Stress synonym (List)

Stress synonym

In this brief blog we will cover the stress synonym. We will provide a list of stress synonyms.

What are stress synonyms?

Stress synonyms are essentially another word for stress.

You should remember that stress could mean a variety of things depending on the context you put it in.

What is the meaning of stress?

We have defined some of the different meanings of stress.

We have arranged the stress synonym below in relation to what definition of stress synonym you are using.

Stress synonyms when stress is used as a Noun 

Definition of stress as a noun:  Stress can be when you feel a mental and physical discomfort due to a traumatic or painful event.

anxiety strain pressure tension worry trauma distress nervousness tenseness hassle burden difficulty trouble disquiet disquietude dread ferment grief hardship oppression pain restlessness suffering trepidation affliction agony alarm apprehensiveness distention fear fearfulness flutter heat intensity misgiving mistrust nervous tension overextension passion trial urgency albatross expectancy impatience load adversity demands weight drain crunch exigency grievance drag misfortune pressure cooker liability encumbrance millstone problem sorrow tribulation punishment mishap thorn in one’s side exhaustion fatigue tiredness weariness duress overwork pressure of work burdens exertions

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 2)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 2): This is when force or pressure is exerted on a physical object.

strain pressure force tautness tension tightness tensity draw extension stretch traction pull rigidity straining stretching tenseness stiffness injury sprain wrench twist worry effort hassle rick struggle ache bruise brunt burden constriction crick endeavourUK endeavorUS exertion jerk pain trauma

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 3)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 3): In this instance, the word stress is used to emphasise how important or relevant something is.

emphasis weight importance force accent accentuation highlight underscoring insistence significance urgency import attention priority prominence underlining intensity mark pre-eminence strength forcibleness headline moment power decidedness impressiveness preeminence beat ictus emphasisingUK emphasizingUS highlighting inflexionUK inflectionUS notice underline

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 4)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 4): This is why emphasis is given to a particular symbol or word.

accent inflexionUK inflectionUS accentuation beat emphasis ictus protraction intonation measure modulation cadence rhythm meterUS metreUK swing lilt articulation change enunciation nuance pitch pronunciation shade sound timbre tonality tone variation variety rise and fall change of pitch change of timbre change of tone tone of voice force prominence pulse primary stress secondary stress time bounce tempo cadency pace pattern flow movement sequence rhythmical flow rhythmical pattern strength volume expression mode of expression sway upswing air refrain song tune sound quality resonance tone color shift of accent modification syncopation brogue speech pattern

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 5)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 5): In this definition stress is used to indicate an emotional shock following a traumatic or stressful event or a physical injury, which may lead to long-term neurosis

trauma shock distress pain suffering strain upheaval upset anguish disturbance misery torture worry agony jolt ordeal grief heartache sorrow disorder heartbreak trial tribulation trouble adversity anxiety burden hardship nightmare do collapse confusion derangement outburst traumatization devastation hurt angst despair discord torment woe agitation bitterness disappointment sadness unhappiness vexation blues dejection depression desolation despondency discomfort disquiet disquietude dissatisfaction dolor grievance lamentation melancholy rue unrest wretchedness bereavement desperation gloom grieving infelicity irritation regret sorrowfulness strife turmoil worriment affliction bemoaning bewailing cheerlessness disconsolateness dispiritedness embarrassment funk gloominess heartsickness lamenting listlessness malaise moodiness mournfulness mourning tumult broken heart emotional suffering heavy heart mental suffering mopes

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 6)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 6): In this definition this is when stress is used as mental or emotional strain.

