How to love your small breasts? (& build self-esteem)

In this blog post, we talk about how can a woman have more self-confidence and love her body. 

Why having small breasts bothers you so much?

All parts of the body look different from person to person, and breasts are no exception. Breast size depends on age, weight and hereditary factor. 

Before continuing reading this article, do not forget that every woman has her charm and natural beauty, and these qualities are not given by the size of her bra.

Many famous women are considered true goddesses by men despite their small breasts.

These include Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria and, of course, the famous Audrey Hepburn.

To mention just a few of the benefits that women with small breasts enjoy:

  • The first and most important advantage that women with small breasts have is the much faster detection of possible suspicious formations in the breast area, during regular medical examinations, which is much more difficult to achieve in the case of large breasts, as explained oncologist Marisa Weiss, quoted by Woman’s Health. This is essential when it comes to preventing breast cancer, she said.
  • Research conducted in France over 15 years has revealed that the bra does not prevent sagging breasts, but on the contrary, it seems that wearing it accelerates the natural course imposed by gravity. Since women with small breasts do not need to support too much weight with the help of bras and often do not even wear this piece of underwear that is indispensable for women with large breasts, the youthful appearance is kept longer. 
  • A bulky bust often means back and neck pain, beyond the incorrect position of the body, given that a pair of D-cup breasts can weigh up to 10 kilograms, says oncologist Marisa Weiss. Instead, small breasts relieve you of such torment and medical problems.

Below you will find some recommendations on how to love your body, and appreciate it more, even if you have small breasts.

Read our tips below on how to have more confidence in your body.

How to have more confidence in your body – 7 useful tips

We know that it can be difficult to feel good in your skin, but with the help of these tips, you can gain more confidence in your body.

It’s time to feel better in your skin at any age with these things that will give you more confidence in your body:

  •  Stand up straight – The fastest way to improve your self-confidence is to change your body position. If you stand up straight, you will seem to have more confidence in yourself and you will feel that way. Try not to cross your arms or legs because unconsciously, you will show that you feel attacked.

Pull your shoulders back, and when you sit down, put your hands on the arms of the chair and smile. You will look like a very confident person.

  •  Express your gratitude – There are a lot of studies that show the connection between satisfaction and well-being. Take time to appreciate and reward your body for the wonderful things it does. 

For example, even if you don’t like having a belly, think, if you have children, that your belly was home for your child for nine months.

Try to always have a positive thought about the shape of your body and more. A very good exercise is to write down every day in a diary the things you are grateful for.

  • Send positive messages to those around you – Regardless of the period of your life, you must send positive messages to those around you, because they also influence the way they see you. Think that you can have a model body, but it may not be attractive to other people, because you will convey through body language insecurity and dissatisfaction with yourself. Never criticize yourself in public and never make comparisons.
  • Those around you are not 100% self-confident either – When we do not trust ourselves, we begin to fear how society will criticize us for not meeting beauty standards. Very few women are satisfied with their body, and even models fall into this category. Next time you feel insecure, remember that you are not the only one.
  • Ignore the faults of others – It is easy to compare yourself favourably with other people, but if you want to criticize another person’s body, better stop and think about its qualities. It would be advisable to do this because if you judge those around you, you will think that they judge you too. Be more concerned with yourself and admire the good things in other people.
  • Forget about anti-ageing remedies and think about how to age beautifully – It is important to accept and love your body as you age. This process has begun to be seen as a negative thing in the modern world, but it is a natural thing that you have to accept. It would be better to follow the natural course of life and enjoy every period.
  • Create your own well-being – How to do this? Exercise (your body releases endorphins, and they make you happier) and create a daily pampering ritual. You can take a bubble bath or use scented oils. This way you will celebrate your body and take better care of it.

How important it is to love yourself?

We know how to love others. We know how to give them all the attention they need. We support them, we help them and we work hard to be by their side when they need it.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. The question is: who takes care of you?

I don’t expect 10 friends to come to your aid when you’re not feeling well. I’m talking about you. How much do you love yourself?

Have you ever wondered how important this is?

No one is responsible for your well-being. Not to mention your happiness. Stop blaming people around you, unexpected situations or anything that comes from outside.

The problem is yours. Learn to value yourself, to see what your needs are and to act accordingly, depending on what you want.

To ask others what you do not give yourself is a deception that will turn into frustration over time.

Before blaming your partner or your friends, find out if you respect yourself in any way. You can’t expect to be loved and respected if you don’t love and respect yourself.

Once you do not do these things, you will normally accept that the one next to you will not do them.

After all, this is the behaviour you have learned to accept towards yourself.

Since you are not fulfilled and you do not satisfy your own needs, how can you offer it to someone else?

In fact, from the already dried-up spring and the resources you no longer have anyway, you continue to offer.

Maybe, maybe, someone will jump to your aid and give you everything you don’t give. 

Everyone has their own responsibility. No one will care more about himself than himself. Which you should do too.

And when you do, you will have more than enough to offer to those around you.

And, most importantly, it will be something you will do naturally. You just want to share with everyone the happiness you feel.

Since you take care of yourself, understand yourself, listen to yourself and act accordingly, why would you be unhappy, angry and frustrated?

You know your limits, you know your needs and you do everything you need to be well. 

Take care of yourself! Learn to respect and love yourself and you will be truly happy!

You will do all things for yourself, not for others and this will give you a lot of satisfaction and personal fulfilment.

And it is not proof of selfishness. It is respect for your own self.


In this blog post, we talked about how can a woman have more self-confidence and love her body. 

Self-love is not selfish, if anything, is recommended in order to live a happy life and feel fulfilled.

Besides that, every woman has her charm and natural beauty, and these qualities are not given by the size of her bra. 

Please feel free to ask any questions or to leave a comment on the content!

FAQ about Small Breasts

What considered small breasts?

Small breasts are considered sizes 32 or below.

All parts of the body look different from person to person, and breasts are no exception.

Breast size depends on age, weight and hereditary factor. 

Do small breasts mean low estrogen?

Small breasts do not mean low estrogen.

Breast size depends on age, weight and hereditary factor, but not on hormone levels. 

Are small breasts a sign of infertility?

No, small breasts are not a sign of infertility, this is just another myth.

Breast size depends on age, weight and hereditary factor, but not on hormone levels. 

Does breast size matter in a relationship?

Beasts size does not matter in a relationship where two people are attracted to each other, and love each other. 

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