Taeyeon comes forward about depression

This article will show that Taeyeon, the singer of the Kpop band Girl’s Generation has come forth saying she is struggling with depression. The article will clarify what she has said about the condition, and how she has been coping with it.

Taeyeon comes forward about depression 

Taeyeon has been speaking about depression for a while, and even though Kpop artists are not supposed to do so, she has started to be going through depression. All through her career, she heard people questioning how she felt. 

Like in 2014, when she was dating a singer from another Kpop band, EXO, which was younger than her. People said that she was just pretending to be depressed while just having fun with her boyfriend. This goes to show the lengths of bullying a Kpop artist will endure.

In 2019, during an Instagram “Ask me anything” Taeyeon has admitted to fans that she has been going through depression. After a fan asked why she wasn’t okay, and if she has bipolar, she replied:

“I have been suffering from depression. I am trying to get better with medical treatment. Please don’t be dismissive of people with illnesses, whether it is bipolar disorder or depression”

Through most of the questions she gave short answers, but it was during ones about how she felt, that she was clear. One fan asked her how she handled hard times, to which she answered:

“I couldn’t, so I am living with it.”

There were questions also directed at why she wasn’t so active in the social media, and she said:

“I have been ill for a while; please understand why I have kept to myself. I started this conversation to get my energy back. I received a lot of good energy from you guys. I will be fine”

She also explained why she decided to share her feelings. She said:

“I started talking to everyone because I think I needed to get some strength. Thanks to everyone, I’m getting a good influence from you all. I’ll be fine. I’m sorry for making everyone worry and I think this is a process for us to get to know each other better. I’ll try to take even better care and try harder for our fans.”

And even though Taeyeon has been one of the most successful women in Kpop, she still has to deal with the pressure that every Kpop artist has to endure. So many of them have succumbed to depression and suicide already. But it seems that Taeyeon has found a way to look for treatment, take her medications, and even has a dog as a way to find herself some emotional support.

And even though it seems that she is looking for a way to be better, it seems that is some part of the Kpop culture that can lead to the artist’s mental health decline. Let’s discuss how Kpop culture can lead the artists to depression.

The Kpop culture, depression, and suicide

Kpop, the name given to a branch of Korean pop music, has made several bands famous and created many fan bases worldwide. But behind the bubbly character of each of the band’s members, there is a reality that is not so pretty.

Suicide unfortunately has been a reality in the Kpop world. In December 2017, Jonghyun, from the boy band SHINee, checked into a hotel, and there he ended his own life. What is known is that he had been living with depression for quite some time, and taking antidepressants to cope with it.

Again, in October 2019, Sulli, from the group f(x) takes her own life. She was known to be going through depression. She experienced relentless cyberbullying because she refused to answer what was asked of her. She didn’t want to play the part of the bubbly singer, instead, she came clean about her mental health condition.

This seems to be something that has been having a huge effect on Kpop artists. They are supposed to answer to certain standards that are too difficult to reach, if not impossible. And the pressure of it can be overwhelming. Especially to women in Kpop, who are asked to keep youthful, but a cute, and sexy patterns.

Kpop artists are often controlled in the way they should act. They have their characteristics chosen for them to fit a whole image of the group. They are not supposed to date, because this can ruin the fantasy that the fans may have around them. And they should always portray this bubbly and effusive character.

And even though they usually become successful quickly, with time, all of this can weigh heavy on them. They can feel trapped in a vicious circle in which they are not allowed to manifest how they feel, and are not entitled to their individuality. 

If at any moment they cross the line of what is expected of them, the rabid netizens, which is the term, in Korean, for the people online that do cyberbully, begin. Many of them, even Taeyeon, have endured them.

She is not only part of a famous brand, but she has managed to make a very successful solo career, since her debut album in 2015. She has also become the most successful singer of original soundtracks. 

But it seems it doesn’t matter how successful a Kpop star is, or how good they are. It seems that it is just the opposite, the more successful, the harder the harassment gets. People’s expectations of them can get so high, that they can be impossible to fulfill. All of that can lead to such intense despair that some the Kpop artists can turn to suicide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is Taeyeon depressed? 

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts, also known as suicidal ideation, are thoughts people have that center around them ending their lives. It can happen in two manners. In the first, a more passive thought, the person may think about how it would be like to end their life, but they don’t have a concrete plan for it.

The other form of suicidal thoughts is more active ones. In them, the person will not only be thinking about ending their lives but will start to plan it. They may start to consider where, when, and with what they will end their lives. 

This is the most dangerous condition, and people going through this should be cared for, otherwise, they may act on it in an impulsive moment.

What are the signs a person is having suicidal thoughts?

When a person is having suicidal thoughts, they may start to show it in the way they behave. They can become more agitated, and a lot more irritable. Their sleeping patterns will change even more, and they may start to have insomnia.

Aside from that, when a person is having suicidal thoughts, they can start to say goodbye to their loved ones, and can start to give away their belongings.

How can I help my friend that is having suicidal thoughts? 

If you have a friend that you suspect has suicidal thoughts, the first thing you can do is ask them if that has been crossing their mind. Suicide is usually covered by taboo, and stigma. This can make it hard for people thinking about it, to talk it out.

Making this a part of the conversation will allow them to vent, but also gives you a chance to support them. Try to learn if they are in treatment, or if they need any help in that matter. Don’t try to problem-solve, but be present, and listen to what they have to say.

Showing them that it is ok to talk about these things and that you will stay close matters. People with suicidal thoughts tend to fear that their negative thoughts will just drive people away. Another thing you can do is to help your friend understand if they are planning to end their life.

Knowing in what stage they are in, helps you to offer the best form of support. If you realize they have been planning it already, you should discuss it with other people that are part of their support network. They should not be alone, and you should remove from the reach things they can use to harm themselves. 

Getting in touch with the professional that is caring for them is also important at that moment. Hopefully, with your support, and the proper treatment, your friend will feel better soon enough.

What are the most common symptoms of depression? 

Depression can cause a person to experience intense sadness. Aside from that, it can make you lose interest even in things you used to love. It can make you feel hopeless, empty, and without purpose. 

It takes away your energy and makes you feel fatigued. Along with that, depression will make it harder for you to focus, and cause you to be more irritable. It also leads you to feel guilty, and ashamed. You may feel an urge to isolate yourself, and crying spells can be common.

People with depression can have low self-esteem, and decreased sense of self-worth. It also leads them to self-harm, and sometimes even to thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts.

Does only medication make my depression better?

No, you won’t feel better only with medication. Although the use of medication can make your symptoms less intense, and cause your brain to reach its chemical balance, as soon as you stop taking them, if you haven’t dealt with the emotional aspect of your depression, it can easily resurface.

Joint treatment with medication and therapy is the safest way to care for your mental health. Through therapy, you may understand how you work emotionally, and what may be the root of your depression. 

Through it, you will be able to develop strategies to handle stress is not such a negative manner, which in the future, when you are feeling better, and without the medication, will prevent you from a possible relapse.

Aside from that, as a part of coping with depression, you may also make some changes in your lifestyle. Living a healthier life, exercising, and even meditating will help you feel better when you are depressed, and even after.

Having good relationships, that you feel cared for and supported, and doing things that are meaningful to you are also good ways of coping with depression.


This article showed how Taeyeon, the singer from the Kpop band, Girl’s Generation, has come forward about depression. The article highlighted how she has been feeling, and how she has been coping with depression.

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