Taken advantage of (What to do)

Taken advantage of – Understanding the dynamic when someone is taken advantage of something or someone. 

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why some people like to take advantage of others and how they should be careful when realizing this type of activity.

Taken advantage of

Human beings are always in search of new opportunities. We take advantage of situations where we see that we can take advantage of.

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of and taking advantage of things that can be for our benefit, the bad thing is the way we do it.

Taking advantage of a situation is bad when we don’t think about the harm we can cause others with our actions.

We see a situation where we can take advantage, but we don’t think about how that can hurt or harm others.

We don’t think about how others can feel with our actions.

Perhaps you have been in a position where you felt that someone took advantage of that situation regardless of the problems that could be caused to others, it is to imagine that you did not feel satisfied with those actions, the same happens when we try to take advantage of something and not We measure the consequences.

We live in a society where it seems that individualism is increasingly marked. People only think about their well-being and not how this can affect others.

They are actions that we see in the various spheres in society, and because something is very present or common does not mean that it is good or correct.

We have witnessed how certain leaders, companies, organizations or anyone do some kind of action with the result of taken advantage of it.

A person who tries taken advantage of any situation without taking into account the problems that their actions can cause is someone who has little knowledge of the primary values ​​that govern our society.

When a person has values ​​in its life, he knows how to act.

The person is aware of its interest in life, what it wants to pursue and what it wants to take advantage of, but it also knows how it should act.

You might have seen yourself in a situation where you tried taken advantage of another person.

Maybe you interpreted it as something that needed to be done, but that is not so.

You knew you were taken advantage of a situation where the other person would not benefit and still do not care.

This is something to reflect on.

We indeed make mistakes, to err is human, but it would also be good to analyze what would have happened if that situation had happened to you.

Would you like to know or feel that someone is trying taken advantage of you?

How would you feel to know that people are using you to gain an advantage in something?

When they are taken advantage of me

Just as you have witnessed a situation where you saw someone trying to take advantage of another person, it may be that at some point in your life you experienced or felt that someone took advantage of you.

If you experienced it, you can think about how it was at that time and the emotions that came to light, surely it was not pretty.

When a person is taking advantage of you, they do so to win or get something.

In this very competitive world, being the first is promoted and some people understand that this should be obtained as it gives rise.

Maybe in your workplace, they asked you to do something that did not apply to you, but you did it kindly since you understand that you can also help in other things.

You see that most often you are asked to do things that do not belong to you.

You start running out and you feel you can’t say anything. You feel they are abusing you and you start saying: they are taken advantage of me.

It is also usual as a person helps a friend or relative to enter the place where it works and in the end, the person who helped ends up being displaced.

Some people are not considered with those who helped and walk through life-crushing and trampling on others.

In other areas, any situation can be an opportunity for someone to take advantage of you.

Situations where you lent money to someone and did not return it to you, a person pretended to have a friendship with you to obtain certain benefits, a hoax with the purchase of a product or service are some of which where someone can take advantage of you.

When you know that someone is trying to take advantage of you, you feel many sensations that are not positive.

You feel betrayed, you feel that people do not respect you and do not value you and you might have reached a point where you say you are not smart enough to differentiate when someone has good intentions with you and when you do not.

It is normal to trust people and in the end, things do not turn out as expected, it is part of the life process.

The fact that one or more people have taken advantage of you does not mean that you should do that.

In the world we live in, it cannot be returned with the same currency (although sometimes that is what it teaches us) since in doing so we are promoting that we must respond in the same way to incorrect actions.

What can I do when people are taken advantage of me?

A feeling that can lead to your feeling anger, anger and sadness are when you know they are taking advantage of you.

You doubt your ability since you could not identify that it was a situation where they tried to take advantage.

There are some actions you can take when you feel that people are trying to take advantage of you.

Keep calm

The moment you discover or feel that they are taking advantage of you, you must act calmly.

