Songs about bipolar depression (17 songs)

In this blog-post, we will share with you a list of songs about bipolar depression. 

A psychiatric disease characterized by extreme mood swings is bipolar disorder. An excessively elevated mood called mania may involve symptoms. Depression events may also contain them. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression or bipolar syndrome.

People with bipolar disorder may have difficulty handling, or maintaining relationships with, daily life activities at school or work. There’s no remedy, but there are several options available for care that can help relieve the symptoms.

Bipolar disorder is a state of mental health that induces frequent mood swings that include emotional highs and lows (mania or hypomania) (depression).

You can feel sad or helpless and lose interest or enjoyment in most things when you become depressed. You can feel euphoric, full of energy or unusually irritable when your mood changes to mania or hypomania (less serious than mania). Sleep, energy, activity, judgment, actions and the ability to think clearly may be influenced by these mood swings.

Songs about bipolar depression

Musicians have a way of touching our inner self in a way that few other things do, no matter what kind of music you’re into. Of course, this is true for the turbulence of bipolar disorder in the same way as for every other experience of mental wellbeing.

Although a few of their chosen songs specifically talk about mental health and bipolar experience, many often do not. That’s the power of music; to talk to us in ways that the original artists sometimes inadvertently do.

Here are some songs about bipolar depression and how some people relate to them:

  • “Girl Anachronism” by The Dresden Dolls
  • “Falling Away from Me” by Korn
  • “Papercut” by Linkin Park
  • “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd
  • “Manic” by Coleman Hell
  • “This is gospel” by Panic! At the disco
  • “Primadonna girl” by Marina and the diamonds
  • “Half” by PVRIS
  • “I Don’t feel like dancin” by Scissor sisters
  • “A match into water” by Pierce the veil
  • “Defying gravity” by Wicked
  • “Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell
  • “Nightmare” by The amity affliction
  • “The A team” by Ed Sheeran
  • “The beauty underneath” by Love never dies
  • “The adventure” by Angels & Airwaves
  • “Leave me alone, I’m lonely” by P!nk

Girl Anachronism” by The Dresden Dolls

“It perfectly describes my bipolar II disorder, what it is like to live with it and the perception of you by people from the lyrics to the manic beat of the music.” Heather F.

Falling Away from me” by Korn

It seems to bring all my emotions, thoughts and actions into words when I’m having my depressive spells, so I can express my state at the moment. It allows my partner to understand what is going on with me and my mind at the moment.

Papercut” by Linkin Park

I still feel like there’s a deeper side under the surface of my skin, and it will decide what end of the continuum I’m going to fall into, depending on how it feels when it comes to the surface. This side is represented so well by ‘Papercut’. After my first suicide attempt, I was diagnosed at 16 and ‘Hybrid Hypothesis’ was still like my own personal soundtrack.’ Hope G.

Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd

It’s an album about another band member’s absence due to mental illness and the use of drugs. For me, it is the lack of my own mental/emotional wellbeing. I spiral out of control when I am not properly medicated. I’m self-sabotaging my life’s positive stuff and taking a back seat to my well-being. I can see what I’m doing, but because I’m still one step ahead in my mind, I can’t stop myself—that the next thing I do can get me out of debt, depression, mania, or self-hatred. It hasn’t. The lyrics say, ‘We’re just two lost souls swimming year after year in a fish tank.’ I go around and around, going nowhere but wearing myself out, wearing myself out, wasting away, lost and forgotten about my mental well-being.

Manic” by Coleman Hell

It’s about having bipolar disorder, but the line, ‘I hide it and fall apart in private when I feel mad,’ really speaks to me. Many people told me that I didn’t seem bipolar when I got my bipolar diagnosis and began telling friends, or some didn’t even believe me and said they would have noticed if I was ‘that insane.’ I think it only goes to show how well I’m behaving like I’m OK. I feel like it permits me to stop trying to behave like I have it all together when I don’t.

This is gospel” by Panic! At the disco

I believe it explains my battle with my demons and my struggle with my medicine to take and stay on. It’s my favorite song and I’m proud to say that for three years, eight months and one week I have been faithfully taking my medicine. Kaitlin H.

Primadonna girl” by Marina and the diamonds

“I relate to it because the song would remind me of my invincibility and power to attract me, but I would then find myself drowning in utter sadness and misery despite feeling invincible for a certain period.”

“Half” by PVRIS

“On both ends of the spectrum, the whole song talks about what it’s like to live, being manic and then depressed, and how it feels to be out of control.”

