Skolisexual (A complete guide)

Skolisexuals are one of the various sexual identities.

In some areas there is freedom for expression while in others; people are punished for having distinct sexual identities.

This guide aims to give a detailed review of skolisexuality.

SkolioSexual: Definition

Skolisexual refers to someone who is potentially physically and romantically attracted towards a non-binary and or genderminority person, i.e. the person who does not have any specific gender. Skolisexuality or skoliosexuality is not something that necessarily defines an orientation, but rather acts as an inclusive term.

People have become very lenient in terms of sexual diversity. This is the reason why a number of new sexualities have emerged.

The conditions have become more secure and bearable for talking about a diverse range of sexualities, which gave rise to various perspectives about sexuality and led to the emergence of assorted genders (Guarino).

Sexuality is Fluid

In view of research, sexuality is not constant and can be based on a spectrum. Sexuality may change during any period of time in an individual’s life and has a different definition in every phase of life.

There are numerous forms of sexualities, each with its own characteristics, and skolisexual is one among them (Guarino).

Skolisexuality or skoliosexuality is a term used for people who feels sexually attracted to the people with non-binary gender (rainbowpedia). 

Skolisexual in View of Different People

Different people have different perspectives of viewing a single thing.

Similarly, various people define skolisexual, also referred to as skoliosexual, in a different way. 

Some people view skolisexual as the people who allure non-binary people while some of them define skolisexual as those who are attracted to the person who is not cisgender.

Cisgenders are those who recognize their sexual identity with the sex they were born with.

There is another group of people who believe skolisexuals can be attracted to cisgenders as well as they also posses’ genderminority characteristics (Brito, 2019).

Terms Used to Define Skolisexuals

The word skolisexual is derived from a Greek word, “skolio”, which means bent, crooked or divergent.

In terms of sexual identities, the work skolio or crooked is used in negative sense for non-binary and transgender people.

Therefore some people prefer being called as ceterosexual or allotroposexual rather than being recognized as skolisexuals (Brito, 2019).

The terms ceterosexual and allotroposexual are used in positive connotation.

The word allotroposexual is somewhat similar to a Greek word “allotropo”, which means “different” and “mode of life”.

On the other hand, the word ceterosexual is obtained from a latin word and represents attraction towards non-binary people (Brito, 2019).

The Kinsey Scale – A Measure for Sexual Identity

Dr. Alfred Kinsey performed research with his colleagues and found out that sexuality is not constant; rather it is fluid in nature.

They designed a scale called “The Kinsey Scale”, which ranges from heterosexual to homosexual and is a useful measure for exploring an individual’s sexual identity (Guarino).

Pros and Cons of Labels

In view of Urbach, the sexual labels assigned to people, have become the measure of their identity. Labels have both pros and cons.

If we talk about minorities, labels assist people in fighting for their rights.

They make people prominent and remove barriers from the path of political or social change.

Labelling is significant for approaching the law. Thus, having a label means having responsibility. 

It makes a person, part of a particular community, ensures his protection and safeguards his rights (Urbach).

Labels have limitations. In terms of sexual identities, labels play a major role in defining people.

In almost 10 countries, homosexuals are hanged to death. 

Therefore labels are not good as well. We do not need labels but we do need them too.

Labels are a way of making people with varied identities visible.

LGBT+ is a community which encompasses people with different kinds of sexual identities, including lesbians, g*y, transgender and so forth (Urbach).

Avoiding Labels

As discussed earlier, many people mind being called skolisexuals and prefer to be called with other names. 

Still, others avoid using labels.

Labels have many benefits such as they connect an individual to a particular community and remind him he is not alone.

Labels define an individual’s feelings and help him express his feelings freely. 

Labels are not always helpful. Sometimes labels may prove to be useless and unfavourable for some people.

There is one thing to remember, that a person’s sexuality, orientation and identity are authentic no matter how he defines them (Brito, 2019).

Pride Month

The pride month is celebrated in June. It is celebrated for the people belonging to LGTB+ sexual identities, the sexual identities which are discriminated and are rare among the total population.

This month is also recognized as the month in which marriage with the same sex was made legal in the United States (Wikipedia).

As the name tells, many events that show pride are organized during this month.

