Social anxiety jobs from home (options)

In this guide, we will discuss social anxiety jobs from home.

Social anxiety jobs from home

There are many jobs from home if you suffer from social anxiety, here we will mention those we think are the best options available.

Finding the right job but having to go to work can be considered one of the most challenging aspects of this anxiety disorder.

Some even experience difficulties going to sleep the night before or feeling nauseous in the morning just thinking about not going to work or having the possibility of taking a few days off.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention how having social anxiety does not mean finding a job where there is zero to no human interaction.

This is virtually impossible, but there could be limited or just the necessary amount of interaction.

“People with social anxiety disorder fear that they will say or do (involuntarily or otherwise) something that they think will be humiliating or embarrassing (such as blushing, sweating, shaking, looking anxious, or appearing boring, stupid or incompetent). Whenever possible, people with a social anxiety disorder will attempt to avoid their most feared situations (British Psychological Society, 2013).” 

Subsequently, people with social anxiety are able to endure the situation but with intense distress.

This can cause a negative impact on their social interaction and social life, occupational, and/or other areas of functioning. 

Here are the top books for people with high functioning anxiety.

Etsy seller or making crafts

Etsy is basically an online home for handmade and vintage items.

You can buy from jewelry and accessories to wedding decorations and party supplies.

If you like to create or make crafts, digital products or you have vintage items you’d like to sell then you can have the opportunity to make good money here.

Depending on the amount of time and effort you invest, you can probably reach a decent income or do it part-time combined with other jobs.

Blog writer

Even though it is not as easy as it seems and you’ll have to invest a lot of time and effort into it to make a decent income, many people find it rewarding and so worth it.

If you have writing skills or you have a topic you are really passionate about, it won’t feel like a job since you will actually enjoy it. 

Blogger Kelly Jean from explains “You’ll make your income from several different avenues such ads, affiliate links… sponsored ads and posts, ebooks based on your niche subject, selling products, etc. But you will use your blog as your platform to sell these and make these things profitable.”

Online coaching

Just as we mentioned, if you have experience or you are knowledgeable about a topic that you are passionate about then you can use it to help other people.

Yes, we know there are many coaches out there that help people change their habits and live a healthier lifestyle or relationship coaches that give their advice on dating and relationships.

However, just because there are a lot of coaches out there doesn’t mean you don’t have a particular set of skills or something special in you that can actually help you thrive as a coach.

You won’t even know if you don’t give it a try.

Social media manager

When you hear this you may think you’ll need to have a lot of social skills or be good with people but no.

The essential duties of a social media manager involve managing social media marketing campaigns and activities such as developing relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers.

You will also be required to create, curate, and manage the content that gets published such as images and videos.

Computer programming and IT

If you like computers, you are tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and enjoy solving problems then this might be a perfect fit for you.

Even though there may be a minimum level of interaction required, an employee will give more importance to your analytical set of skills rather than your social skills.

If you don’t mind having to sit for long periods of time, focusing your attention to resolve a problem then this will definitely be ideal for you.

If you want to step a bit further or challenge yourself, try talking to your coworkers about projects you are simultaneously working on to practice your skills. 


This type of job for people with social anxiety is ideal if you have well-developed math skills and you enjoy working with numbers.

Accountants are involved in managing financial details not only for businesses but also for individuals.

Yes, there would be some level of interaction with your clients but not as frequently as having a retail or a customer service role.

This job gives you the opportunity to work independently, focus on your abilities, and be comfortable doing what you like.

However, if you want to get out of your comfort zone from time to time, having meetings with clients can be the perfect opportunity to work on your approach and social skills.


We know how earning a living as an artist can be difficult and challenging, but it allows you to work alone and at your own pace.

The difficult and challenging part is not only the income but also having to attend presentations and exhibitions.

If communicating with clients and investing in expanding your networking so other artists and people from the field of art get to know you, try to get someone else to back you up or support you with it.

On the other hand, you would like to produce music at home, rather than performing.

You could either be a songwriter or live or produce jingles or music ads for movies.

You could either learn empirically or get a formal education (online learning).


You may have had enough of going to the same office every day and having to deal with the same people every day.

By becoming a freelancer you can actually offer your services but you are not bound to go to the office or have a tight working schedule.

You can work from home either writing, designing, or providing administrative support, etc., from anywhere and managing your own schedule.


If you are veterinary, it still means you will have to meet people and talk to pet owners but if you have moderate social anxiety it can be a good option.

You could have your own veterinary and even adapt your home for it.

Here you are your own boss and control your schedule.

You can even hire another veterinarian to help you when you are not available or can’t go to work.

An increase in the daily living costs of people have made finding jobs a compulsion for everyone, even the ones who suffer from different mental disorders such as social anxiety (as mentioned above), agoraphobia or depression.

Finding jobs, as mentioned above is not difficult now, one just needs guidance. The text above is a guide for people with social anxiety, similarly there is a guide for people with agoraphobia to find a job.

Why is this blog about social anxiety jobs from home important?

As we have discussed, social anxiety can be a debilitating and disabling condition.

If you have social anxiety, you should try Kratom herb, it’s useful for anxiety and pain relief, social anxiety and euphoria. Check the Best Kratom for Anxiety.

This will obviously depend on the severity since having severe anxiety and having to work would be experienced with more distress than someone with low to moderate anxiety.

Moreover, you have to choose an option that is convenient and comfortable for you, and we know how working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages.

We mentioned some options but there are others you can consider or even more options if you are willing to even be flexible and work park time.

For instance, like a gardener or zookeeper, to name just two examples.

Nowadays with a connection to the internet, you can actually work from anywhere, buying and selling stuff, investing in the stock market, taking surveys, transcribing, online proofreading, etc.

Not just adults but teenagers with anxiety also need a guide to find jobs.

Anything can be a business opportunity, just have to go and give it a try.

However, there are some options you may discard immediately if you suffer from anxiety but try to give it a chance.  Sometimes the obsession for perfectionism can cause anxiety, check the Best Jobs for Perfectionists.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about social anxiety jobs from home

What jobs are good for social anxiety?

Jobs that are good for social anxiety include:
Stay-at-home parent
Dog trainer

How do I get a job if I have social anxiety?

If you want to get a job having social anxiety, here are some tips:

Be mindful of your skills and take advantage of them.

Having social anxiety is not a limitation to get a job.

Look for jobs that you feel you’ll be very comfortable doing.

Pick a top 10 and apply.

When called for an interview prepare the interview answers. You can find in youtube a series of videos with interview tips and most common questions.

Practice mindfulness and breathing exercises.

Is Social Anxiety considered a disability?

Social anxiety is considered a disability since it is a category under Anxiety Disorders.

If you struggle to cope with Social Anxiety and it makes it difficult for you to find or keep a job, you may qualify for assistance.

Can anxiety stop you from working?

Yes, anxiety can make you stop working.

This mental condition causes excessive fear, worry and apprehension.

This can affect your performance at work which can make it very difficult to keep a job for longer periods of time.

Anxiety sufferers may think to quit is the best option for them but remember that anxiety falls under the category of disability so you may qualify for additional assistance or benefits.

How do you talk to someone with social anxiety?

If you want to talk to someone with social anxiety try to include the person into the conversation but without making them the center of attention.

Avoid getting too personal, being loud, or having prolonged eye contact since they can feel they are being scrutinized or criticized.

Keep your personal space and avoid making physical contact if it is unnecessary or try to ask for permission first.



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