Sheffield Central counselling (A review)

In this brief article, we will be discussing Sheffield Central counselling, the issues addressed by the Sheffield Central counselling, the benefits of taking the services of Sheffield Central counselling, and more information about Sheffield Central counselling.

What is the Sheffield Central counselling?

This kind of counselling service is situated in the Sheffield City Centre.

This kind of counselling centre offers affordable counselling services for people who need these kinds of counselling services.

You can get these kinds of counselling services in this kind of counselling service centre without any regrets since there are highly qualified counsellors that will be working for you in this counselling service centre.

These kinds of counsellors in this kind of counselling service centre will adapt to any kind of mental health concern that you might have.

These kinds of counsellors in this kind of counselling service centre are accredited in famous professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy.

For instance, most of the counsellors in this kind of counselling service centre are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

In this case, these kinds of counsellors are trained to hold the highest ethical standards that should be observed in counselling.

This kind of counselling service centre also has a coach that has been accredited as a counsellor by the INLPTA Association.

Other than the center mentioned above, there are other places too where you can find good counselors and therapists. One such place is MBACP.

Different kinds of counselling services in the Sheffield Central counselling

The following are the different kinds of counselling services that are served in this kind of counselling service centre:


You can go through counselling in a variety of reasons. You might go to counselling since something is clearly bothering you. 

You might even go through counselling since you have no idea what your future has in store for you.

You might also be faced with making a big decision that you aren’t sure that it might affect you negatively or positively in your life.

You don’t really need to have a mental health issue to know that you need counselling.

This counselling service’s approach

People have their own way of getting through troubles by themselves.

This belief has made the approach applied in counselling sessions in this counselling service centre.

You should know that you are the master of your life which makes it more likely that you will be the dominant speaker in the counselling relationship.

This will allow the counsellor to know the present concern that you are currently occupied in and know on what grounds that he or she can help you.

This is why the counsellors in this counselling service centre will be using integrative approaches which can help tailor your needs as an individual with a certain concern.

Your sessions

Your counselling sessions will typically last for 50 minutes to help get your concerns on the surface.

You are welcome in the counselling services in this counselling service centre when you are over 17 years old.

The following are the issues addressed by this counselling service:

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety and panic attacks in affected clients
  • Bereavement and loss in affected clients
  • Depression and low mood in affected clients
  • Low self-esteem and confidence improvement
  • Mid- life crisis and other significant life changes
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self-harm
  • Sexual issues
  • Sexual abuse and rape in affected clients
  • Sexual identity such as LGBT and BDSM in affected clients
  • Sleeping problems
  • Stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trauma
  •  Work related concerns such as stress and redundancy


This counselling service is useful for couples who are going through several relationship concerns.

For instance, some couples are going through the brink of a breakup which can deter the relationship that they are trying so hard to keep.

Some couples would get this counselling service when they have to go through the experience of leaving their child for college which can debilitate the couples’ relationship which was somewhat strengthened with the presence of a child.

This counselling service is also helpful when the partners are not feeling something for each other anymore yet they still want to keep the relationship.

This counselling service has also helped couples who were going through mental health issues due to concerns that arise outside the relationship such as work or school.

This counselling service has been called several names such as relationship counselling or marriage counselling but the purpose of helping couples is still there.

This counselling service’s approach

This counselling service will allow you and your partner the environment where you can tell all of your relationship tensions and let each of you know how you two are feeling.

You need to use this time to open up with your partner about the current relationship issue.

This counselling service welcomes any kind of relationship whatever it may be. You might be a same-sex couple, partners who decided to cohabitate with each other, and others. 

You shouldn’t be afraid that you and your partner are going through counselling because it only shows that you two still care about the relationship.

Your sessions

You and your partner can have counselling sessions that can last for 50 minutes or more when you two need the time you need.

The following are the relationship concerns that this counselling service can help you with:

  • Arguing all the time at any place and most of the time, with other people
  • Breakdown in communication in the relationship
  • complications with sex
  • Lack of trust, for instance, when one person has had an affair with an outside partner
  • Jealousy
  • A sense of drifting apart which can be a sign that a relationship is not working
  • considering separation or divorce

You can also access a relationship course in this counselling service centre.

This can help you and your partner solve your concerns in a healthy way and be able to have healthy communication with each other.


There are corporate organisations who are willing to access this counselling service for any mental health concerns that may be arising in the office.

