Stress relief toys (A guide)

In this brief blog, we will consider stress relief toys and how stress relief toys may be able to help you reduce the amount of stress you have.

Stress relief tools can help us if we are feeling stressed, they come in varying formats and sizes and most of them can be taken with us to our place of work.

In most cases, we will experience the maximum amount of stress at work and having a stress relief toy at work might be a good idea.

When most people think of stress relief toys they often think about stress balls instantly but there are more stress relief toys other than stress balls.

What is the best stress toy?

Some of the best stress relief toys we have seen this year are all stress balls and they include:

  • Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball.
  • Fitness Insanity Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit.
  • voidbiov Hand Squeeze Stress Balls Set with Carry Bag.
  • 321 STRONG Grip Balls
  • PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball.
  • InsidersPro Stress Relief Ball.

What should you look for in a stress relief toy?

When looking to buy a stress relief toy we should consider how durable it is.

The durability of the stress relief toy will be very important as some toys can have different lifetimes due to usage.

If you anticipate you will use your stress relief toy often as you are stressed often then you may have to consider this and take into account that you will need a more durable stress relief toy which could potentially cost more.

The price is also a very important factor when looking at which stress relief toys you want to buy.

The price will usually determine how reliable the stress relief toy is and other factors such as the durability and adaptability or other unique features which could make the stress relief toy beneficial to you.

When looking to buy a stress relief toy we should consider how effective it is in dealing with our stress.

The main reason you are considering buying a stress relief toy is to help reduce the amount of stress you are having by playing with the stress relief toy always or mostly during stressful moments. 

If the stress relief toy doesn’t help you do this then you may want to consider returning it within the return period allowed.

Most online goods won’t have a method for you to try before you buy and it is important you only buy with merchants who accept returns. 

The size of the stress relief toy will also be very important and should be given consideration when looking at stress relief toys. 

You may want to buy a stress relief toy that you can carry in your bag which doesn’t take up too much space. You may even want to buy a stress relief toy which you can inflate and deflate at your own will.

This will make the stress relief you easier to carry around.

If you are buying this stress relief toy for your child then you may want to consider how safe the stress relief toy is to avoid it hurting your child.

If the colour of the stress relief toy is important to you then you should look for a stress relief toy which has a colour which calms you down and brings good memories.

Types of stress relief toys

There are different types of stress relief toys out there. We have picked our favourites and written very briefly about them.

Mini Buddha board

The mini Budhha board is our favourite tool. It’s so gimmicky in its output but more often than not the lightest and smallest things allow us to become less stressed.

The Mini Buddha board allows you to draw on a mini-board. Once you have drawn on this board your drawing vanishes slowly.

Chinese meditation balls

Chines meditation balls are very good toys when trying to relieve stress and they can help you calm down faster.

They also make a glorious sound which helps soothe your mood.

Light bulb stress ball

A light bulb stress ball is a good stress relief toy. It allows you to release enough energy and visualise a stress ball which is a good visual.

A vacuum cleaner

Believe it or not, vacuuming could be a very good stress reliever and having a nice vacuum cleaner such as the henry vacuum cleaner could be a good stress reliever.

Toysmith deluxe zen garden

The toysmith deluxe zen garden is a very good toy if you want to release stress.  It is a miniature of a traditional Japanese Zen sandbox which allows you to build patterns in the stand.

This can help you reduce your stress. The Toysmith deluxe Zen garden will come with an instruction manual, a broom to create sand patterns and a rose wooden frame.

This toy has been said to be very reliable.

Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

The Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball is a very grippy stress ball which allows you to improve your wellbeing by reducing the amount of stress you have and increasing your hand grip.

The Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball is  made of a very durable material and good outer fabric. You can get this stress ball in different colours.

The Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball is a great stress relief toy which will help you reduce the amount of stress you have.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

The infinity cube fidget toy is a metal cube which is made from plastic blocks.

It is BPA-free and the plastic used is non-toxic which is merged together by using strong stainless steel metal rivets.

The Infinity cube fidget toy is a high-quality stress relief toy which is very durable and will hopefully last long regardless of your usage

Scalp massager

A scalp massager is a very good tool which can help you reduce stress. It is easy to carry around depending on the size of the scalp massager you buy. 

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.