Stress bracelet (A guide)

In this brief blog, we will discuss stress bracelets and why people believe stress bracelets can help them with their stress.

What are stress bracelets?

Stress bracelets are bracelets which people believe can help them with their stress.

There are various versions of stress bracelets but most of the stress bracelets seem to contain some form of crystal.

When life gets too overwhelming you may want to move from traditional medication to more spiritual medication.

This is where stress bracelets may come in. Unlike stress and anxiety medication such as escitalopram and citalopram which are primarily there to treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety, stress bracelets use calming crystals for stress which helps to soothe and heal your mind, body and spirit.

Certain stones and crystals are believed to be amazing antidotes for stress and these stones are placed as the links on a stress bracelet.

The stones on your stress bracelet provide you with a calming effect and help relieve emotional turmoil which led to the stress yo were experiencing.

Blue Agate is one of the most powerful crystals for anxiety and stress relief. It fosters tranquil, peaceful and calming energies for your mind, body and spirit. 

The stones blue colour also emits calming and soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind to help you relax and get rid of any stress.

If you have suffered from stress and anxiety for a long time and the medication you were given has not worked then you may want to consider using a stress bracelet made of Blue Agate or buying one of these healing stones and making your own stress bracelet yourself.

Stress bracelets can make your day feel a whole lot better.

The blue agate stones is a great crystal for stress and anxiety.

If you begin t feel overworked, fluttered or stressed during the day then the energy coming out of the blue agate on your stress bracelet will help you feel much calmer with its soothing vibrations and energy.

Your stress bracelet will encourage you to relax and calm down.Your stress bracelet is especially good when meditating as it will allow you to release all the negative energies out of your body as the blue agate releases vibrations of peace which help calm you down, release stress from your body & mind and restore your emotional balance.

You should wear your stress bracelet all the time to benefit from the energy radiating from the blue agate.  

Most stress bracelets are handmade and can be bought online with relative ease.

When choosing a stress bracelet you may want to focus on the stones it is made with(if it is made with stones) and the true meaning and value of those stones.

Stones for your stress bracelet

There are a variety of stones which you may want to use on your stress bracelet.sme of these stones include:


Aquamarine is very popular in stress bracelets, it brings inner peace, hope and self-love. It is used to dispel anger and fear.


Amethyst is also a very popular stone for stress bracelets, it is a calming stone that aids peacefulness, happiness and balance.


Turquoise a stone of purification, it releases negativity, calms nerves helps ease panic.

This stone can be very helpful when you are stressed and is a good fit fo our stress bracelet.


Moonstone is another stone which is very popular in stress bracelets, it calms negative emotions and provides deep emotional healing. Improves inner confidence and heightens intuition.

Blue lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate brings tranquillity and peace. It aids communication. 

Smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz lifts depression and stress. Helps to let go of fears and anxiety. It is very popular amongst stress bracelets.

Clear quartz

Clear Quartz balances your emotions, raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

Do magnetic bracelets help with stress?

Magnetic bracelets may help with stress as magnetic therapy has been used for many years to help reduce inflammation, reduce pain and improve blood circulation which all help reduce stress or the feeling of being stressed.

Magnetic therapy can also increase your mood and enhance the quality of your sleep.

In the same way, a magnetic bracelet may be able to reduce your stress and anxiety.

If you are suffering from stress,  depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

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