Substance Abuse Worksheets (7+)

Substance abuse worksheets help individuals clarify their concepts about the substance they are abusing and acknowledge their effects on them.

These worksheets help them to identify their urge and aid them in dealing with these urges effectively to help prevent substance abuse.

This page provides you with some of the most effective substance abuse worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Substance Abuse 

Substance abuse is referred to as the intake or usage of drugs in a way that is harmful to the individual. Substance abuse is also known as drug abuse and includes the abuse of unprescribed medicines, illegal drugs or alcohol. 

Substance abusers are not necessarily drug addicts.

Substance abusers can change their behavior and stop misusing drugs whereas drug addicts need to seek the help of a psychologist or medical consultant for quitting the addiction.

The thoughts of substance abusers about the substance they abuse influence their actions.

Individuals neglect the harmful effects of drugs and focus on the pleasurable, calming effects it leaves on this. This results in the intake of the drug more regularly. 

Some thoughts that lead an individual to abuse the substance include “I can stay sober even after taking the drug”, “everything is under control” and “I will not abuse this substance from the next time”.

These thoughts need to be challenged and replaced with rational thoughts to prevent substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Dealing with Cravings 

Substance abuse makes an individual helpless in front of the urges and cravings to use the drug again.

In other words, substance abuse affects an individual emotionally and arouses certain emotions in an individual that influences his mood and behavior, resulting in the intake of substance or drug. 

The cravings for abusing drugs can be dealt with in many ways.

Some of the most effective ways for dealing with urges of abusing substances include delaying the intake of drugs or alcohol, escaping from the triggering emotions, thoughts or situations and avoiding them, distracting oneself to forget the cravings, using a substitute of drugs and so forth. 

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Recognizing Effects of Substance Abuse

Anything which is used in excess is harmful to an individual.

Substance abuse may make an individual feel high, calm and relaxed but this is only for a short time.

If continuously misused, the individual can get addicted to the substance and won’t be able to prevent their negative effects on his life, family, career, and friendships.

Substance abuse makes an individual dependent on the drug he abuses.

It affects his organs including liver, heart, brain, throat, stomach, pancreas and the nervous system.

It can lead to severe illnesses such as cancer, respiratory and heart diseases and can also result in hormonal imbalance.

Not only the substance abuser, but his family is also affected by his substance abuse.

His family members may get depressed, sad or tense due to his behavior.

His career may be ruined, spouse and children separated and quality of life decreased.

Substance abuse also increases criminal acts and violence etcetera. 

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Decision Making Matrix: Pros and Cons of Quitting

Identifying the pros and cons of quitting substance abuse can help an individual decide which path he wants to choose for himself.

The path on which there is only despair, destruction and aloofness or the path which ensures the mental, emotional and physical health of the individual, his family, friends, and career.

Decision-making matrix: pros and cons of quitting worksheet, is an effective worksheet that allows an individual to think of short term and long term pros and cons of substance abuse and quitting substance abuse.

This helps an individual think about his future and make the right decision at the right time.

This worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this page.

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Goal Planning Worksheet

Making goals, being positive about the outcomes, staying determined and working hard on the goals assure effective goal achievement.

Goal planning worksheet is a simple but effective worksheet that enables an individual to make goals related to recovery and think of ways in which he can achieve these goals. 

This worksheet allows an individual to think of changes in various domains including physical, psychological, social, family and so on.

This worksheet is helpful for substance abusers to move a step towards recovery by making goals and planning ways in which they are going to achieve these goals.

This worksheet is easily accessible. You can download it in the form of pdf from here.

Substance Abuse Worksheet-Coping Skills: Addictions

Coping skills: addictions worksheets, is a great detailed worksheet that helps individuals to overcome their addiction.

This worksheet mentions and explains in detail the coping skills in five major domains of life including social support, distractions, developing new habits, prevention techniques, and emotion regulation.

This worksheet helps increase the awareness of an individual about numerous strategies and skills in which the individual can cope with his addiction and prevent relapse.

This worksheet consists of 3 pages and is an effective source of learning ways to manage addiction.

This worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this page. 

Substance Abuse Worksheet- Combat Cravings Action Plan Worksheet

Combat cravings action plan worksheet, by psychpoint website, is a great attempt to help substance abusers deal with their cravings.

This worksheet allows an individual to think of ways in which he can distract himself when he craves to abuse a substance, cope with the cravings in a healthy way, seek social support and application of things he had learned while his treatment. 

This worksheet helps an individual to make a plan and follow it whenever he experiences the urge to abuse drugs.

This worksheet is a stepwise guide for coping with cravings.

You can download his worksheet from this page.

This page provided you with some of the most effective substance abuse worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

These substance abuse worksheets are helpful for individuals who abuse drugs, alcohol or ills and finds it difficult to overcome their addiction.

These worksheets help individuals deal with their craving successfully by changing their cognitions and adopting coping skills and strategies.

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