Stress no more (How)

In this guide, we will discuss how to Stress no more (How), useful tips and tricks to help out coping with stress in a different way. 

How to “stress no more” you may be asking yourself but don’t seem to get any clear answers.

It is a fact that no one likes feeling stressed, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling constantly worrying, having racing thoughts all the time or even just coping with the heart palpitations, the sweating, the difficulty sleeping or staying asleep. 

Having a little stress and anxiety from time to time can actually help to boost our performance and results in daily life activities, however, when the response is sustained or prolonged over time then that is when it becomes chronic and can affect our overall health and wellbeing.

But how do you know if you are feeling too stressed?

Well, pay close attention to your body, perhaps it is trying to tell you something but you just won’t listen because you are busy trying to live your life the best you can. 

Take a minute to concentrate on how you are feeling and what you are thinking at the present moment.

Doing this exercise will bring you to the present moment, letting you think more clearly.

When you have high anxiety levels, your brain will lose the ability to focus and your concentration will be compromised. 

These are clear symptoms of anxiety and stress and there are various reasons that can trigger your stress.

Perhaps it is your current relationship, financial problems or work-related situations.

Well, know that you can actually live a stress-free life, it is actually up to you, no one else. 

The first step is understanding why or what is making you stressed out.

Also, it is necessary to be aware of if any physical and psychological symptoms.

Having prolonged stress can be exhausting and frustrating, and it can also cause some medical conditions to get worse.

However, there are some tips you can follow to live a stress-free life. 

Listen to some music

Not only does music sound good, but it can also be a great distraction.

Whether you turn on the tunes to listen to something upbeat to help you feel rejuvenated.

Or you put something soothing on as instrumental music of ocean waves or raindrops, that can transport you to other places as a beach or a rainy forest. 

Slow-paced instrumental music can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure, heart rate and reduce stress hormone levels.


This is very beneficial, your sense of smell is the most primitive of all our senses so using an aroma diffuser at home can change the ambiance completely and help you to be at ease.

This can also help you sleep better if you are having insomnia, reduce your stress or anxiety levels and it has also been said to help with hunger craves too. 

Breathing aids

If you suffer from stress or anxiety and also have a medical condition such as asthma or other respiratory problems and you feel the only thing that can help you is medication or breathing equipment, we can tell you that there are a range of respiratory aids (such as nebulizers or other breathing equipment) to support breathing and reduce symptoms making your life easier. 

Cleaning Air Care

Here we can find air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, fans, and air coolers.

Perhaps you are stressing over the thought someone in your family can get sick due to airborne bacteria, pollutants and germs, well to relieve you from that stress we recommend getting an air purifier. 

On the other hand, dehumidifiers can also be very helpful when avoiding serious health conditions due to a damp house.

Using a home dehumidifier can bring the level of moisture in the air down quickly and quietly so you and your entire family can breathe easy.

Electric dehumidifiers work by filtering out the air, making it safer and more pleasant. 

Detox kits 

If feeling bloated and lethargic due to stress can make you feel frustrated and anxious then a detox or internal cleanse could be just what you need to feel better, healthier and energized. 

Your actual habits are preventing you from dieting or exercising then treat your body to a fresh start through a detox. 

Magnetic therapy

Does stress seem to worsen other health conditions such as arthritis, joint or muscle pain? Then we advise trying magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy involves using magnetic fields to increase your blood flow.

This can help to bring more nutrients into the targeted area to reduce pain and promote the healing process reducing inflammation. 


Having a healthy diet and habits can be a key part to help you reduce your stress levels but since sometimes it is difficult to get all the nutrients you need from food alone, then using supplements becomes vital.

Those supplements include vitamins and minerals that can be vital to assist your body in its normal functioning improving immunity and give an extra boost to your mood and energy levels. 

Physical contact

Having sex and orgasming can help relieve stress and tension.

So does cuddling and kissing, however, another form of physical contact that can help reduce stress and anxiety is through a massage.

Ask your partner for a nice and relaxing massage, you will feel so much better after. 

The physical contact really does help reduce stress. 

This can help lower blood pressure and heart rate, both of which are physical symptoms of stress while also boosting your confidence, sex life and your relationship with your partner. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness describes the act of being 100% present in the moment.

Practicing this act can help combat negative and anxious thoughts which can then lead to help stop stress.

You can practice mindfulness in different ways, for example, journaling, yoga and taking walks.

Learn to avoid procrastination

Stress can be a result of needing to have control over situations we feel we don’t actually have control of.

Therefore by staying on top of priorities, you will avoid feeling the need to catch up and feel out of control. 

By getting in the habit of making a to-do list organized by priority, giving yourself realistic deadlines and working your way down the list.

You are likely to improve your stress levels and overall feel better.

These tips often involve getting your mind away from the source of stress. Mindfulness, music and physical intimacy can all work to relieve anxiety — and they will improve your overall mood.

Exercise regularly

We know having an active and sporty life might not be your thing or you may not have enough time for it.

However, exercise does not mean you need to go every day to the gym or spend a lot of hours in the spinning bicycle or cardio machine.

You can simply try walking around the park or your neighborhood for around 20 minutes to start feeling better, not only because it can boost your confidence but it can also carry cardiovascular benefits. 

Keep a stress diary

Keeping a diary or a journal can be a quite effective way to treat your stress and anxiety.

Make sure to write down all those thoughts that come into your head that make you feel worried. 

Once you have written them down you can start analyzing one by one.

One of the reasons we tend to stress and worry is because we think about the future and how we are not able to control or know what to expect from the situation.

Try writing turning those problems you have written down as solutions. 

If the problem can be solved effectively immediately then you can scratch it off the list but if you see you cant solve it right away try setting up a plan or strategy and try following through it. 

Breathing exercises

Learning how to breath is a major lifesaver when it comes to stress.

Sometimes we are so used to breathing that we forget how to do it properly, especially in those situations when our anxiety triggers.

If anxiety kicks in, try breathing slowly, feeling how the air goes into your lungs and how it slowly goes out as you exhale. 

The more you practice, the easier it will get to use breathing techniques automatically when having anxiety or panic attacks. 

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

Have you noticed how when you are stressed you tend to drink more coffee, light that cigarette or to drink alcohol? 

Caffeine is known to be a stimulant so it will actually worsen your stress and anxiety symptoms, instead try replacing caffeine intake for something healthier and with a soothing effect as Tea.

Additionally, alcohol is known to be a depressant of the Central Nervous System which can slow vital functions leading to slurred speech, slower reaction times and impaired memory. 

Lastly, nicotine has been evidenced to increase anxiety and tension. It may have an immediate sense of relaxation so you may think it helps to reduce your stress but it is actually quite the opposite. 

Eat healthily

Have you heard someone saying, “you are what you eat?”, well, it is true.

How many times have you wondered why you haven’t been able to lose those extra pounds? Well, the answer is simple.

When we are stressed, we tend to look for comforting foods or sweets that have a higher caloric content, so this way you will never lose the extra weight.

If you are experiencing higher levels of stress try to eat healthy snacks such as blueberries, walnuts or pumpkin seeds.

They will keep you full and they are a really good source of protein. 

Why is this blog about “Stress no more (how)” important?

It is no secret that stress and anxiety can control our lives in such a negative way that can interfere with our normal functioning.

However, rest assured that you can live a stress-free life, all you need to do is be willing and start today! 

We have discussed many of the options available to deal with stress and “stress no more” but maybe not all of them fit your needs or work for you. You need to follow the “trial and error” technique until you find the best suitable option. 

Please feel free to comment in the comments section below!

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

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