tension agitation anxiety pressure apprehension nervousness restlessness worry edginess nerves anxiousness apprehensiveness unease strain antsiness jitteriness jitters jumpiness shakes twitchiness uneasiness willies worriment yips abdabs collywobbles concern conflict discomfort disquiet habdabs jumps mental strain emotional strain mental stress heebie-jeebies jim-jams bad feeling screaming abdabs screaming habdabs distress disturbance trouble fear bother perturbation vexation care disquietude angst anguish dread torment upset disconcertment fearfulness fretfulness misgiving tenseness trepidation doubt foreboding misery woe butterflies concernment heartache irritation annoyance nervosity perplexity presentiment solicitude torture uncertainty agita nag sweat butterflies in the stomach suspense consternation suspicion watchfulness dubiety flap fuss botheration creeps downer drag fidgets mistrust shivers suffering nail-biting cold sweat goose bumps ants in pants all-overs difficulty problems inconvenience grief issues strife unpleasantness dilemma hassle struggle task turmoil hindrance pitfall row puzzle scrape sorrow hang-up sadness affliction hardship tribulation pain responsibility burden burdens alarm nervous tension excitability fluster nerviness timidity touchiness tremulousness anger animation delirium discomfiture dithers feverishness impatience moodiness neurasthenia neuroticism quivers sensitivity stimulation tizzy to-do trembles turbulence Joe Blakes stage fright awkwardness laborUS labourUK pains aggravation arduousness laboriousness strenuousness struggling ado frustration grievance setback toil dolour hangup painfulness travails bafflement exigency imbroglio jam weight trials and tribulations mental burden problem pest irritant nuisance plague trial bane bugbear cross headache cause for concern cross to bear bad news pain in the neck battle challenge adversity load ordeal test drain encumbrance exertion grind millstone agony drudgery travail nightmare difficult task tall order uphill battle tough assignment tough grind uphill struggle nerve fright dither jimjams whim-whams cold feet screaming meemies effort endeavourUK endeavorUS slog hard work long haul hysteria imbalance sleeplessness volatility emotionality fierceness hot-headedness impulsiveness quick-temperedness restiveness high spirits survival mode living day to day getting by surviving disadvantage disruption embarrassment aggro downside drawback exasperation harassment irk peeve rub ruffle thorn unfitness unwieldiness cumbersomeness nuisance value unhandiness unsuitableness untimeliness uphill bothersomeness hair shirt incommode inopportuneness stew tiresomeness troublesomeness put out pain in the backside tax demand imposition duty onus obligation albatross deadweight overload overstretch ask too much of liability obstacle cumber obstruction trammel charge mantle

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 7)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 7): This is when stress is used as energy in other toproduct output.

effort exertion work endeavorUS endeavourUK trouble energy force application labourUK strain sweat toil striving struggle graft laborUS muscle pains power travail bother expenditure industry moil purpose slog venture while battle determination discipline exercise pull push resolution strength strife tension welly yakka elbow grease hard graft hard yakka blood, sweat, and tears old college try drudgery grind subjugation tribulation hardship ordeal pain suffering trial distress donkeywork drudge fatigue privation tears pangs trials and tribulations hard work conscientiousness diligence gruntwork slogging grit hard labor intensity manual labor salt mines vigourUK vigorUS assiduity assiduousness persistence tenacity blood, sweat and tears donkey work spadework sweat of one’s brow attempts

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 8)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 8): This is defined as the force per unit area exerted by a fluid against a surface with which it is in contact

pressure force load compression thrust weight compressing squeezing crushing density gravity heaviness encumbrance shear squeeze strength physical force

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 9)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 9): This is when stress has come about due to the consequences of negative things.

brunt burden force impact pressure shock strain thrust violence weight body bulk chief core effect full force generality heft impetus main mass staple consequences repercussions substance tension

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 10)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 10): This could be defined as when there is a demand or urgent need for something.

exigency crisis emergency difficulty demand necessity need hardship constraint extremity fix jam juncture pass pinch pressure requirement urgency acuteness clutch conjuncture crossroads crunch demandingness distress Dunkirk head pickle plight predicament scrape strait tinderbox want criticalness essential imperativeness needfulness pressingness quandary requisite wont boiling point breaking point contingency crossroad crunch time dilemma duress exigence flash point vicissitude zero hour panic stations turning point

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 11)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 11):  This is when stress is defined as an action or movement which provides stress as a form of energy.

force strength energy might power muscle potency impact pressure vigourUK effort exertion firepower horsepower impetus impulse momentum potence puissance punch sinew stamina stimulus vigorUS violence dynamism weight brunt clout draughtUK draftUS fury life potential push sock steam strain tension trouble velocity arm pow speed stuff subjection welly physical energy

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 12)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 12):  This is when stress is defined as an urgency of manner or words

instance demand insistence pressure prompting request urging entreaty instigation solicitation application behest desire impulse incitement suggestion wish importuning importunity

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 13)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 13): This is when stress means an improvement in quality or value.

enhancement improvement enrichment heightening augmentation boost increment strengthening amplification augmenting inflation magnification rise advance advancement aggrandisementUK aggrandizementUS breakthrough elevation embellishment emphasis escalation exaltation increase intensification lift refinement swelling amelioration betterment development hike reinforcement jacking up

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 14)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 14): Stress in this case could be defined as when there is something of interest and attention.

