Stress management courses (A guide)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about Stress Management courses, topics that are covered in stress management courses, the benefits of taking stress management courses, and more information about stress management courses.

What are stress management courses?

Stress management courses are for people who want to learn about how to handle stress, tackle this kind of condition or at least finding ways to deal with this kind of condition.

This kind of management can lead to a healthy lifestyle with a calm life waiting ahead.

These kinds of courses are accessible to everyone who is interested in learning how to control this kind of condition.

Some people are most likely to want to learn about managing this kind of condition since it makes life worth living without too much stress.

You can also use these kinds of courses to help you get through the concerns that you have in your professional life.

You will also need these kinds of courses to help you get through the ropes of your personal life.

Different kinds of stress management courses

The following are some of the famous courses of this topic that can help you deal with this kind of topic:

Stress Management for Staff

This management course is worth only one day.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of relaxation exercises that you can do to manage this condition and how to say no when you need to.

You can also use your personal action plan to know what you need to do in the duration of this course.

You can get through this course through a zoom session. 

There will be a time when you will do this course for a full-day where you get a 2-hour session with the course.

You can find this course online and you can find out more information about this course.


This course is for employees who are finding ways to deal with stress in the workplace where you can find yourself ready to face anything that comes your way in your work life.

Themes Covered

  • Define stress
  • Look at how to develop your recent techniques
  • Practise a simple mindfulness exercise to make a breathing space that is essential for your day
  • comprehend how to work with your thinking patterns
  • Talk about the significance of physical wellbeing and social support
  • Learn how to say no when necessary
  • Look at making inspiring goals that reflect your values
  • Think about how to relieve stress when it has been developed
  • make a personal action plan beyond today on this course

IAFPD Primary Certificate in Stress Management

This is a coaching type of management course. This course will guide you to manage this condition.

This certificate is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

This means that you will be guided by certified coaches who are always updated on studies that have proven certain activities to minimize stress recently. 


This course is a 2-day programme to help you learn about the theories about managing stress.

This course can help you by learning about the recent techniques in alleviating this condition in your life. 

The topics that might be covered in this course are stress mapping, stability zones, stressors in the environment, and more related facts about this condition.

This will be followed by the practice of using techniques that can minimize this condition in your life. 

There will be handouts, manuals, and books that will be recommended for you.

This course will also need you to take some tests to help monitor your learning progress.


• to become knowledgeable about the background of stress, the management of this condition, and prevention

• be able to practice this knowledge to know this condition in self, others and organisations

• to become knowledgeable about a multimodal cognitive-behavioural model to this management depending on recent practice and its practice to various settings


• define stress and comprehend how it distinguishes from pressure

• have a working comprehension of modern approaches of stress such as the multimodal-transactional approach, the cognitive ABCDE model and an organisational approach

• comprehend the psychophysiology of this condition

• determine the core physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms of stress in self and others

• examine primary, secondary and tertiary management interventions of this condition at the individual and organisational levels

• determine thinking errors and performance interfering thoughts and build coaching, training or counselling thinking skills to help individuals renew these beliefs

• establish a range of strategies and methods to handle stress such as Type A modification, relaxation skills, lifestyle management, biofeedback, and stress mapping

• comprehend Type A behaviour and Locus of Control constructs in people

• determine the organisational symptoms of stress and recognize what techniques can be undertaken to avoid and manage this condition at work

Stress Management at Work

When you are finished with this course, you will be able to do the following:

• Know how pressure and stress impacts people

• determine potential triggers of stress

• comprehend responses to this condition

• avoid or manage this condition in yourself and others

• enhance and build new techniques for dealing with potentially stressful circumstances

Introduction & Workshop Aims in this course

• What will the students cover today?

• What does the student want from the day? The Area of Stress (Causes and Effects)

• Pressure and stress (what’s the difference?)

• The triggers of this condition

• The signs and symptoms of this condition

• How this condition impacts your life (self-awareness), Techniques for Managing Pressure and Reducing This Condition

• Discovering avoidance strategies

• Prioritising & diary management of this condition

• comprehending your stress points and controlling inevitable stress

• The significance of perceptions and thinking skills

• Speedy and easy daily stress-busters

• Exercises for relaxation and inner calm to alleviate this condition

• Guides for a stress-free lifestyle (Stress in Others)

• Recognising this condition in others at work

• How to approach the concern and your responsibility to cope with it (The way forward)

• Taking ideas back to the workplace and applying them into action

Stress Management

You might know that the outcomes of this condition can be very distressing for the affected person.