I Don’t feel like dancin” by Scissor sisters

I love the Scissor Sisters’ ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’. It reminds me of hypomania. I feel it. I don’t want it, but I almost have no choice, just like when the music comes on, I have no choice but to dance.

A match into water” by Pierce the veil

“There’s a line I relate to from the song:’ The chemicals are going to get me home again.’ My condition is a chemical imbalance. I feel so out of place and not comfortable with something or anyone when my mood drops. So, the chemicals in my brain are going to carry me back there. The song is also about self-harm, which is something that I have been dealing with for years. Julia D.

“Defying gravity” by Wicked

The high I’m riding when I’m manic is perfectly captured, precisely when she sings, “Too late for second-guessing, too late to go back to sleep,” and “Kiss me goodbye, I defy gravity.” And you can’t bring me down.’ I’m extremely impulsive and I’m all about flinging myself into it. I never sleep; I’ll go for days and feel completely invincible. I feel like there’s nothing or no one to pull me down from above. It just feels like I can overcome gravity, like I’m floating and I’m invincible. Meghan G.

Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell

In a suicidal mood, simple acts of kindness saved me from danger and encouraged me to ask for the support that I needed. Likewise, some friends who needed a helping hand were able to get help from me. A little kindness may help someone along the path of life, as the song says. No culpability. No verdict. It is a way of life to which I try to subscribe. Personally, it helps me, and I hope it helps others.’ Glen C.

“Nightmare” by The amity affliction

[Especially the lyrics],’ When it all falls and you don’t know where to go, Yes, you think the world is ending, but I swear you’re not alone.’ When you start falling, it’s a pretty isolating feeling and because of something wild you’ve done, you can’t get answers from friends or family. Or, the ‘I need my ass kicked’ feeling in 24 hours or less after you get paid when you get the credit card statement or use up all your ‘weekly necessities’ money. I’m happy I still have a few friends when the crash happens, who won’t let me cave to the storm I’ve made alone and help me help myself back up again.

The A team” by Ed Sheeran

Since it sounds like I’ve crashed on some kind of rough street drug, I relate to the album. When I have come down from mania, I feel numb, hollow and helpless.’ Deidra C.

“The beauty underneath” by Love never dies

“It talks about how beautiful things can be dark and weird if you look at them in the right way.”

“The adventure” by Angels & Airwaves

“For me, bursts of imagination can be a sign of mania. For me, I feel like [this song] personifies it. When it’s mild mania, I feel like performing missions as a role-playing game (RPG) character. I want to show others how to play the game when it’s full-blown mania and I need to go to a medical center. Deidra C.

Leave me alone, I’m lonely” by P!nk

“It explains the back and forth of slipping in and out perfectly: ‘Go now. Just come here. Just go now. Come back.” — Pierre-Julien C.

In this blog-post, we shared with you a list of songs about bipolar depression. 

FAQs: Songs about bipolar depression

Which antidepressant is best for bipolar depression?

According to a revised clinical guideline released by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on 24 September 2014, Fluoxetine is the only antidepressant that is successful in treating bipolar depression, and only in conjunction with the atypical antipsychotic olanzapine.

What is the relationship between depression and bipolar disorder?

Since it can include depressive spells, bipolar disorder is easily confused with depression. The biggest difference between the two is that depression is unipolar, meaning there is no “up” phase, but signs of mania include bipolar disorder.

How quickly do moods change with bipolar?

Some people with bipolar disorder develop “rapid cycling” where, within 12 months, they experience four or more periods of mania or depression. Mood swings can occur very rapidly, spontaneously going from high to low and back again over days or even hours, like a rollercoaster.

Can a bipolar person take an antidepressant?

In people with bipolar I disorder, the use of antidepressant medication alone to treat a depressive episode is not recommended. The drugs can flip a person into a manic or hypomanic episode, particularly a person with bipolar I disorder. A more relaxed form of mania is hypomania.

Can a bipolar person truly love?

In intimate relationships, this involves how they behave. People with bipolar disorder experience high and low moods that are serious. They are called episodes that are psychotic (or hypomanic) and depressive. With proper therapy, however, many individuals with bipolar disorder may have stable relationships.

What triggers bipolar?

Factors that may raise the risk of developing bipolar disorder or serve as a catalyst for the first episode include: having a relative with bipolar disorder in the first grade, such as a parent or sibling. High-stress times, such as the loss of a loved one or other stressful incidents. Abuse of narcotics or alcohol.


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