Stress at work compensation (A guide)


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Page last updated: 30/08/2022

Stress at work compensation (A guide)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about stress at work compensation, why there is a need for stress at work compensation, the benefits of stress at work compensation, and more information about stress at work compensation.

Can you claim stress at work compensation?

Yes, you can claim stress at work compensation. You might be wondering about this since you think it is unfair that you are not given payment for your mental injury. 

You deserve to be taken care of because of psychological distress that you have received from work. You shouldn’t be afraid of being a tattletale even though your employer was the one at fault anyway.

Common stress at work compensation claims

There are a lot of reasons why employees would make this claim at a legal office. The following are the reasons that most employees would use to get this compensation:

  • Excessive workload – Forcing employees to work longer hours, expecting them to meet last-minute deadlines or having unrealistic expectations of how much work they can take on during their working hours can result in stress-related conditions in employees.
  • Lack of adequate training at work – Every job has its own unique skill requirements as observed. Workers need to be trained so that they are well-equipped to handle the job they are employed to do in the job. Without the proper training, workers are more likely to lack confidence and feel overwhelmed while doing their job, resulting in unnecessarily high-stress levels in employees.
  • Bullying and harassment at work as observed – Bullying and harassment at work can take on several forms, from subtle jokes targeting a workers race, religion, colour or age, to more overt forms such as using abusive language, threatening, or making excessive demands to employees. Whether this is carried out by phone, letter, email or face-to-face, it can lead to a stressful environment that is not conducive to work for the employee. Overlooking an employee for promotion or bonuses may also be tantamount to bullying in the workplace. If you’re being bullied at work you may want to refer to a website on claiming compensation for bullying at work as observed.
  • Denial of employee rights in the workplace – According to the law in the UK, all workers have a right to a reasonable amount of breaks, rest periods, and annual leave in employees. Workers who are denied their right to get adequate time off from work can feel overwhelmed and stressed in their time.

If you are having one or more of the above, you need to get this claim immediately. It can really help you in the long run once you are able to get this compensation.

The claims mentioned above are for a situation in which you are still working in stress. But if you’ve taken a leave because of your mental health, then an employer should know what duty of care he needs to show towards you.

General Damages for Psychiatric Injury As A Cause For Stress At Work Compensation

These damages are awarded for you once you have gone through distress and personal pain from the stress you felt at work. The following are some cases that could apply to your compensation:

  • Severe – in the most severe cases, the compensation awarded could be between £48,000 and £101,000 for the affected employee
  • Moderately Severe – in moderately severe cases, the compensation awarded could be between £16,000 and £48,000 for the affected employee
  • Moderate – in moderate cases, the compensation awarded could be between £5,000 and £16,000 for the affected employee
  • Less Severe – in less severe cases, the compensation award could be between £1,000 and £5,000 for the affected employee.

There must also be the loss of benefit on your part when you feel this condition at work. You are entitled to bring on some positive change in your change by getting this claim.

Special Damages for Psychiatric Injury Caused by Stress at Work For Compensation

These damages are given to you when you have undergone financial loss from the stress in your workplace. You can get these damages when you are lacking some money because you have decided to leave your stressful job.

You should get these damages when you feel like you have been sick because of this psychological condition in your life. You can work on yourself with these financial benefits which can help you take care of yourself in the long run.

Payouts for stress at work compensation

There are a lot of factors that you have to meet when you have to get the certain compensation you need. The following are some payouts that you can get as compensation:

  • Severe issues caused by stress at work that might such as affected relationships, trouble coping with life and a very poor future prognosis, might see compensation of £46,780 to £98,750 for the affected employee.
  • Moderately severe concerns caused by stress at work where there are significant issues but the prognosis is generally more optimistic, £16,270 to £46,780 for the affected employee.
  • Compensation for moderate cases where there may be some problems with ability to cope with life for example but a marked improvement, £5,000 to £16,270 for the affected employee.
  • Compensation for stress at work-related complications that are considered less severe, £1,310 to £5,000 for the affected employee.

You can also ask a solicitor for legal advice for this kind of compensation. This kind of compensation can be sure to be taken when you have the conditions met.