This is why the reduction of this condition is crucial in the workplace. 

This is a one-day course where you will be able to support your psychological and physical health.

You’ll be able to learn about stress and the effects of this condition in you and how you can alleviate this condition.

Course information

This course tackles the following contents:

  • Reasons and impacts of this condition and the implications for the workplace and non-work activities or relationships
  • Symptoms of this condition and identification of stressful circumstances
  • Setting goals and identifying priorities to balance personal and organisational needs
  • Time management strategies as a core factor
  • advantages of delegating to relieve this condition
  • The place of alternative stress alleviation psychological interventions
  • Sources of support and when to seek professional guidance or counselling when stressed
  • Role of assertiveness in this management
  • Active planning for this management.

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Learning outcomes

When you will finish this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • comprehend this condition, its potential triggers and impacts on your work performance and that of others
  • identify symptoms of this condition in yourself
  • apply a range of suitable means of alleviating stress, specifically involving determining and prioritising goals, time management and delegation
  • identify alternative stress alleviation strategies
  • Adopt an assertive model to manage this condition in a range of situations
  • establish a personal stress management plan to keep a work-life balance

Progression routes

This course is part of the CPD Management Series and the completion of this course will lead to the following:

  • Starting and Managing Change
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Managing Individuals
  • Personal Development and Effectiveness in yourself
  • Sales and Negotiation Skills that you can use

You can also reach an NQF Level if you are able to complete this course at the Middlesex University who offered this course.

Time and Stress Management Diploma

This course can help you when you are trying to approach this condition in a professional way.

The teachings of this course will be based on how you are doing at work and how this condition may affect your work performance. 

This course can help you get the organisation skills you need to keep yourself controlled and managing this condition.

This can help you in the long run, especially in your work life.

Are you new to online learning for courses?

You don’t need to worry about being new to online learning. You will be given manuals on how to handle the online learning and work hard for it. 

Assessments may be challenging to complete in this course.

But you don’t need to be too concerned if you are able to study the manuals and guides that were given by the instructors.

Course Benefits

The following are the advantages of this course that can be provided for you.

  • Courses or Training that are fitting to Work Experience, Knowledge and Skills
  • Self-paced Training or Courses to remain working while studying
  • Self-Paced Courses to get free from the deadlines to minimize stress as a goal of this course
  • Course materials that involve Training Manual, Mock Quizzes and Case Studies that challenge you to practice your knowledge that can be in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint format.
  • Assessment resources available through the online learning platform that is accessible for 24 hours.
  • A professional one-to-one tutor to give all-inclusive support throughout the course by online.

Other than the stress management courses mentioned above, you can also learn Problem Focused Coping to get rid of stress.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about stress management courses, topics that are covered in stress management courses, the benefits of taking stress management courses, and more information about stress management courses.

If you have any questions about stress management courses, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: stress management courses

What does a stress management coach do?

A stress management coach can determine and address the core causes of stress in your personal and professional life.

This kind of coach can give you guides on how you can deal with stress.

This can start by turning off your present stressors in your life. 

What are stress management tools?

The stress management tools are keeping a positive attitude, be assertive to the person who has done something against you than being aggressive, accept that there are events that you cannot manage, learn and practise relaxation methods, eat healthy and well-balanced diets, and exercise frequently. 

What can doctors do for stress?

The doctors can give you appropriate medications for you to deal with your stress.

For instance, you might be prescribed with sleeping pills if you are having troubles in sleeping which can occur due to your stress.

There are also physical symptoms of stress that can be treated when you are prescribed with medications.

Should I go to the doctor for stress?

Yes, you should go to the doctor for stress. You can do this when you are feeling the overwhelming effects of stress that can impact your personal and professional life.

You can also talk to a counsellor so that you can release the tension associated with this kind of condition so that you don’t have to face other damaging consequences of this condition such as having physical disorders. 

Do you get full pay if off with stress?

Yes, you can get full pay if you are off with stress but this kind of situation only occurs when you have been entitled to the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

This kind of entitlement can only be rewarded to you if you have been sick with this kind of condition for 7 months.


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