So emotional (The reasons why)

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why you feel so emotional most of the time and how to deal with it.

So emotional (The reasons why)

So emotional

Maybe you have seen yourself in situations where you feel that your body responds more exaggeratedly than normal. You feel that any situation can be a trigger for you to feel so emotional. It is normal to feel this way from time to time, emotions are part of our lives and manifest at any time.

We react according to the situation of the moment. Hearing about an accident or someone’s death can cause feelings of sadness and grief, which is a normal reaction. Receiving good news can make reactions explosive and full of happiness, which is normal as well. The problem arises when these emotions have to manifest themselves in a way exaggerated to some extent and that does not do good to the person


We are emotional beings, we react according to the moment. It’s nice to have the ability to express emotions at any time. A person who suppresses its emotions, in the end, will be affected since this not only affects it mentally but also physically. You have been able to witness or ever feel how you feel when you suppress your emotions when you don’t let them out, but there are also problems when you express them too much when they leave at any time and there is no control.

The extremes have never been good and in the case of emotions also applies. It is not good to leave them locked and not express them, but it is also not good to be so emotional. Some people are so emotional, where emotions sometimes play double cards and can be affected. Some people simply do not know how to control their emotions. Whereas, others feel distressed because they want to cry but can’t.

As human beings, we want to have control of everything, including emotions, but since we have no control of everything, sometimes these come to light in what could be said are not the best moments. When emotions manifest and come to light it can be for different reasons. You know yourself well, you know how your body reacts and what each situation makes you feel, you are aware of your emotions in many cases. But what happens when you just can’t stop being so emotional? What happens when emotions cheat you and you think that giving them free rein is the right thing to do? Many things can happen when you don’t have control of emotions.

It is important to know because sometimes or most of the time we are so emotional. There are several reasons why you may have seen yourself in situations where your emotions overflow and you don’t know what to do. It may be that you are repeating emotional patterns, it may be that other physical issues play a role in exaggeratedly showing your emotions. The important thing is to know why this happens and how to work it.

So emotional (The reasons why)

Why am I so emotional?

There are several reasons why a person can be so emotional. Everything can vary depending on the person since everyone has different reasons why they can be so emotional.

One of the causes, why people can be very emotional, is due to hormones. Hormones play a fundamental role in people’s moods, especially in women. Women, when they are pregnant, may have some emotional imbalance that makes them feel very susceptible in part of the time. Also, those women where they are having menstruation, the hormones can be mismatched. A person with hormonal problems can feel how their moods fluctuate in a certain way, making at certain times very emotional and at others not.

Being so emotional could be a symptom of mental illness and to confirm it, the person will need the diagnosis of a health professional. If the symptoms are accompanied by others, it is possible to consider a visit to the nearest mental health centre. Depression is one of these diseases where the mood of the person manifests symptoms such as sadness and feeling of hopelessness most of the day.

Other causes for which a person can be so emotional is due to high levels of stress and anxiety. A person with high levels of stress and anxiety may have an imbalance in their emotions. Situations that cause stress and anxiety can lead a person to the point of not having control of their emotions and that they manifest in a non-prudent manner. A person who has high levels of stress and anxiety due to work issues may reach a point where he is not able to perform as it did before and this can make it feel bad because the person wants to do its best at work. Between the fatigue you experience and the pressure for wanting to do a good job, you can see yourself in a position of physical and emotional wear.

There are also aspects related to substance use. A person who consumes alcohol or any non-prescribed drugs excessively may have changes in their mood. You may have moments where you become so emotional, manifesting symptoms that range from deep sadness to exorbitant joy. Much has been studied as the consumption of different substances can affect the mood of a person.

Little sleep and poor diet are also other factors that influence whether a person is very emotional or not. A person when it does not get enough sleep can notice how its mood is altered, just like when he has a diet with few nutrients he needs. You may have felt at some point in your life how not eating right or having an imbalance in your bedtime has affected your moods. You may feel frustrated and without any control of how to express your emotions.

Any traumatic event can also be one of the reasons why a person tends to be very emotional. Having experienced a situation where you had to face a lot of pain or sadness can leave you very susceptible, being unable to control your emotions.

Other issues such as changes that are being experienced in life can influence the person to feel so emotional or not.

So emotional (The reasons why)

How to stop being so emotional?

There are many reasons why a person can be so emotional, some of which were described previously and are usually the most common. The person must understand there is nothing wrong with being emotional, we are emotional beings and express our emotions and how we feel is a fundamental part of life.

A person who shows its emotions is someone who recognizes them and knows that it cannot be without expressing them because it can be worse. Emotions must come out and manifest when they sit. There is a difference between expressing emotions and giving them free rein. You have to have control and here comes what it is to have emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is knowing how to manage our emotions. It is not to hide them but to know at what time and in what form they should be expressed. To stop being so emotional at a point that it feels can harm it, the person must learn to have emotional intelligence. The person learns to have emotional intelligence when knows more about their emotions and what causes them. The person understands why it feels in a certain way and understands whether it is time to express them or not.

To have emotional intelligence is to have control of our emotions. Emotions do not control us, we control our emotions. When we know the cause of why we tend to be so emotional, we look for strategies according to the situation that makes the person very emotional. An example would be if a person is so emotional due to hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menstrual period. In this case, the person has to be aware that these changes are normal and if it does not feel comfortable to some extent because of how its emotions make it feel, going to the doctor will always be a good option to clear doubts.

When a person tends to be very emotional due to aspects related to losses or strong changes, it is a matter of learning to adapt. Each of these situations involves a grieving process and the person goes through it. Letting the duel complete its stages is a way of healing and continuing forward. Emotions must flourish, but in due time, there is no order for grief, but a process that the person performs. Losses of any kind are often difficult and cause various emotions in the person, but learning to accept the loss is the first step to stop being emotional.

When being so emotional refers to leading a messy lifestyle, where there are excesses and little rest to the body, this includes a change in lifestyle. The benefits of leading a better lifestyle where it includes better nutrition and significant rest to the body have been proven. You know your body and you know what suits you and what doesn’t, so it’s a matter of implementing habits that help you feel better.

Human beings will always be very emotional and this no matter what the cause. We like to express our emotions, but sometimes not having control of them can trigger certain problems. Learn to identify what makes you very emotional and focus on remedying it.

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So emotional (The reasons why)

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FAQs about so emotional

Does crying a lot mean that I have depression?

It all depends. Some people tend to cry more than others due to the response they give to certain stimuli, but if crying a lot is accompanied by other symptoms of sadness and hopelessness one could speak of depression.

What are the symptoms of the borderline disorder?

Unstable relationships, fear of being abandoned, self-destructive behaviours, extreme emotional changes, explosive anger, a feeling of emptiness, a variable self-image, are some of the most common symptoms of a person with borderline disorder.

How to control my emotions?

Do not react instantly, change your thoughts, practice meditation to have more control and seek professional help.

Is there a syndrome for a person who does not stop laughing?

Yes, there is one called Pseudobulbar affect, which is characterized by the presence of an exaggerated or inappropriate emotional expression concerning the context that typically runs with episodes of laughter and crying.

What is the inability of a person to identify their own emotions?

The inability of a person to identify their own emotions is known as alexithymia.

So emotional (The reasons why)


Emotions are always there and expressing them is necessary because it is a way of manifesting how a person feels. A person must have control of their emotions and not let it control them. Expressing exaggerated emotions or that they manifest at an inappropriate time can be a symptom of something that is happening to the person such as dealing with a situation or mental illness. The person must learn to manage their emotions, with the purpose that they can have control over aspects of their life and this does not interfere negatively.

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