What is the stress at work compensation for?

This kind of compensation is for you to regain your health back from the stress that you have lost when you had stress from your workplace. As mentioned before, you should know that you deserve to be compensated for the pain that you have to endure from your stressful workplace.

You can get the cases and find out which applies to you the most. You should know that you can get this kind of compensation if you are in dire need of health care on your part.

Special Damages are there to put you back in the financial position you would have been in had this situation not occurred to you in the workplace. Where psychiatric injuries are concerned, the financial concerns can be sizeable with this kind of compensation. 

After all, you may not be able to return to work at all or you may only be able to manage a minimized workload on your part. This loss of income can result in hardship for you and your family in your life. 

In addition, you may also need care such as a range of medical treatments and help maintaining your household in the present. Your compensation for stress at work is intended to cover all of these expenses and ensuring no-one is left out of pocket because of a psychiatric injury which is stress at work.

What action should you take for stress at work compensation?

The action that you should take for stress at work compensation is to talk with your manager, HR department or trade union or take legal action to claim this kind of compensation. Employees also have rights when they are injured physically or psychologically at work as mentioned before. 

For many people suffering this kind of condition at work, sorting out the situation informally would be the first step to go through to solve this condition. If that doesn’t work, you can make a formal complaint to your employer about this kind of condition in the workplace. 

And if that doesn’t work, you should get some expert advice to see if you can take legal action and claim compensation then you can download and return the stress at work questionnaire to see if you have a valid claim on a website.

Starting a stress at work compensation claim

If you are reluctant to approach a personal injury solicitor because of the fees involved, you should know that in some cases, some solicitors will not charge you a consultation fee or even ask you to pay any legal fees until the case is successfully concluded on your part.

If you arrange a free consultation and the solicitor concludes you have a strong case proving employer liability,  your stress at work claim will be processed on a No Win No Fee basis, if you decide to go ahead of course with the selected solicitor. 

This agreement means you only have to bear the legal fees if the case is won and compensation has been awarded on your part. The fee is deducted out of the compensation settlement and is an agreed percentage for your case. 

If your stress at work claim isn’t successful and hence no compensation is awarded, you don’t have to pay any legal fees, in other words, you pay nothing at all to your selected solicitor in some companies.

Why you should choose an accident claim for your stress at work claim?

You should choose an accident claim for your stress at work claim because it is more efficient in some solicitors’ eyes. You are more likely to have less doubt when you take this claim for your stress at work claim

Some companies with solicitors can even offer you a full package of this claim for your case needs. This claim can help you get the compensation you deserve if your stress at work claim didn’t work.


In this brief blog, we have talked about stress at work compensation, why there is a need for stress at work compensation, the benefits of stress at work compensation, and more information about stress at work compensation.

If you have any questions about stress at work compensation, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: stress at work compensation

Can I claim workcover for stress?

Yes, you can claim work cover for stress. If you are suffering from a work-related stress, you may be entitled to this kind of cover and by bringing a common law claim. An exposure to these kinds of hazards can lead to this kind of stress and when this stress is high or prolonged, it can lead to psychological injury. 

Can you claim compensation for anxiety?

Yes, you can claim compensation for anxiety. This kind of compensation can be sought in an independent claim. If you have gained depression, PTSD, anxiety or another emotionally distressing condition as the result of a work accident, you are entitled to get this kidn of compensation. 

How do I sue my employer for emotional distress?

You can sue your employer for emotional distress by filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages. You need to make sure that this kind of distress is caused by the negligent or intentional acts of someone else. 

What are symptoms of work related stress?

The symptoms of work-related stress are insomnia leading to tiredness, low mood, irritability or outbursts of anger, consuming too much caffeine or alcohol, regular absence and a higher sickness rate, low productivity accompanied by feelings of low achievement, being cynical and defensive, and being accident-prone.

What is a fair settlement for pain and suffering?

The fair settlement for pain and suffering is $9,000, especially for a broken arm during an accident. This kind of amount if considered reasonable for the plaintiff. The multiplier method is used in the accident settlement calculator on some websites. 


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