How Does Symmetra Depict Her Autism? (3 Distinct Signs)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about Symmetra having autism, overwatch fan theory that Symmetra has autism, Symmetra’s representation among other people with autism, and more information about Symmetra having autism.

Who Is Symmetra?

Symmetra with another name calling her Satya Vaswani is a character in Overwatch who is a character-driven shooter where players will make teams based on the similar skills of characters to win the game’s purpose.

This kind of character focuses her abilities on the use of turrets and teleporters to redirect the length of the battle.

Symmetra is considered as a supporting character in Overwatch where she will be giving shields to her teammates and she can create a huge damage output among her enemies.

She is the first playable character that has been described to have autism.

Symmetra is a playable character that is an amputee with a cybernetic arm to help her use her arms in battle.

She is a decisive option for the creation of teams with the combination of roles relating to bad faith players.

Symmetra is one of the least chosen characters in Overwatch in the casual and professional area in this game.

She makes short-range defences around the choke point in the battlefield and she is considered as support since she can slow down incoming enemies, strengthen her teammates, hiding turrets and teleporters to exit if the battlefield gets too intense.

Overwatch Fan Theory Of Symmetra Having Autism

Blizzard told Polygon and there was a note from Kaplan who is the creator of Overwatch that the characteristic about Symmetra was true.

There was a theory among fans since last May when the game came out and this kind of character has her won backstory read.

A better World is an Overwatch comic that talks about Symmetra’s backstory and seeing her different from other people.

She was also found to be reflecting on her position in the spectrum.

This is when fans were thinking about her characteristics and affirming that it was true about her.

Symmetra has been known to do things that most people wouldn’t do which made her less bothered about her difference among the people in her world. 

The acceptance of her having differences among people made her a relatable character in the Overwatch game.

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Characteristics of Symmetra That Shows Her Autism

Blizzard has made Symmetra something akin to autism but not the stereotyped representation of this disorder.

She was a character that liked to make things orderly and her world in an accurate or precise light and she has been shown to get awkward about the mental workings of others.

Masterweaver who is a user in a game forum stated that looking up about Symmetra having autism since she also struggled due to this disorder.

There are situations or traits that confirmed that this playable character was associated with this disorder based on the user’s experiences in this disorder.

Players who were related to autism found that Symmetra had traits of this disorder where this disorder is depicted as having a continuum of mildness to severeness.

After all, this disorder is still generally misunderstood by the public which makes it better if it was depicted in the media in an accurate light.

The following are characteristics of Symmetra having autism in Overwatch.

  • She doesn’t understand the social nuances or strategies of others.
  • She likes doing things accurately or precisely
  • She isn’t considered normal or common to other people.

Blizzard Confirms Overwatch Theory About Symmetra

The playable characters in Overwatch have always been admired for the diversity between them.

This time, Blizzard decided to put in neurological diversity in its vast range of character. 

The letter from Kaplan about Symmetra has given fans something to mull about and get excited about.

He even stated that this character was one of the most inquisitive, intelligent, and considered having autism for the first time in Overwatch.

Kaplan even admired the fans who have found about this characteristic in Symmetra and found them being intelligent to foin out about it.

He even put some references in the comic called A Better World about her autism. 

Kaplan has made Overwatch a great game with lovely heroes who represented different characteristics such as having autism like Symmetra but still be awesome and cool.

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Reactions Of Fans Towards The Confirmation Of This Theory

There was a thread in the Overwatch forum about the confirmation about the theory of Symmetra being autistic.

One user named AUTI5TIX stated that as a 23-year-old who had this kind of disorder finding out about having one character that also has the same disorder makes his heart melt.

Another user called DreadAngel 1711 thinks that the confirmation about Symmetra having autism is great stuff to know. Another user has even opened up about having this kind of disorder as well.

This lead to the forum having various academic conversations about autism and how it could affect those who have this kind of disorder.

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Symmetra’s Condition In The Better World Comic

Vaswani was situated in Rio de Janeiro when Vishkar was trying to get a deal with the mayor to reconstruct the slum areas with their newly developed technology.

Unfortunately, the mayor was more focused on the deal made by Calado which Vaswani was devastated in knowing since the plan for that city was unrealistic and unattainable. 

This led Vaswani to leave the office and find protestors from the slum areas who were strongly rebellious towards the redevelopment of their areas. 

She was disgusted about this current situation due to her childhood experiences toward disorder.

Vaswani then came across a favela which was engulfed in flames and she found a woman pointing to the building where a cry for help was heard.

This led Vaswani to use her photon projector to make a path through the flames and protect her and the one who was trapped in the fire.

Vaswani found the girl in the burning building and got her out safely.

She carried her back to her mother and brought the building back together.

Reception Of Symmetra As An Overwatch Character

As mentioned before, Symmetra is the least selected character in the Overwatch game where she had multiple revisions of her characters which made her a diverse character to play with.