You might be familiar with this as an employee who has to go through different people all day long and some of these people are not trustworthy in a sense of hiding a secret in your personal life.

The counsellors who work for this wellbeing in employees and employers are all qualified in this task where the wellbeing of each member of the organisation is the thing that matters the most.

These counsellors are all accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) with this counselling qualification was mentioned before.

Counsellors know the things that employees and employers go through when employee wellbeing is at the line in the organisation.

These counsellors can help you make the necessary adjustments that will make sure that employees stay productive in the organisation and work the best they can do as a measure of their mental wellbeing.

You can also find some testimonials from these organisations about this counselling service in this counselling service centre.

This will make you choose this counselling service centre if there is a mental health concern in your workplace and you need it addressed immediately to minimize the business damages that come with poor mental wellbeing.

The following are other reasons on why you should choose this counselling service centre for your employee wellbeing:

•   this counselling service is easy to reach where it is conveniently based in the city centre.

•   this counselling service centre is a straightforward system which is an immediate phone number to one named contact who can assign counselling appointments.

•   this counselling service centre is responsive where a first appointment will be accessible in one to two weeks of contacting this counselling service centre.

•   this counselling service centre is flexible where appointments can be assigned around the working day such as daytime, evening and lunchtime, Monday to Saturday

•   this counselling service centre is affordable where a professional private practice that doesn’t cost the earth

•   this counselling service centre is person-centred where the counselling service centre’s integrative approach draws on different methods based on what’s right for the client.

•   this counselling service centre works with the best practice such as reporting to meet your needs and the counselling service centre’s professional requirements for confidentiality and record keeping.


This counselling service might be integrated with the other counselling services depending on the mental health concern of the employee.

This counselling service will be addressing the following concerns in employees and employers:

For individuals:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship breakdown

For couples:

  • Loss of intimacy in relationships
  • Family bereavements
  • Infidelity or loss of trust in relationships
  • Parenting issues
  • The effect of trauma, accident or sickness
  • Breakdown of communication in relationships
  • Thinking about separation or divorce in relationships

How does counselling cost in the Sheffield Central Counselling?

In the midst of the pandemic, the counselling services in this counselling service centre were lowered to £20 for each counselling session. 

These sessions are being implemented by an assigned counsellor.

Couples counselling in this counselling service centre is also lowered to help troubled couples at this time. Each session of this counselling service costs £30.

These sessions that are affordable are only accessible with individuals who have incomes lower than £12,000, for instance, students, people who work part-time or people who are in receipt of state benefits.

In the midst of this global crisis, a low-cost counselling can help people who are in need of mental health care. 

As stated by health measures, these counselling sessions will only be served through online means.

You can get in touch with this counselling service centre by calling 07504492224 or if you are interested and this counselling service centre will administer a brief telephone pre-assessment to check if these counselling sessions are appropriate for you.

Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.


In this brief article, we have discussed Sheffield Central counselling, the issues addressed by the Sheffield Central counselling, the benefits of taking the services of Sheffield Central counselling, and more information about Sheffield Central counselling.

If you have any questions about Sheffield Central counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

What we recommend for Counselling

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression or any other mental disorders then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs: sheffield central counselling

Who is the MP for Sheffield Central?

The MP for Sheffield Central is Paul Blomfield.

This man is a British Labour Party politician who is considered as a Member of Parliament (MP) in this kind of community since the year of 2010. 

How many constituencies are in Sheffield?

There are 28 constituencies in Sheffield. These kinds of political parties were represented by 3 City Counsellors who were elected in local elections.

These kinds of political parties have become charismatic to the people in this kind of location who were happy enough to choose them in the authority. 

What constituency is Ballsbridge?

The Dublin South-East (Dail constituency) is the constituency in Ballsbridge.

This kind of constituency is represented in Dail Eireann which is considered the lower house of the Irish parliament in the 1940s to 2016. 

What do the Yorkshire party stand for?

The Yorkshire party stands for a political party in a region in the United Kingdom.

This kind of political party is advocating for the building of a devolve Yorkshire Assembly within this country with powers over environment, education, housing, and transport. 

How many seats did the Conservatives win in 2019?

The Conservatives won 80 seats in 2019.

This kind of political party has won a landslide of seats during the 1980s.

This kind of political party is one of the most prominent political parties back in the day when this country was still developing in its current glory. 


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