Should I use Talkspace? (+3 Talkspace alternatives)

In this article, we shall discuss if you should use Talkspace. We will be looking at the various features that Talkspace offers. In addition to this, we will be mentioning some of the alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in. Online mental health platforms are becoming quite popular due to their cost-effectiveness and easy accessibility.

Should I use Talkspace?

Yes, you should definitely use Talkspace. The platform has a wide range of features almost any user will simply enjoy and find extremely beneficial. These features have been discussed briefly in this section:


It makes mental health easily accessible

The reason why many individuals who require mental health don’t enroll in a program is because they don’t have access to it. There are many regions across the world where high quality mental health care does not exist. Through Talkspace, mental healthcare comes right to the individual’s phone which brings more accessibility and convenience.

It has live chat features

It also allows users to schedule a live chat therapy session with their therapist. Live chat is more preferred by many and quite appealing, especially to the younger populations. Users can easily schedule such a live chat in advance and interact with their therapist when they are online. Live chat therapy sessions can provide real-time responses with practically no delays.

It allows unlimited messaging

The platform was originally created to use texting as a form of therapy. Thus, all the plans of Talkspace allow unlimited text messaging between the user and their therapists. Furthermore, there is also unlimited audio messaging as well as video messaging. With the help of these features, users can vent and express whenever they need to and are also guaranteed responses.

It allows live video sessions

Some plans of Talkspace also offer the users a live video session with their therapists. In the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium plan of Talkspace, the user can schedule on live video session in a month for a period of 30 minutes. In the Ultimate plan of Talkspace, this can be extended to 4 live video sessions in a month of 30 minutes each.

It offers life advice

The platform also offers plenty of useful advice for important areas in life other than mental health itself. This life advice can be for financial issues, legal advice and even career advice. This is essential as most of the time mental health is quite intersectional and requires many factors and sectors of life to function at the right quality.


It is covered by insurance

The plans of Talkspace are also easily covered by insurance. This is also necessary as therapy and mental health services are not exactly cheap. While online mental health platforms like Talkspace are relatively much more economical than in-person therapy, many users need the costs to be further reduced, which insurance can easily cover for them.

It has great security and safety

Security and safety is an important factor in any type of mental health program as there is a lot of sensitive and confidential information being shared which can cause a lot of damage if leaked or stolen. Talkspace makes the security and safety of its users and their data a top priority and thus is fully HIPAA compliant.

It can be useful for disabled persons

Disabled persons might not be able to leave the house very often and thus might find frequent trips to the therapist’s office quite difficult. For disabled persons, the features that are available in Talkspace can be quite helpful. For those who might find text messaging difficult, the platform also offers audio messaging and video messaging features.

It is beneficial for introverts

Introverts and those who are socially challenged can find in-person therapy quite uncomfortable and perhaps even distressing. Talkspace and other online mental health platforms can prove to be quite useful for introverted personality types as they offer multiple avenues for communication and interaction with the therapist.

It helps resolve minor issues

Everyone can get stressed or anxious at any point of time. While these issues may not require hardcore therapy, a little mental health assistance and guidance can be quite useful in these cases. Talkspace can be an excellent platform for resolving minor issues and problems that users might face on a frequent basis.

Alternatives to Talkspace

Some of the alternative mental health platforms just like Talkspace are:

  • Betterhelp that can provide almost similar features for a wide range of mental health issues and problems. The plans are also cost-effective and can be applied across many age groups.
  • Cerebral also provides a variety of mental health development programs that can be easily covered through insurance plans. This platform offers both talking therapy as well as medications for its users.
  • Wellnite is a great platform if users are looking for affordable mental health services. This can be effectively applied for those suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Ayana therapy is quite popular among minority groups and specifically targets BIPOC individuals and families with therapy, life advice and other great resources and toolkits. It ensures a better fit between the therapist and the client.


In this article, we have discussed if you should use Talkspace. We have looked at the various features that Talkspace offers. In addition to this, we have mentioned some of the alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in.

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