Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

In this article, we shall answer the question “are borderline personality disorder memes important?”. We shall also discuss what borderline personality disorder is, its causes, risk factors, and treatment methods. This information will help you ‌learn more about borderline personality disorder.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important?

Yes, borderline personality disorder memes are important. Memes can ‌educate others about borderline personality disorder and its symptoms, as well as to provide entertainment. This being said, memes should always be respectful and capture only that which is necessary in order to avoid stigmatization.

3 reasons why borderline personality memes are important

For educational purposes

Borderline personality disorder memes provide us with a perspective of how persons living with the disorder feel. Of importance, we are able to understand the impact of the wide range of symptoms of BPD on people’s lives. They can also ‌illustrate how persons living with people suffering from BPD are affected by this disorder.


It is not a meme if it is not entertaining. Memes can be a source of hearty laughter and ‌humor. Because of this sense of humor, memes provide us with a fun way of learning about other people’s experiences and drive home the need for social support for people living with borderline personality disorder.

Means of expression

The learning pyramid shows ‌we keep 20% of information that we learn through audio-visual sources and 30% of things we learn through demonstration. This information is important since memes fall in between these two categories depending on the content of the meme. Memes can therefore be used as a means of self expression, especially when spoken words tend to fail us. The same goes for people with borderline personality disorder. By the use of memes, they can show to us what goes on in their world.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

BPD (its acronym) is a mental disorder that affects how you feel about yourself and other people. It also causes problems in carrying out normal day-to-day activities. People with BPD have a negative self-image, find it difficult to control emotions, and have a series of unstable relationships.

People with BPD dislike being alone and have an extreme fear of abandonment. However, their negative traits of irritability, mood swings and impulsiveness tend to push people away, even those who love you and want to have a meaningful relationship with you. 

The symptoms of BPD start in early adulthood and seem to worsen in young adulthood, however, the symptoms tend to improve with age and one can function normally with BPD.

Signs and symptoms of BPD

The signs and symptoms of BPD include:

Emotional symptoms

The emotional symptoms of BPD include:

  • Sorrow
  • Shame 
  • Terror
  • Rage 
  • Feelings of sadness and emptiness (long-term)
  • Severe mood swings. Some people feel suicidal and then feel better after a few hours. Mood swings vary; some feel better in the morning and some in the evening

Cognitive symptoms

  • Having upsetting thoughts, i.e. thinking that you are a terrible person
  • Auditory hallucinations. Some people hear voices in their heads telling them to harm themselves.
  • Prolonged episodes of hallucinations, i.e. hearing voices and delusions, i.e. believing that your family members want to kill you

The cognitive symptoms of a worsening condition show the need to seek medical help.

Behavioral symptoms

  • Self-harm, i.e. cutting yourself with a razor, burning your skin with cigarettes. The symptoms might go to the extreme of trying to commit suicide.
  • Engaging in reckless behaviour, i.e. having unprotected sex with strangers, binge drinking and extreme use of drugs, and going on shopping sprees.

Causes of BPD

There is no single cause that can be identified as causing BPD. However, there are factors that predispose you to get BPD. They include;


There is a likelihood of BPD genes being passed from one generation to another. Research has shown that if a twin is diagnosed with BPD, there is a likelihood that the other one will have it too. There is no gene for BPD, so these findings should be treated with caution.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

Problems with brain development

An MRI showed that people with BPD had a problem with the development of parts of the brain that regulate mood. They include; 

The hippocampus; regulates behavior and self-control

Amygdala; regulates emotions

Orbitofrontal cortex; involved in planning and decision making

Brain chemicals

Altered levels of the neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, have been linked with depression, aggression and failure to control destructive urges.

Environmental factors

Common environmental factors common in people with BPD include exposure to long-term fear or distress, experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse, parental neglect, and growing up with a family member with a mental illness.

Unresolved fear and anger from childhood can make you put unrealistic expectations on other people, like expecting people to be like a parent to you, expecting others to bully you, idolizing others and behaving like others are adults and you are not.