It is a bit difficult to maintain, but it is the right thing to do.

When a person is upset, he makes decisions that he can regret, and surely you don’t want to make a mistake because of your anger.

Try to breathe, relax and analyze why that situation has occurred.

Do not run after the person you feel has made you feel that way or write an insulting message, just try to keep calm and look at things from another perspective.

Talk about the situation

You can talk about the situation once you have been calm. Approach the person (s) and talk about how you feel.

Explain your points clearly and concisely so that others can understand you.

Do not do it from a position where others think that you are complaining for no reason and do not take yourself seriously, express everything concisely.

When things are spoken, several solutions can be found.

If you speak in the proper way it may be that at that time people stop trying to take advantage of you.

Set your limits

Some people take advantage of others because they do not have their defined limits.

You have to be clear about those things that you allow in your life or not. If you don’t express what you don’t like, others will continue to do it.

Mark a line of respect where, when a person thinks of doing something to you, know that they cannot do it because you were clear about the things you allow and with what you don’t.

Understand that this kind of thing happens regularly

In one way or another, there will always be people who try to take advantage of others.

You cannot change the opinion or think of others, you can only make a difference from your example.

Understand that there are people who will always do this kind of thing, but that does not mean that you should do it. Always act the right way.

Get away from the person trying to take advantage of you

Sometimes the best solution is to get away.

In many cases, it can hurt if it is someone fond of, but it is not healthy for you to be next to someone you know who just wants to take advantage of you.

Stay away from those people who just want to use you and don’t take your feelings into account.

How do I stop the action of taken advantage of people?

If you are a person who instead of being used by others you use others and always try to take advantage, this must change.

The moment you think about trying to take advantage of someone you should put yourself in that person’s place.

Analyze how you would feel if they did the same to you. Empathy is the way to put yourself in the place of others.

If you like to be treated with respect for others, treat others equally.

Acting in this way can result in others not trusting you.

Learn to live life in a way where taking advantage of others is an option you should consider.

There are many ways to get things in life and one of them is not taking advantage of others.

Understand that hard work and effort will take you far.

There is a difference between taking advantage of an opportunity and taking advantage of others.

Opportunities are taken and they find you working. When you are doing things correctly the rest will come to you.

When you have a mentality and a way of acting where you only think of climbing crushing others, this leaves you badly stopped.

It makes you look like a person who only thinks about their interests and doesn’t care what might happen to others to achieve what they want.

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FAQs about taken advantage of

Is it right to end my partner if I feel that it is trying to take advantage of me?

If you feel that your partner is with you for interest and tries to use you, it is best to walk away.

As a person, you know that you deserve to be valued and treated in a good way.

Someone who only wants to use you and take advantage of you is not a healthy person, just think about their well-being.

What to do if I feel that they are taking advantage of me at work?

f you feel that they take advantage of you in your work, the best thing you can do is talk about the situation.

Express how you feel and what you think is not the way to proceed with you.

How do I tell a person to stop taking advantage of me?

Explain what your limits are, where the things you allow or not come into play and consider the option to get away from that person a bit.

Is it right to use a friend to get a job?

Friends are there to help and it is not bad that you communicate your need to your friend and help you to look for work.

The wrong thing would be to pretend friendship for your benefit.

What do I do if someone has told me that they feel I have taken advantage of their person?

Tell to that person to tell you why it felt this way and if its argument is valid and you have taken advantage of its person, apologize.

Be honest and express your sincere apology and show it is something that will never happen again.


There are times where people take advantage of others without awareness of this act and other times.

When a person does it consciously, it must keep in mind that it is not something right to do.

Not only do other people’s feelings get hurt, but they can also put that person at some risk.

The person who seeks the advantage of others can be seen as someone who does not trust others.

Do not fall into the trap of wanting to trample on others to achieve what you want. Act honestly so that you do not receive the same treatment from others.

Taken advantage of (What to do)
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