Simon from Yogscast and his battle with depression (+What is known)

This article will center around Simon from Yogscast, the gamer Youtuber who was absent from his Youtube channel a couple of times due to an undisclosed medical condition, which is thought to be depression.

Simon from Yogscast and his battle with depression 

Simon from the Youtube channel Yogscast has struggled with depression for quite some time. It seems that even before he became part of the Youtube channel. But after that, there were some periods in which he stepped away from the channel.

The first occasion was in March 2015, in which he remained away for a few months. At that time, he visited a hospital but was out a few days after. Back then it was said that he was dealing with health problems, and back then many fans assumed it had something to do with his mental health.

By 2016 he wasn’t as active in making things for the site as he was before. And in March 2017 he went through another hiatus. Which made it even more clear to the fans that he was going through something more serious than initially imagined. 

A while after, a post was made about Simon, and the team of Yogscast gave a heartfelt update on Simon’s condition and explained his absence. The post went on like this:

“The main reason I’m making this post is because in that stream Lewis spoke very honestly about Simon’s recent absence. At first, it was due to physical health, however Simon has been dealing with depression too for many years and since he got ill he’s been taking time off not only for that but for his mental health. I’m sure many people can relate to how difficult it can be to bring yourself to work when depressed and that’s been one of the big things affecting Simon recently. Lewis also said that Simon does have a proper support structure and he’s getting all the right help.

Lewis mainly brought this up as whenever people make posts saying get well soon Simon and other things along those lines, he knows that Simon will not get well soon but at the same time doesn’t want to tell people he’s not working because he doesn’t feel up to it, hence we’ve just been hearing he’s not well. Which is true, but it’s mainly his mental health stopping him.

He spoke about how mental health doesn’t go away quickly and this is one of the reasons they’ve wanted to support a mental health charity.”

This post comes to confirm what people have thought about his condition so far. It highlighted that Simon had been dealing with depression for a long time and that he has been in treatment for it. It also comes to show a known fact about depression, is how it can impact a person’s professional life.

So in the hopes of making it clear, let’s discuss ways depression will impact a person’s life.

How does depression affect my life?

Depression usually has a huge effect on a person’s life. It can make it harder for them to focus, and the person’s energy levels will often go low. That can directly impact their work. You may feel like it is harder to do your job, and getting there on time can be a challenge. 

Depression will also cause you to lose interest in things, even if you used to love them. That can make you not want to do anything, even if you used to feel your job was great, and it gave you a huge sense of accomplishment, when you are depressed, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You can feel like you need to be alone. And isolating yourself is often common in people that are depressed. This will lead you to not want to be around your co-workers and even your family.

With all that happening, it may be important to take some time away. You may need to focus on caring for your mental health. And being away from deadlines, schedules, and the pressure of your job can allow you to get better.

This seems to be what was going on with Simon from Yogscast. It seems that during his absence, he has been taking the time to improve, and when he goes back, he always goes back differently. It seems he is trying to find a way of working that is not so detrimental to his mental health.

That is noticed when you realize that he has taken fewer responsibilities on the projects, and has not participated in many of them. And even though fans may miss him in certain projects, it seems that changing the way he behaves at work is a way to ensure he will be able to do it for a long time without harming himself and his mental health.

Who is Simon from Yogscast?

Simon Lane was born in England, on the 14th of march, 1978. He is a gamer expert and one of the co-founders of the Youtube channel Yogscast. He founded the channel with Lewis Brindley in 2008. 

They met each other while playing the online game World of Warcraft, and after that, they started to make videos together. Their channel became even more popular as they started covering Minecraft. 

After a while, as Yogscast became bigger, he also developed some solo projects such as another Youtube channel called Honeydew Live.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is Simon Yogscast depressed? 

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Rather than that, mental health professionals will say that depression will go into remission. That is because it is impossible to say to a person, once they are better, that they won’t ever go through another depressive episode in their lifetime.

What mental health professionals will often guarantee patients is that, even though there is no cure, once they go into remission, they will be able to regain interest in things. Aside from that, they will be able to experience joy and deal with their emotions more positively.

But what everyone that has gone through depression before needs to keep in mind is that, once you feel better, you should still keep caring for your mental health, as it seems Simon has. That is safely the best way to try to avoid a possible relapse.

What are the forms of depression? 

There are four most common forms of depressive episodes. There is mild, moderate, major, and persistent depression. In the first one, as the name says, the symptoms will be mild, and they can go on only for a couple of weeks. 

This will normally make it harder to diagnose mild depression, which can often be treated mostly with lifestyle changes.

When a person is going through moderate depression, it often means that the symptoms of depression have begun to impact their life in some way. They will go on for longer, and to treat it most people will go to therapy, and few of them will need medication.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, is a form of depression that will go on for several months. The symptoms of depression tend to be very intense and affect the person’s life as a whole, making it impossible for them, sometimes,  to do the simplest things such as getting out of bed.

People with major depression will not only go through the common depressive symptoms, but they can also develop hallucinations, or even become delusional. To treat major depression people will often need therapy and medication.

Persistent depression is a type of depressive episode that can go on for as long as 5 years. During this period, the person will go through swings and experience mild and major depressive episodes. To deal with that, the person will also need therapy and medication.

Is depression a form of disability? 

Depression can be a disability. But that depends on which country, what type of depression you have, and how it has impacted your life. Most people with depression will be considered disabled when their depressive episode is making it hard, or even impossible for them to maintain their social roles as they did before.

In those cases, people will be excused from work, and in some countries, they will even get help from the government to keep to their health treatment and to maintain themselves as they get better.

Are therapy and medication the only way to treat depression? 

No, even though therapy and/or medication are indicated in most depressive episodes, there are also other things people can do to care for their mental health. The first one is to try and keep a healthy lifestyle.

You should try to eat and sleep well since those may help improve your energy levels. Aside from that, exercising can be extremely beneficial, since it will not only reduce your stress levels but will also improve your mood.

Aside from that, being close to people you love will also work wonders when you are dealing with depression. It will allow you to vent about how you feel but also allow you to focus on something else rather than the negative thoughts in your head.

Meditating will also be great with that. It will give you the chance to focus more on the present. Doing something that can give you some positive emotions will also be important when you are struggling with depression. 

You can take on a new hobby, like cooking, gardening, or even do volunteer work. But those will most likely give you some positive emotions, and lead you to feel some sense of accomplishment.

What causes depression?

Although there are still a lot of studies going on, nowadays it is known that there is a genetic aspect to depression, which means that if it runs in your family, you have a higher chance of developing it.

It seems to also be related to a chemical imbalance in the person’s brain, which can impact their mood. And as a reaction to a traumatic situation. So when people are experiencing moments like the loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship, they can become depressed more easily.


This article discussed if the Youtuber Simon Yogscast went through a couple of depressive periods, which led him to step away from his Youtube channel. The article explained who Simon Yogscast is, and why depression can make it hard for people to keep to their work.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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