Social anxiety forum (A Guide)

In this blog, we will discuss social anxiety forums, the different examples of a social anxiety forum and the benefits of being on one.

Forums can be very helpful if you want to communicate with other people who may be going through a similar condition as you or who may have had a similar experience as you in the past.

More often people who have had these experiences will come back and try to offer their support or guidance through forums.

This is very useful as in many undeveloped countries mental health services do not exist and people aren’t able to get any help for their mental health issues.

The only help most of these people have is by diagnosing their own issues online and seeking help from peers through communities and forums.

Communities and forums also have their disadvantages as some people will often take the words of strangers on platforms and communities for face value.

This isn’t always the best practice as not everyone on an online community will know what they are saying or be able to offer advice which is perfectly accurate.

For this reason, you should not take any medical advice online as this may not be the best option for you.

Is Social Anxiety real? 

Social anxiety is indeed real and is a serious mental condition. Social anxiety is the constant fear of being watched by others to the point where you cannot function out in public.

Therapy or medication can help you get rid of your social anxiety.

Online forums and communities can also be very helpful as you will be able to speak to those who have had some experience with what you are dealing with.

Can you develop social anxiety later in life?

Yes, social anxiety can be developed later in life.

Developing social anxiety later in life could be due to the stress you feel later in life.

This could be coping with life after retirement etc

The symptoms of social anxiety are easy to track so if you feel you are developing social anxiety in later life then an online community of forum may be able to help you.

You should also seek help from a mental health expert or a suitable doctor.

What triggers social anxiety?

Social anxiety can be triggered by a lot of things. This could be a traumatic event in your life.

Social anxiety can be triggered by negative environments, bad social experiences which lead you to develop negative beliefs.

This can then affect your brain and lead you to develop social anxiety.

How can I help my social anxiety?

To help your anxiety you should seek mental heal from a doctor who will be able to analyse your condition and let you know what are the best ways to help your anxiety.

If you cannot access the mental health services in your country then an online community or forum could be a good short term option.

You should remember that being anxious and having a social anxiety disorder are two different things.

You should always seek an expert mental health opinion before coming to a conclusion on if you have a disorder or not.

Can social anxiety be cured?

Yes, social anxiety can be cured by therapy or medication. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one way that has been used to treat social anxiety.

Can social anxiety cause depression?

Social anxiety will usually cause depression as those with social anxiety will avoid talking to people and instead hideaway and that will mean they end up developing the symptoms of depression or other mental health issues.

What is a social anxiety forum?

A social anxiety forum is a forum which is focussed on those with social anxiety.

You may be looking for this type of forum if you are suffering from social anxiety, general anxiety disorder or maybe panic attacks.

Maybe you have a family or friend who suffers from social anxiety and you want them to find community peer support.

An online forum or community may be the best way to get help.

Social anxiety forums will allow you to seek help and advice from others who are suffering or have suffered from social anxiety in the past.

Most of these people will have had first-hand experiences on the issues you face and you will likely be able to find someone in your age group who may be able to offer you some words of support.

Social anxiety forums may be a good alternative if the mental health services in your country (such as the NHS in the UK) have so many delays and you will have to wait for a long period of time before you are able to be seen.

The people on online mental health communities or online mental health forums may not be experts except it states so and they have been validated by the platform on which they are listed. You should take the advice received on a social anxiety platform with a pinch of salt.

The advice given is mainly advice from past experience but you should try and avoid taking any medical advice from a social anxiety forum and if you think you may need medication for your social anxiety you should consider speaking to a mental health expert who may be able to offer you medical advice and provide you with a prescription based on our circumstances.

Some of the different medications you may be offered include:



There are various social anxiety forums which you could potentially join.

The most well known online forum which most people go on t when looking for help for their mental health issues is Reddit.

What should you look for in a good forum?

If you are looking for a good social anxiety forum then you should look for one that has a moderator, one that has a lot of members who are engaged and provide suitable advice or support.

A good social anxiety forum should also be able to be easily accessed at any time of the day and have user from different timezones so there is always someone who can assist forum members who need help at odd times of the day.

A good forum will also have a very easy to use interface and an automated flagging system.

The social anxiety forum which will best suit you will depend on your own personal circumstances but you can look for a forum where you feel comfortable, a forum where the members are your age group and an online mental health forum where you feel you can develop relevant relationships over time.

The Reddit forum

The Reddit social anxiety forum has over 180, 000 users and is one of the most visited social anxiety forums available on the web.

You can post a comment and receive help and guidance which may be able to help you if you suffer from social anxiety.

The social anxiety forum on Reddit also has hired moderators which look to ensure that nothing outside of the Reddit guidelines for its social anxiety forum is said on the Reddit community.

You can access the Reddit social anxiety forum here.

Social anxiety institute forum

The Social Anxiety Institute forum was founded by Thomas Richards, PhD Th social anxiety institute forum offers treatment for social anxiety to individuals and groups through its therapy program and self-help offerings.

Here you will find a social anxiety forum for those wishing to talk to others through the Social anxiety institute forums website.

Social Phobia world forum

The social phobia world forum is a social anxiety forum which has over five thousand members.

The social phobia world forum allows members to ask questions, view posts and interact with other members.

Mental health forum

The mental health forums have a social anxiety forum which is very useful to those suffering from social anxiety and need a bit of help from their peers.

The forum is a bit old now but if you ask any question on it you will still have someone who will answer you.

The social anxiety support forum

The social anxiety support forum is an established social anxiety forum which has had a few thousand users over its lifetime.

The forum originally started off as a message board for people who had a social anxiety disorder to discuss with one another.

The social anxiety support forum started off in 2008 and has grown to include other resources such as guides about anxiety, how to find treatment etc.

SA-UK forum

SA-UK is an association in the UK which is dedicated to helping those with social anxiety disorder living in the United Kingdom.

The SA-UK operates a social anxiety forum which allows those suffering from social anxiety to interact with each other, seek help etc.

The social anxiety forum is just one part of the SA-UK or part of the SA-UKs organisation.

There are different chat rooms, therapy groups and there are lots of useful posts which will provide you with suitable advice.

If you suffer from social anxiety in the UK and you want to discuss with others who suffer from social anxiety in the UK then this is a good start.

Psych forums

The psych forums have a social anxiety forum which those who need help with their social anxiety.

The social anxiety forum on psych forum which is dedicated directly to those dealing 

A word of warning:

Social anxiety forums should not be used as a place to seek medical advice as you will likely not be able to guarantee that the person giving you the advice is a medical provider who is able to give you appropriate advice.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness or any similar mental health issue then seeking help for it may be a good option.

Mental health issues such as depression, loneliness and anxiety can affect anyone of us.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

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