Social Skills Worksheets for Adults with Mental Illness

Social skills worksheets for adults with mental illness help individuals adopt effective communication skills, become socially active and maintain healthy relationships with others to deal with their mental illness skillfully. 

This page provides you with some of the most effective social skills worksheets for adults with mental illnesses.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated by reputable third-party websites.

Social skills activities for Mentally Ill Adults

Social skills activities for mentally ill adults can include arts and crafts, hiking, running, walking or engaging in other artistic pursuits. Social skills activities for mentally ill adults need to include the element of engaging with the environment around them so that the recovery is exacerbated.

Social Skills Group Activities for Adults with Mental Illness

Social Skills Group activities for adults with mental illness can include activities like cooking, dancing, hiking, making art, and more. This type of social skills group activities can help build identity, social skills, and in the early group stages these activities can also be a tool for familiarity, which can be very helpful for adults with mental illness.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Protective Factors 

Protective factors are the abilities, competencies, characteristics, people etcetera which help an individual deal with stressful situations.

Protective factors are beneficial for an individual in many ways.

These factors make an individual resilient, strong and able to face challenges of life skillfully. 

Protective factors also help an individual in managing his emotions and dealing with stressful situations in a healthy way.

Protective factors increase the well-being of an individual and ensure his emotional, physical and psychological health.

Protective factors make an individual feel safe and confident in knowing that he has something or somebody at his back to take care of him.

This feeling increases the motivation in the individuals to combat his illness bravely and with his full potential.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Exploring Pleasurable Activities

Individuals suffering from mental illnesses like depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder, stress-related disorders etcetera, feel low most of the day.

They experience a lack of energy to do work and refrain from talking to anybody.

This worsens their condition. 

Exploring pleasurable activities and performing them helps individuals feel lively, light and pleasant.

This also helps in dealing with mental illness.

Doing the opposite of what they feel, encourages them and boosts them up.

These activities help them deal with their uncomfortable emotions and distressing events.

The pleasurable activity could be any activity that makes an individual feel happy, lively and good.

It could be watching a movie, calling a friend, going out for shopping, going on a get-together and so forth.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication style helps individuals communicate his needs, demands and other necessities in a way that another person understands them and the rights of the other person are also not violated.  

It helps the individual in interacting with his family members, friends, co-workers, relatives, and strangers in a healthy way to nurture their relationship with each other.

Social skills help individuals learn basic tactics for communicating with each other, identifying and resolving conflicts effectively, and expressing their perspectives in a way that other’s feelings are not hurt.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Reflections: Communication Skills for Confrontation Worksheet 

Confrontation is referred to as an argument between two persons.

It is a good thing to be assertive and confront the other person if he tries to take advantage of you or violates your rights, but confrontation also requires effective communication.

The worksheet “reflections: communication skills for confrontation” is a brief but a step wise guide for the individuals to prepare them for confrontation. 

The worksheets allow an individual to think about the best, worst and most likely scenarios of confrontation.

Then it directs the individual to think of the things he wants to deliver to the opponent or other person he has to communicate with.

The point of view of other people also matters.

Then after the communication or confrontation, the individual needs to check out if he was successful in delivering his opinion and whether or not the other person understood his perspective.

If everything was communicated effectively, it is well and good but if not, then the individual can think of other ways to adopt next time, which would improve his communication.

Overall this worksheet is a good resource for preparing an individual for confrontation or communication and once it is done, the worksheet helps an individual to check if his confrontation or communication was effective or not.

If you wish to download it in the form of pdf, you can consult the website psychpoint or simply click the link.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Social Skills Worksheets

Social skills worksheet is a resource pack consisting of numerous worksheets that are helpful in improving an individual’s social skills.

This resource pack consists of 26 pages with unique activity on its every page for helping individuals improve their social skills.

Some of these worksheets are based on improving self-esteem, self-concept, and friendships of an individual, while some of them focus on helping individuals, manage their emotions in unpleasant situations.

Some worksheets enable individuals to increase self-control while others help them in conflict resolution.

Each of these worksheets is unique in its aim and function.

These worksheets can be accessed from the same site. If you wish to download it in the form of pdf, click here.

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Social Skills Checklist

Social skills checklist is a great resource for an individual to identify the skills they have in them and the ones which they need to improve.

This worksheet presents various social skills such as empathy, co-ordination, active listening, effective communication, emotional dysfunctioning, peer pressure and so on.

The individuals are then asked about the social skills which they possess and which they don’t.

This worksheet helps individuals figure out their areas of improvement. Identifying the social skills which they need to improve, gives the individuals an opportunity to work on them and enhance their social skills.

This worksheet can be bought from the page.  

Social Skills Worksheet for Adults with Mental Illness- Mental Health Maintenance Plan

The mental health maintenance plan worksheet aims to help individuals make a  plan for themselves that focuses on improving mental health.

This worksheet helps an individual identify their triggers of relapse and brainstorm ways to combat these triggers as well as deal with the situation in a healthy way. 

This worksheet is specfically designed for individuals in the termination phase of their treatment.

It consists of two pages. The first page inquires about the triggers and warning signs of relapse to help prevent relapse.

The next page enables an individual to think of activities that would benefit him, the ways in which he can cope with the problematic situation such as relapse and the things that motivate him to continue the treatment and eradicate the illness.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can download it from this page. 

This page displayed some of the most effective social skills worksheets for adults with mental illnesses.

These worksheets help individuals learn social skills to make their protective factors and increase social support.

These worksheets help an individual deal with problematic situations in healthy ways. 

Some of these worksheets were made by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be pleased to help you.

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