Campaigns are started with the aim of fighting for the rights of LGBT+ people and to develop a sense of social as well as self-acceptance in them.

Skolisexual (A complete guide)

A flag is used to represent a certain country, a community, an institution or a specific group of people.

A flag made with rainbow colours is used to represent people belonging to LGBT+ sexual identities. 

The rainbow indicates peace and pride for the LGBT+ community. Likewise, skolisexuals also own a flag that represents their identity.

A flag with yellow, green, white and black strips is used to represent people who are skolisexuals.  


Many people have contributed to supporting people having rare sexual identities. Campaigns, marches and posters are held to raise voices in favour of skolisexuals.

Customized tools such as flags, t-shirts etcetera are used by people. One such tool which is at present available on amazon is “Academic Planner 2020-2021: Monthly & Weekly Planner with Dot Grid Pages: Androgynous/LGBTQ/Gender minority Pride Flag (Skoliosexual): Great Gift For Teenagers … Universities (LGBTQ Academic Planner)”. Similarly, 1000 flags limited have presented “1000 Flags Limited Skoliosexual Ceterosexual Pride Flag 5’x3′ (150cm x 90cm) – Woven Polyester”

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Various books on LGBT+ and distinct sexual identities have been published. Many of these books, some of which are mentioned below, give a detailed review of skolisexuals and their characteristics.

These can be used as a reference guide for learning about skolisexual in detail.

1) Sexuality and Gender in Postcommunist Eastern Europe and Russia (2014) by Edmond J Coleman, Theo Sandfort  

2) S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide (2009)  Heather Corinna

3) The ABCs of LGBT+ (2016) Ashley Mardell

4) A Guide to Gender: The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook (2015) Sam Killerman 


 This guide aimed to provide you detailed information about skolisexuals.

In this guide, we discovered that skolisexuals are a group of people who get attracted to people with non-binary sexual identities.

We read that The Kinsey Scale is used for identifying sexual identities of people.

Skolisexuals, just like other rare sexual identities, are a group of people who are discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Some skolisexuals do not like being called as skolisexuals rather they prefer to be labelled as allotroposexual or ceterosexual.

There is yet another group of skolisexuals who do not like being labelled at all. Skolisexuals have their own flag consisting of four different colored strips. They celebrate the pride month in June.

In pride month various campaigns and marches are run in favour of skolisexuals.

The aim of these protests is to fight for the rights of skolisexuals and other rare sexual identities and spread the word that every individual deserves to live the way he wants, everybody is equal and deserves to be respected regardless of which sexual identity he belongs to. he is a human first and then anything else.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can bisexuals be attracted to Nonbinary?

For many people, the term bisexuals means to be sexually attracted towards people of two or more genders or having multiple genders.

Still, others define it as attractiveness towards people having same gender or those who have another gender.

Therefore some of the bisexuals are attracted towards men and women not towards non-binary people but this is not true for every bisexual (Brito, 2019).

How many sexualities and genders are there?

There are 11 types of sexualities.

These include lesbians, bisexuals, pansexual, g*y, asexual, allosexual, heterosexual, homosexual, monosexual, polysexual and gender minorities (2019). On the contrary, there are more than 63 genders yet discovered.

What is a Non-binary person?

A non-binary person is the one who has two genders that is being a bigender or more than two genders that is a trigender, an agender that is he lacks a gender, genderfluid that is he keeps changing his gender or the one who has a third-gender (Wikipedia).

What is an LGBT ally?

The term LGBT stands for lesbian g*y bisexual transgender.

LGBT ally, also known as a straight ally or a heterosexual ally comprise of heterosexual and cisgender person who fights for the rights of all genders.

He leads social campaigns and raises voice in favour of all genders against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia (Wikipedia).

What does GREY ACE mean?

The term GREY ACE or grey asexuality is used for the people with sexual identity ranging from asexual to sexual, experiencing sexual attraction in specific circumstances or conditions.

Their sex is rare (

What does it mean to be Greysexual?

Greysexual means to have very little sexual attraction.

Greysexuals either possess limited sexual desirability or experience it with a very low intensity.

The word grey has been used in greysexuals to represent another part of personality other than all or none part.


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