Sonder Definition

This brief blog aims to clarify your concepts about the word sonder.

In this blog, you will be told what the word sonder means and how this word was originated. 

What is Sonder? 

Sonder is a noun that means uncountable.

It is a newly originated word. Sonder is referred to as acknowledging that every person around you is experiencing the same difficulties, problems, and complexes in his life, as you are, and they are living their lives without realizing this fact. 

Sonder refers to the feeling that everybody around you, either he is a rich person, a middle-class person, a stranger or your friends, is living a complex life the same as yours.

Everybody experiences the same emotions, feelings, troubles, happiness, patterns of life, heartaches, family and everything just as you do. 

The Origin of Sonder

The word sonder is not very common and often people doubt if it is a real word or not.

Sonder is actually a newly originated word created by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

This word has been included in its dictionary by the Urban Dictionary and Tumblr as well.

Although this word is not yet present in any official dictionary, it is mentioned with different meanings in some languages including Afrikaans and French. 

The word sonder does not have any special origin.

It was just created by the creator because he loved the word and thus he brought him in his use by making his blog the very first source of the word sonder.

According to him, if you love the word, it becomes real. You can read the words of the creator of The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrow, about the word sonder, here

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  This brief blog aimed to help you understand the definition of the word sonder and explore how this word came into being.

This blog also told you the primary source of this word and the names dictionaries that have included this word in their word list.

We hope this blog helped you clarify your doubts and misconceptions about the word sonder. 


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