light meal take your second dose. 

Two doses of Kratom twice a day are more than enough to bring about the desired effect, ensuring the safety of the body from side effects. Taking your first dose early in the morning or on an empty stomach would yield the best results. 

Taking Kratom in different mediums will also help reduce the tolerance levels. Avoid the consumption of Kratom through extracts, enhanced blends, or capsules. 

Take a gap in between your Kratom usage for approximately a week after regular consumption of six to eight weeks.

Kratom and the brain

Kratom affects the body in a similar manner as do opioids and stimulants. There are two particular compounds in Kratom known as mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine, that interact in the brain with opioid receptors leading to the production of pleasure, decreasing pain, and increasing sedation, especially after large consumption in large amounts by the user. Users of Kratom report increased energy, alertness, and sociability when kratom was taken in smaller amounts by the user. However, Kratom still causes uncomfortable as well as dangerous side effects.

Some of the reported health effects of Kratom use by its users include nausea, sweating, itching, dry mouth, increased urination, constipation, and loss of appetite. Other than these reports of anxiety, cough, feelings of depression, and pain have been there.

As Kratom consumption can also be unsafe for the user, it needs to be consumed in small dosages. Kratom users have reported experiencing serious side effects like hallucinations, seizures,  withdrawal, liver damage, etc. 

Effect of Kratom on body

Kratom starts affecting the body generally 15 minutes after consumption. The effect of a small dosage of Kratom can last for a couple of hours whereas a high dosage can be present in the bloodstream for more than seven to eight hours. 

Different individuals react to Kratom differently, therefore wait for at least 30 minutes after consuming Kratom to assess its full effect on the body before increasing the dosage level. 

Your body’s resistance also plays a major factor in determining the effect of Kratom on your body. Habitual Kratom users require higher doses and experience sometimes a delay in the initiation of the effects of Kratom. 

If you consume Kratom on an empty stomach you may experience its effects to be stranger as compared to when consumed after eating something. Therefore taking a four to six-hour gap between each dosage takes care of the food in your body.

Side effects of Kratom

Kratom can cause many side effects when consumed directly through the mouth, especially raw, like tongue numbness, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, aggression, need to urinate, hallucinations, delusions, and other problems. Kratom in large doses may cause trouble breathing, seizure, brain swelling, liver damage, and in some cases death.

Kratom is seen to have caused dependence among its users when taken regularly. People who use kratom regularly and then stop taking it may experience a decreased appetite, muscle pain and spasms, diarrhea, twitches, trouble sleeping, anger, watery eyes, hot flashes, and fever.

Avoid usage of Kratom during pregnancy as it is possibly unsafe as babies born to women who consume Kratom during their pregnancy experience major withdrawal symptoms. This leads to their babies requiring special treatment for addiction when they grow up. There is not enough scientific information available to us to know about the side effects of breastfeeding, but it would be safer for women to not use Kratom during that time. 

In case you suffer from any mental disorders, Kratom might have negative effects on your body as it might worsen your condition. 

This guide discusses how to consume Kratom twice a day and in what dosage. 


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