Players are going to be different in their roles in the gameplay where there are various classes such as defence, support, damage, and build. 

Symmetra might not be the most applied playable character but most players who play Symmetra are those who are using her for single character and declining to switch to other characters.

These Overwatch players made an online Reddit community to talk about the different strategies used in the game as a result of playing this game for hundreds of hours.

Players have even suggested that Symmetra is useful when you seek to be more strategic and critical thinking in your gameplay.

This character’s hybrid roles can help you be more on the defence and attack at the right moment in the Overwatch game.

Symmetra is widely used by players who have autism since they find her relatable to their disorder and makes them feel comfortable that gaming has taken part in the awareness of this disorder.

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Video Games Transformed Due To This Autistic Character

When it comes to Symmetra, gaming has become an outlet of reducing the prejudice towards autism in affected people.

Characters with different sexual orientations, races, philosophies, and disabilities are very rare in being portrayed in video games. 

When children were developing their images about video game heroes, they wouldn’t expect a hero with the minimal neurological development that is present in autism.

Most children in the world will be diagnosed with this kind of brain disorder and the majority of these affected children are bullied by their peers. 

Although the presence of autism is important in the lessening of the discrimination surrounding this kind of condition.

If kids are exposed to cool gaming characters that have this kind of disorder, they could look at children who have this kind of disorder as a possible friend rather than someone who will be victimized. 

The creators of Overwatch have stated that autism is one aspect of Symmetra that revolve around her cool exterior and being able to beat up characters despite her condition.

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Other Gaming Characters Representing Autism

Video games are places where people with autism can find their refuge and release their pent up rage.

It is very considerate of game creators to put this disorder in characters in video games where most people will find themselves indulged in. 

This isn’t the first time that autism was represented in some form of media but there are some forms that have depicted this condition with varied responses from viewers.

For instance, there was a game called Amy which can be played in PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. 

This game is where you have to keep the main character safe from impending harm.

This game depicted how people with autism should adapt to current society by having an extraordinary gift such as being able to manifest a painting of an environment that you have just observed at a short time which is an example of a savant.

You might have recalled Raymond Babbitt in the movie called Rain Man who also depicted this characteristic.

In Symmetra, players find it great that there is a black woman who has autism and still can function great as a playable character. 

Autism Awareness: Are Video Games Beneficial To Autism?

Yes, video games are beneficial for people with autism and these forms of media can help those children who are manifesting their first signs of this disorder.

As you can see from the fans’ reactions to Symmetra having this kind of disorder, they find it fulfilling and enlightening that a playable character has this kind of character that some fans of Overwatch have.

Some researchers have found that video games serve as digital playrooms for children with autism.

Parents have never seen their affected children so engaged, focused, and comfortable when they are playing video games.

Despite these positive changes, studies have shown that video games can grab the full attention of people with autism that they don’t focus on anything else that could be important.

Some of these children may become inattentive or delve in obsessions when they are overplaying video games.

Role-playing games have been popular amongst gamers today that they can induce intense interest in a player.

Video games can also be time-consuming when the player has to spend some time saving and changing their character which can lead people with autism to overplay these kinds of games which can only turn to video game addiction.


In this brief blog, we have talked about Symmetra having autism, overwatch fan theory that Symmetra has autism, Symmetra’s representation among other people with autism, and more information about Symmetra having autism.

If you have any questions about Symmetra having autism, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: symmetra autism

How many turrets can Symmetra deploy?

Symmetra can deploy three turrets in the game called Overwatch. She launches a small turret that automatically and directly fires speed-reducing blasts at the closest enemy within range.

She can hold up to three turrets that can be built on the battlefield at once.

These kinds of turrets are projectiles until they hit a wall at which point they will deploy when used in the battlefield.

What does Symmetra say during ULT?

During ULT, Symmetra says that this is the ultimate reality in this series.

The opposing team will hear the line as reality bends to my will in English.

As mentioned before, she wants an orderly reality in her world.

Is Symmetra a villain?

Yes, Symmetra is a villain towards Lucio in the Overwatch game.

She considers that the true enemy of humanity is disorder in her comic series.

Satya Vaswani who is also recognized as Symmetra is one of the playable characters in Overwatch which is a fighting game.

She is a member of Vishkar Corporation which is a corrupt and disturbed corporate entity that creates one of the most advanced technologies in the world of Overwatch.

Is Symmetra missing an arm?

Yes, Symmetra is missing an arm in the game called Overwatch.

From one of her event sprays, it was confirmed and accepted that she had both arms during her childhood years and given that Vishkar took her under their wing when she was a child it’s unlikely she lost it due to the crisis that happened in the game.

How does Symmetra teleporter work?

Symmetra’s teleporter works by letting her link into it by choosing the exit teleporter up to 30 meters away from her, at virtually any solid landing, be it parallel to her or higher or lower, even moving platforms in the game called Overwatch.


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