Surahs for Depression (combating depression with 3+ Surahs)

In this article, we will be discussing the topic, “ Surahs for depression”, by first understanding Surahs, Depression and its clinical features, some surahs for depression and then answer some of the questions concerning the topic.

Surahs for Depression includes:

  • Surah Duha
  • Surah Rahman
  • Surah Kahf
  • Surah Naas
  • Surah Inshirah


Surah is also called Sura. It is a chapter from the scripture of Islam which is very sacred and a holy one from the Quran. 

Each of the 114 surahs has a varied length with different pages and encompassed all the revelation of Muhammad from Allah.

In the traditional classification of Surah in Muslim tradition, Makkiyya appears at every beginning of the Surahs. It indicates that the Surah was revealed to Muhammad during his period of life when preaching in different cities.

Surahs are arranged in descending order as per their length and are arranged serially except for the first Surah, Fatiha. This is further known by its name which is the unusual image in the text, however, it is not always an indicator of general content.

One-fourth of surahs are usually preceded by Fawatih, these are detached letters and the meaning of it is not satisfied yet. Surahs also open up the Basmalah formula as the god of compassion. 

Ayat-al-Kursi is believed to be the most powerful ayats in the Quran since it confirms the greatness of God when recited. Abu Bakr was believed to be the prophet who decided and placed the Surah.

Surahs are written in prose which is intense in quality as well as in rhyme. The subject matters of Surahs are different ranging from stories about the previous prophets to some vivid eschatology. The tone of much of the Surahs is moralistic and theocentric.


Depression is believed to be the key cause of disability around the world. It is a mood disorder characterised by the feeling of persistent and prolonged low mood, sadness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities: anhedonia, feeling down and low throughout the day, weeks and months. 

Although the feeling of sadness and loss of pleasure is familiar and a normal feeling to every one of us, depression is something that persists and causes severe impairment in an individual’s life. It can affect people from any age group ranging from children, adolescent, adult and geriatric population.

The duration of depressive episodes differs and varies from each individual wherein, for some cases, it lasts for about 2 weeks while in others it might persist for months and years.

Signs and symptoms of Depression 

Some sign of depression are:

  • Sustained and prolonged depressed mood
  • Loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities or those that one enjoys doing
  • Loss of sexual drives
  • Fluctuations in body weight
  • Disruption in sleep cycle resulting in insomnia and hypersomnia
  • Muscle agitation, restlessness and twitches
  • Disruption and disturbance in speech
  • Fatigue and low energy in performing daily task
  • A feeling of worthlessness and excessive guilt
  • Recurrent thoughts on death, suicide and attempts for suicide.
  • Impairment in concentration and attention

Surahs for Depression

It’s natural for humans to feel low, suffer from depression, pain and other calamity and at such times, there is no particular cause behind depression, however, there is an interplay of different factors that results in Depression.

Quran is believed to be the guide for the problems that humankind faced and it was often revealed by Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Often when people undergo depression, it is a guide that helps them cope with it better and alleviates the depressive symptoms.

Some of the Surahs that are used as a guide for the treatment of depression are:

Surah Duha

The surah was composed when the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam was depressed and to soothe him. It reminds the words and blessings of the Prophet thus, opening him up for help. And told him to lend help for the needy and poor by mentioning the blessings of Allah.

“ Indeed what is to come for you will be better than what has gone by”

This Surah instills hope in people since people who are depressed undergo hopelessness that they feel there is nothing good happening around them.

The major focus of the surah is to give hope to the people and let them feel better despite the current depressed state. It is the surah 93, ma sha Allah.

Surah Rahman

It is the most vivid and clear imagery of Jannah Paradise and Jahannam Hellfire. It shares us and tells stories of the blessing of Allah SWT. The surah soothing to ears, calming to their mind and heart and food for the soul of people.

With the imagery of paradise and it’s description especially with the blessings from Lord, it helps us get out of the depressive state.

The main message of the Surah is Gratitude, “ Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny”. 

It’s imperative and natural for depressive people to feel underprivileged and deprived, though they feel it’s always unfair and unjust. This tends to perpetuate the deprived feeling resulting in self-pity. 

