What are the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you? (+9 Easy solutions)

In this detailed post, we will be discussing the different signs that your friend does not care about you. Next, we will be explaining what you can do when you see the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you.

What are the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you?

The signs that your friend doesn’t care are about you are:

They never invite you to hang out

The most tell-tale sign of a friend who doesn’t care about you is that they don’t invite you to hang out in social situations with them. Even if they are someone who t alk with you often, you not being invited to their birthday bash or some important life-event is a huge red flag.

You don’t know any updates about them

A friendship is just like an organism and needs continuous feeding to grow. If you do not know any updates about your friend and know nothing of what’s happening lately in their life, then this is a sign that your friend does not care about you.

They don’t know anything about you

Similarly, if your friend does not know anything about you other than your basic details, this is also another sign that they may not care about you. Only if your friend is truly interested in you will they ask and remember specific details about what you like and what you don’t like.

They may not be quick to answer your calls

If your friend is not easy to reach, this is also another sign that they may not care about you. If you are often the one who has to send multiple messages and call them numerous times before they respond, you are definitely not being valued as a friend here.

They are not dependable

You might have heard the saying ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed.’ If your friend has not been available during tough times in your life and has made this a regular pattern, this is a major sign that they don’t care about you.

They don’t support you

A friend is not there to have fun with you, but is also there to support you and help you grow. If you find that your friend does not support your hopes and dreams, then it can be a sign that they truly never care about you.

They keep taking advantage of you

If your friend is someone who keeps using you for their own gain and profit, it shows that they are in the relationship only for the benefits. Advantage does not only refer to your money, but even your time and your energy.

They don’t know your folks

Close friends will not only get to know you but even those people who are important to you, such as your family and your partner/partners. If you have to constantly remind them of your loved one’s names and details, it may be a sign that your friend does not care about you.

They are rude to you

Another sign that your friend definitely does not care about you is that they are constantly rude to you. If they belittle your opinions, your needs & desires, and constantly degrade you in front of others, this is not a good friend to be around with.

What to do when you see the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you?

When you see the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you, you can react in a number of ways. The best ways which are emotionally healthy for you have been described in the following section.

  • Stop forcing it. The most important thing to do when you find that your friend does not care about you is to simply avoid forcing it. If you force a friendship, especially with someone who doesn’t care about you, it degrades you and reduces your value.

You need to realize that your friendship needs to grow naturally. Just like every other relationship, a friendship is a two-sided process. Both the parties need to equally contribute to the relationship for the friendship to be indeed a positive one.

  • Make new friends. You can also try to make new friends. This particular friend is not the only person on the planet to hang out with. You can also try making friends with someone who shares interests and principles with you.

When you are looking for new friends, you can try numerous places, such as your work space and even your extended family. You can even try volunteering at an organization where you can find genuinely caring and loving people.

  • Change your thought process. You can also try changing the way you think about this particular situation or about friendship in general. In case you are finding it hard to do so, you can even consult a professional like a therapist or another trusted friend.
  • Confront your friend. You can also try confronting your friend about the way you are feeling. Maybe they were ignoring you because of a personal problem or something else. In any case, if they are still being very immature about it, you can conclude that this is not a good friend.

On the other hand, if they are handling it pretty responsibly and have actually apologized for their behavior in the past, you can give them another chance. This may be hard to practice if you hate confrontations, but can bring a lot of closure for you.

  • Ignore them for some time. Another thing that you can do when you feel that your friend is ignoring you is to stay silent for some time. When you ignore them, they may realize your worth and start reaching out to you again.

They may also just miss your company or may be curious about you and start communicating again. However, in this case as well, you need to be wary and calculative about the way that they are reacting to this.

  • Look at it more logically. You can also try changing your perspective and look at the entire thing in a more rational manner. Think about it like how you would look at a stock investment. Ask yourself if the friendship was indeed worth it and if it is valuable.

This may seem crude and calculative, but it actually is a great way of dealing with a friendship such as this. In doing so, you will be able to separate your thoughts from your emotions and face the situation in a better manner.

  • Take some time for yourself. Rather than wondering about your friend and where your relationship with them stands, you can focus on taking some time for yourself. This can not only help your emotional maturity, but can even boost your self-esteem.

In this time, you can practice more self-care for your mental health. You can even try activities like journaling and meditation to make you mindful and also bring relaxation to you on a daily basis, regardless of whether your friend is talking to you or not.

  • Don’t be afraid to grieve. In case you have realized that the friendship is indeed over, you also need to be ready to let the relationship go. In this period, you may become emotional especially if the friendship was something you had invested a lot into.

Everyone has their own grieving processes, so don’t be afraid to do your own thing. Whatever your process is, go through it and you will find yourself coming out much stronger. You will also get more closure out of it.

  • Go to therapy. You may think that therapy is only for those who are struggling with something too serious and is not for those who are getting over a friendship. But therapy is for anyone with mental distress and also for those who want to improve themselves.

If you can afford to, try therapy. During therapy sessions, you will become more aware of what type of friend you are. You will also learn cognitive strategies and techniques to help you navigate difficult situations such as finding out that a friend does not care about you.


In this detailed post, we have discussed the different signs that your friend does not care about you. Next, we have explained what you can do when you see the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you.

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