Snarky resignation letters(4 samples)

This blog post will show you samples of “Snarky resignation letters.”

Writing a “Snarky resignation letter.”

When writing a “snarky resignation letter,” these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

  • The first step is to tell your employer about leaving the job and the final work date. Keep it short as the essential part of the letter is the Last Date of your work.
  • Indicate the reason you are leaving your Amazon job. Exercise caution when writing a sarcastic resignation letter since it will go in your permanent file and possibly be considered as burning your bridges at that workplace.
  • Finally, thank your employer for the position and the opportunities you have enjoyed during your work period.
  • Ensure you proofread your letter before sending it to your employer. You can send the letter to your family and friend to check for grammatical errors.

Sample 1:

“Dear Ms. Houser,

It is with great gladness that I am finally announcing my resignation from ABC Company. Since I have finally gotten an opportunity to accept another job that will get me out of ABC Company, my resignation will be in immediate effect. Thankfully, I will not be coming back to work at all but will fax over all necessary paperwork. I wish I could say I was sorry for leaving.

It probably does not come as a surprise that I am dissatisfied with my experience working for ABC Company, but I still plan to go through the necessary processes of resignation to minimize inconvenience for all parties. If you need to discuss this with me, feel free to leave me a message at (555)-555-5555 or [email] and I will try to get back to you.

Working at ABC Company has been an unfortunate waste of my time and I have never been happier to leave something behind. I just hope that my next job turns out a little better and is more likely to facilitate my reaching a few long-held career goals. Thanks for all of your lack of care and understanding over the years.


Finn Johnson

Finn R. Johnson


ABC Company”

Sample 2:

“To Erin A. Johnson

Manager, HR

Company Name

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Ms Johnson,

I am pleased to inform you that I will not be returning to my employment as an Outside Sales Associate with Company Name and that my resignation is effective immediately. I have, thankfully, received what appears to be an excellent and professional job offer with another company, and I am optimistic about my career path. Though it would be difficult to go anywhere but up after working in such an unprofessional environment as I experienced at Company Name.

Though I am not thrilled with my time spent at Company Name, I am still open to completing any last-minute tasks associated with my position and am available, should you have future questions. You may call me at 000-000-0000 or email me at I will respond with as much care and promptness as I’ve been afforded by my superiors at Company Name, which is to say that I will get back to you when it is convenient for me to do so.

Thus, it is with tremendous pleasure that I tell you I am excited to be moving on to greener pastures. I wish you all mediocrity and status quo, which is about all I can seem to muster.


Jerome Flynn

Outside Sales Associate

Company Name”

Sample 3:

“Today’s Date

Manager’s Name

Company Name

Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

I hereby tender my resignation from (company name), effective (last day of employment).


(Sign Here)

Your Name

cc: (people to be copied on the letter – HR Manager, Director, etc.)”

Sample 4:

“Today’s Date

Manager Name

Company Name

Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

It is with reluctance that I submit this letter. Although my time with (company name) has been, on the whole, satisfying and productive, for quite a while now I have become less and less satisfied with the work situation. The direction of the company, the group in which I work, and the new targets and the methods of accomplishing them have made it increasingly difficult to feel I’m contributing enough.

Therefore, it is with regret that I ask you to accept this letter of resignation from (company name) effective (last day of work).


(Sign Here)

Your Name

cc: (people to be copied on the letter – HR Manager, Director, etc.)”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most polite way to quit a job?

  • Don’t tell coworkers you plan to quit before you tell your boss.
  • Quit in person. Don’t quit by email or by phone. 
  • Give a 1 month’s notice.
  • Write a letter of resignation.

How do you tell your boss you are quitting?

You can request a one-on-one meeting with your boss. Explain to him why you are quitting before providing the formal letter of your resignation.

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