However, the Surah is a reminder for those who feel such to think of the blessing they are gifted with and to be thankful for. The message of the Surah tells us to distract ourselves from things that we lack rather than appreciate the blessings. In doing that, we can always look for people who are worse than us and in miseries, this lightens us with our blessings and be thankful for.

Surah Kahf, Isra, Taha and Anbiya

Abdullah ibn Mas’ood radi Allahu anhu, the eminent companion of Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam shared, “ these Surahs were the first chapters to be revealed and are my treasures”. Most of it contains the story of Prophet Alaihissalam and his nation. These are also the first Surahs to be revealed, recited and to memories since it is Makkan Surah.

All of these documents the stories of prophets, their nation, in particular, Bani Israel. These stories have helped people with depression and anxiety to combat the symptoms and feel their power as well as the Majesty of Allah SWT.

The message of this Surah Kahf is Guidance., “ Our Lord, grant to us mercy from Yourself and provide for us guidance in our affair”

When we deal with a difficult phase of life, it is best to remember that Allah has done this intentionally and purposefully and thus, he will be there as a guiding light to help you sail through.

The Surah shares with us the four stories of trials and tests that have its own lesson. The four stories are on Faith, Wealth, Knowledge and Power.

These are the four major commodities that Muslim can be put in a trial by Allah and we are often tested on these. 

Since this surah beautifully deals with how to effectively cope up with the four different situations and shares the tactic with the inference of his servant, it is best to reflect on it when one faces this challenge.

Surah Yusuf

It is the 87 Ayah where the core message is Persistence and one of the early Surahs revealed to the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi. It is a unique Sarah from the Quran that most of it is related to the story of a prophet, Yusuf. The main theme of the Surah is about dealing with the hardships and difficulty and there are countless lessons to be derived from this Surah. 

There are stories of how Yaqub Alayhi Salam and Yusuf Alayhi Salam had dealt with the challenges and hardships faced in the world and the help offered by Allah SWT in elevating them because of their patience. 

It was also a Surah shared and revealed to the prophet for consolation thus, a brilliant help for us as well.

O my sons, go and find out about Yusuf and his brother and despair, not of relief from Allah. Indeed no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people” 

It simply deals with how to hold on and continue the effort despite the failures and difficulties. No one should feel low and despair about grief rather hope for relief. Failing to do so provides a testimony for the Allah that there is a lack of faith and belief in him. 

Surah Naas

Ayah 1-6 is the Surah Naas where the message is on Protecti. There are times when evil and negative thoughts disturbed us and are put into our head for doubts and suspicion. 

If we give them space to grow and nourish, it will drive us to insanity while stopping them from invading our thoughts on time is needed and essential for us.

This is the message that this Quran asserts that outlines. Thus, instead of scaring of these thoughts and losing ourselves over the mischiefs, we should stay firm and protected against these.

 At such times, we should recite duas like “ La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah” that helps us in reinforcing our belief in Allah and thus, strengthen the power of Allah.

I seek refuge from the evil of the whisperer who withdraws. Who whispers into the heart of mankind”.

The surah also deals with how lots of depression is caused by low self-esteem as well as self-doubt. However, the Allah SWT is believed to be the most merciful and revealed that it’s best to combat and control the whisper of devils or shaytan which is the core principle of Surah Nas.

Surah Inshirah

Surah 94, the Surah Inshirah tells the Prophet about how Allah eased the pain that the Prophet felt internally after revealing it to him. Allah shares about how before hardship as well as a post that brings in ease. He also instructs the prophet to pray for the lord when all his duties are done.

FAQs: Surahs for Depression

What are the Surahs?

It is a chapter in the sacred scriptures of Islam and often spelt as Sura.

Which is the most powerful Surah in the Quran?

Ayat al-Kursi is believed to be the most powerful Surah.

What is the easiest way to memorize Surahs?

Practising it everyday build-up to full Surahs and is the easiest way to memorize it.

Which Surah reading is equal to ⅓  of the Quran?

Surah al-Ikhlas Monotheism is Chapter 112 of The Noble Quran, it is the ⅓  of Quran. 


In this article, we discussed the topic, “ Surahs for depression”, understood Surahs, Depression and its clinical features, some surahs for depression and then answered some of the questions concerning the topic.

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