focus core centerUS basis body essence locus nucleus origin spirit target attention axis backbone bedrock cornerstone corpus epicentreUK epicenterUS gist importance limelight middle quintessence root soul spotlight anchor centrepieceUK centerpieceUS central central point centreUK centre of attentionUK eye focal point forefront foundation heartland highlight hot spot kingpin linchpin main idea mecca meeting point midpoint midst nitty gritty nub pivot rallying point significance significancy staple substance centering center of attentionUS center of activityUS centre of activityUK centre of attractionUK commitment cynosure focusing focussing foreground headquarters heart hub polestar seat attraction base bull’s eye capital center of attractionUS deep ground zero happy hunting ground hive hotbed hypocenter kernel loadstone lodestone magnet meeting place navel nerve center nidus pith playground playland point of convergence showpiece thick

Stress synonym when stress is used as a noun (part 15)

Definition of stress as a noun (part 15):  In this case, stress is defined as the way a word is pronounced.

pronunciation accent articulation speech diction elocution enunciation intonation delivery inflexionUK inflectionUS modulation orthoepy saying utterance uttering accentuation sounding speech pattern vocalisationUK vocalizationUS voicing drawl manner of speaking phonation phonemics phonetics phonology syllabification twang

Stress synonym when stress is used as a verb

Definition of stress as a verb:  To indicate the importance of something by centering attention on

emphasiseUK emphasizeUS accentuate highlight underline underscore foreground point up repeat spotlight accent belabourUK dwell on feature illuminate italiciseUK italicizeUS press punctuate belaborUS bring out draw attention to flag up focus attention on harp on headline lay stress on place emphasis on play up rub in spot insist on press home impress on someone make a point of make emphatic turn the spotlight on lay emphasis on bring to the fore weight affirm assert insist articulate call attention to deepen heighten impress intensify prioritiseUK prioritizeUS strengthen bring attention to charge dramatiseUK dramatizeUS enunciate mark pinpoint pronounce betone enlarge indicate limelight maintain reiterate give an emphasis to hit on bear down give priority to give prominence to hit home make clear point out put stress on rub it in labor the point make a point make much of put accent on put the accent on call bring home make more noticeable make more prominent put emphasis on give emphasis to give weight to make a feature of flag show up focus on zero in on bring home to one set off bring to light place emphasis break disrupt divide interject interpose intersect lace litter separate speckle throw into relief put the force on put the stress on hit caption give emphasis point to ram home drive home embellish exaggerate magnify turn spotlight on make a production of bracket interlineate rule pick out check off rule a line under throw something into relief throw up enhance increase point something up keep going on about make an issue of promote advertise blaze make conspicuous give the full works

Stress synonym when stress is used as a verb (part 1)

Definition of stress as a verb (part 1): In this case, stress is defined as when there is a mental or emotional strain.

worry burden trouble bother fear fret fuss hassle overstretch overtax pressure pressuriseUK pressurizeUS tense distress harass stew stretch sweat traumatiseUK traumatizeUS upset afflict crunch overextend overdo make tense push to the limit tense up cause to feel emotional strain cause to feel mental strain put in traction put on trial

Stress synonym

We have arranged the stress synonyms below in no particular order. 

  • weight
  • accent
  • accentuation
  • beat
  • force
  • import
  • importance
  • significance
  • Urgency

More stress synonyms

worried, disquieted, in a bad way(p), disturbed, accented, distressed, unhappy, hard-pressed, dysphoric, hard put, stressed, upset

Another list of stress synonyms

evince emphasize bring out downplay accentuate topicalize press home show re-emphasize emphasise drive home accent point up bear down re-emphasise background punctuate express underscore underline set off play down ram home

Another batch of stress synonyms

inflection word accent accentuation tonic accent emphasis word stress prosody accent pitch accent sentence stress

A batch of stress synonyms

breaking point mental strain yips tension nervous strain tenseness strain

More stress synonyms

articulate say enunciate accentuate accent pronounce enounce sound out

A group of stress synonyms

accent focus emphasis

Some more stress synonyms

breaking point force tension

A final batch of stress synonyms

strain difficulty

Another batch of stress synonyms

afflict rack strain try

How would you describe stress?

You can describe stress as how your body reacts to stressful events or a way for your body to tell you that you have a really bad experience which makes you inconvenient.

When you feel stressed, your body will re;ease a chemical in your blood.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

You can further improve your vocabulary by learning helpless synonyms and bipolar synonyms.

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