Songs about heroin(List)


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Songs about heroin

In this guide, we will discuss a few songs that show how heroin makes feel the people.

Songs about heroin

Songs are present in the life of each person. It is normal to see someone with headphones listening to music at work, at home, in the gym, that is, anywhere.

People identify with the songs they hear. Apart from being a form of entertainment and having fun, some songs describe your mood and how you feel.

The songs reflect a series of situations that a person goes through and society in general. It is normal to hear lyrics that protest against people obtaining rights, raising awareness about the evils that society is plaguing or simply representing what a person is living in their day. Many are the singers who have used music to express what they feel and what they are going through at the moment.

There are singers who, when they are going through situations such as a divorce, the death of a loved one or a strong health situation, take this as material and transfer it to lyrics that are then heard by thousands of people. Within the situations and problems that are reported in the songs, one that is common to listen to is the fight over drugs, especially heroin.

There are a series of songs about drugs like heroin in which the person who writes and sings it tries to express a series of feelings and ideas about what heroin is. It is common to hear how heroin envelops the person in a vicious circle that in many cases it is difficult to escape and in the end, it can end in a horrific outcome such as death, also the experience of someone close to you who is addicted to consumption is related of heroin and how it destroyed its life.

Some of these songs about heroin are a way of raising public awareness about the dangers of their consumption. It is a drug to which a person can easily become addicted and many artists have expressed their struggle and others, unfortunately, are not there to tell because they died from its use.

The songs about heroin should not be seen as songs that motivate a person to experiment with drugs but entertainingly and realistically to know how this affects the person, who feels the person who consumes and the gravity in all this.

Heroin, like some other drugs, is illegal and its excessive consumption can lead to death. Heroin causes serious health problems and the person who consumes it often ignores these problems.

Sometimes the talks and certain types of programs are not enough to raise awareness about what heroin is and here we can highlight the role that songs play. The songs about heroin fulfil a social function where listening to them makes people understand more about this type of drugs.

Songs about heroin(List)

What is heroin?

Wikipedia defines heroin, which also known as diamorphine, is an opioid commonly used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects. It is used as a medication in several countries to relieve pain or in opioid replacement therapy. It is usually injected, usually into a vein, but you can also smoke or inhale. The onset of effects is usually fast and lasts a few hours.

Heroin has side effects, which is consistent with the way it is supplied. When used by injection the effects may include abscesses, infected heart valves, blood-borne infections and pneumonia. When smoking or inhaling, the person may suffer from respiratory depression, dry mouth, drowsiness, impaired mental function, constipation and addiction.

When the person keeps using heroin and does it more and more disproportionately, he may suffer from heroin addiction. In DSM-V, this disease falls under the Opioid Use Disorders line. For a person to quit heroin addiction they will need medical treatment which involves psychological and pharmacological therapy.

Some songs about heroin

The songs about heroin mentioned here are a way in which the artists who composed and recorded them express the pain and suffering they experienced with the heroine or story of another particular person.

Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is the first of the songs on the list of songs about heroin. This song was composed by band vocalist Anthony Kiedis. The song was written as a way in which the author expressed the feelings of sadness and loneliness that manifested at that time. The singer was sober for three years and felt distanced from his teammates as they continued to smoke. Kiedis thought about his addiction to heroin and cocaine and how they caused strong problems in their emotional relationships and happiness. The song tells how the author was under a bridge in Los Angeles to buy drugs. Los Angeles was a special city for the artist, as it was the only place he felt as his partner. One of the paragraphs in the song says the following:

Under the bridge downtown
Is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away (yeah yeah)
Ooh no (no no yeah yeah)
Here I stay yeah yeah

A Baltimore Love Thing – 50 Cent

The next song that is part of the list of songs about heroin is this song performed by rapper 50 cent. In this song, the artist plays the role of the heroine itself. The heroine relates the relationship that a person would have with another in a sentimental way, in this case, it is the heroine. One of the paragraphs of the song says like this:

We got a love thing, girl you tried to leave me
But you need me, can you see you’re addicted to me?
We got a love thing, I can take ya higher girl
Fuckin’ with me, you can be all you can be

Heroine Girl – Everclear

Another song that is part of songs about heroin is this song by the rock band Everclear. In this song, lead singer Art Alexakis tells the story of how his brother lost his life due to an overdose of heroin and girlfriend. The artist reveals that he heard the policeman say “just another overdose,” regarding the death of his brother, which is part of the song.

For a person to experience the death of a family member and close people is a serious blow and can lead the person to take a similar path. The artist said that, in the year of his brother’s death, he experienced problems with substances. One of the paragraphs of the song says as follows:

They found her out in the fields
About a mile from home
Her face was warm from the sun
But her body was cold
I heard a policeman say
Just another overdose
Just another overdose!

I’m Waiting For The Man – Velvet Underground

Within this list of songs about heroin is I’m Waiting For The Man by the Velvet Underground group. The song tells the story about waiting in a corner of Harlem, near the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street, in New York City and buying $ 26 in Heroin. From the buyer, who is presumed to have travelled to Harlem from another part of the city, the “man” in the title is a drug dealer. The band’s leader, Lou Reed, relates that everything in the song is real, except for the price. One of the paragraphs in the song says the following:

I’m waiting for my man
Twenty-six dollars in my hand
Up to Lexington, 125
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive

Needle in the hay – Elliott Smith

In this list of songs about heroin is the song of the artist Elliott Smith. The song can be interpreted in how the heroine impacted the singer’s life. It is no secret that the artist’s life was marked by depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. The artist died due to suicide. One of the paragraphs in the song expresses the following:

Needle in the hay
Now on the bus
Nearly touching this dirty retreat
Falling out 6th and Powell a dead sweat in my teeth

King Heroin – James Brown

This is another song about heroin that details the effects caused by the consumption of this drug. The author at the beginning of the song refers to heroin as one of the deadliest killers in the United States. The song details everything that can happen to a person if they consume heroin. This song can be interpreted as a form of awareness about the severity of its consumption. Some of the paragraphs say:

I wanna talk to you about one of our
Most deadly, killers in the country today
I had a dream the other night, and I
Was sittin’ in my living room

Dozed off to sleep
So I start to dreamin’
I dreamed I walked in a place and
I saw a real strange, weird object

FAQs about songs about heroin

Why does a person become addicted to heroin?

Some people are at greater risk of being addicted to heroin or other drugs than other people. Genetic and environmental factors are some of which influence.

What happens if a person is not treated for heroin addiction?

If a person is not treated for addiction, it could end fatally. Addictions, when not treated, generate health complications, within which the person comes to contemplate suicide as an option.

What artists have died because of a heroin overdose?

Some artists who have died due to heroin are: Corey Monteith, Janis Joplin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sid Vicious and Jim Morrison are some of the artists who have died due to heroin.

How to help a person who is addicted to heroin?

If you know someone who has a heroin addiction, the best thing you can do is provide support to find the help needed to stop the addiction.

What types of treatment can a person receive to stop heroin addiction?

Among the treatments for addictions, there are those focused on psychology and pharmacological therapy.


Some of the songs about heroin expressed in this article are intended to give an idea of how an addicted person lives and feels addiction to heroin and how it has ended the lives of close friends. Heroin, like addiction to other drugs, is a serious disease and needs treatment immediately. Several artists have died due to heroin addictions and other drugs. Songs about heroin are a way of raising awareness and knowing about how lethal the use of this drug can be.

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