5 borderline personality disorder memes

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

 This meme is a good example of how people living with borderline personality disorder suffer from the fear of abandonment.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

People living with borderline personality disorder have unstable self-images. It is not uncommon to feel confident about yourself, and after a few hours, start contemplating how inadequate you are. 

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This meme is an excellent illustration of how people living with borderline personality disorders experience the fear of rejection and abandonment.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

People with a borderline personality disorder often have unstable relationships. This meme illustrates how people with this disorder are prone to sabotage their relationships because of feelings of rejection, abandonment or intense mood swings.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

People suffering from borderline personality disorder often portray an intense desire for attention, which can quickly change into total isolation. This meme perfectly captures this symptom.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This meme is a funny illustration of how fragile the emotions of a person suffering from BPD are. Their moods can shift from being happy, to angry, to sad in a matter of minutes.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This is an illustration of how people suffering from BPD crave attention and love but are still afraid of rejection. People with BPD have many short-lived relationships due to this factor while many end up being promiscuous so as to avoid any attachments.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This is a funny illustration of how different the mind of a person with BPD is from a normal person’s brain. They are mostly filled with bouts of self-doubt, inadequacy and a fear of abandonment and rejection that affects how they relate to other people.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

People with borderline personality disorder crave love and affection. However, their intense fear of rejection and abandonment prevents them from seeking meaningful relationships. Some do not isolate themselves for fear of rejection, but rather push their friends and family away due to shifting from holding them in high regard one time to devaluing them the next.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This, for a change, is a positive meme that shows a person with BPD equipped with coping skills that help him avoid the feeling of being abandoned. This is one of the major symptoms of BPD that many people struggle with. We could assume that the briefcase is filled with positive self-image and therapy session notes.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This is a simple yet very relatable meme of how a BPD mind works. They quickly shift from being obsessed with a person/friend/partner and holding them in high regard to devaluing and pushing them away.

Are borderline personality disorder memes important? (3 reasons)

This is a simple explanation of how difficult it can be for a person with a borderline personality disorder to seek treatment. Some of those who seek professional help is also not consistent and drop out of therapy and treatment programs prematurely.

How to cope with borderline personality disorder

  • Learn the grounding techniques that can help you focus on the present and divert your attention from harmful thoughts. Grounding techniques include counting from 0 to 10, 10 to 0, clenching and unclenching your fists, curling and uncurling your toes, or remembering the names of everyone in the room.
  • Avoid alcohol and substances abuse as they can destabilize your emotional state
  • Listen to calming music when feeling low
  • Eat healthy balanced diets
  • Practice gratitude. This helps to inspire positivity in life.
  • Have sufficient sleep
  • Keep in touch with your feelings and emotional states by journaling.
  • Keep a positive company that will encourage you.
  • Share your feelings and fears with your friends
  • Visit your therapist regularly.
  • Identify your anger triggers so that you can stop early.
  • Engage in physical activities that can divert your mind away from harmful thoughts.
  • Take a warm shower when experiencing a borderline episode
  • Express yourself through art.

Treatment for BPD


There is no medication for BPD but medication can be given for the symptoms that manifest, i.e. antipsychotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy will help you respond to emotional situations with positive coping mechanisms and with reason and proper judgment. This will reduce seeing things in white and black.


This is necessary if you are experiencing extreme symptoms like suicidal thoughts and attempts, or hallucinations and delusions that are affecting your daily functioning and relationship with others.


In this article, we answered why memes are important and mentioned the reasons why. We have also provided you with a couple of educational memes that have articulated the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. 

Finally, we have explained to you what borderline personality disorder is, its causes and risk factors, as well as provide you with a list of coping strategies for persons living with BPD. We hope that this information was helpful and entertaining.

 If you have any questions or comments, feel free to engage us in the comment section.

Frequently asked questions: borderline personality disorder memes

Does borderline get worse with age?

BPD begins in early adulthood, worsens by young adulthood, but gets better with age.

What emotions do borderlines feel?

People with borderline personality disorder experience intense feelings of fear, sadness, anger, emptiness, and suicidal feelings.

What does a BPD episode look like?

Impulsive and often dangerous behaviours, such as spending sprees, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving and binge eating.


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