How to Use Sexual Transmutation Effectively? (5+ Mind-Blowing Insights)

Sexual transmutation and the sublimation of erotic energy. What are they and how to benefit from them?

In this blog post, we are going to talk about what is the meaning of sexual transmutation and the sublimation of erotic energy, and how can one benefit from them. 

What is sexual transmutation?

Sexual transmutation consists in the transformation of amorous “matter” into energy that can be sublimated, leading to a series of immediate changes in the being, according to its intentions.

Napoleon Hill is one of the people who discovered, through careful analysis and persevering study, the very basic ingredient of human success in life: the control of sexual energy and its transmutation, as he calls it.

What Hill has discovered is exactly what ancient spiritual traditions of antiquity, tantrism, and Taoism support: the controlled sexual energy can be sublimated into other forms of energy, bringing success in the beneficial direction in which it is directed.

Hill calls transmutation the process by which one element or form of energy is transformed into another.

In the Tantric tradition, the process by which one form of energy passes into another form of energy is called sublimation.

But how do we get this energy?

It is true that each one of us has a certain amount of energy, but what is not yet known is that every human has a huge potential hidden in sexual energy – that is, in the form of matter: sperm in the case of men and menstrual secretions in the case of women.

These “raw materials” can be transformed into energy, and this energy can be sublimated, that is, transformed into affective, mental or spiritual energy.

Transmutation is very intense and easy when we make love (not just sex), perfectly controlling the desire for the need of sexual pleasure in men and respectively the explosive discharge from the moment of sexual pleasure in women.

Sublimation is achieved either by sublimation techniques (from yoga or Taoism), or by sports, or by a firm orientation towards a certain beneficial goal.

Nowadays, science has clearly demonstrated that these two processes, transmutation and sublimation, occur all the time in our bodies, at different levels of our being, whether we are aware of them or not.

But when we become fully aware of them and their value and choose to do them at will, we are amazed at what we can accomplish. 

Sexual energy is the most important form of energy in the human being because it is the creative energy through which we create our own life.

It must not be suppressed or eliminated, but it must be offered a valve through the forms of expression that enrich the human body, mind and spirit.” (Napoleon Hill, “From Idea to Money”)

When we have great energy and are animated by enthusiasm in achieving beneficial goals and ideals we can say that life has colour.

And from the moment we perfectly control our sexual energy, we become truly free and we can create the life we ​​want.

It is well known in the history of the world that very successful people have been animated by strong sexual emotion, having a very high erotic energy.

This gave them, we could say, the main support, the perfect energy “fuel” for what they had to achieve.

Then, they were motivated by a beneficial, divine ideal in the realization of which they invested all this “fuel”. And they succeeded.

What else should you know about sexual transmutation?

Following the biological transmutation of the sexual potential, thanks to the conscious control over the sexual function, the original sexual drive (original sexual impulse) transforms, as vibration frequency, into an almost new, superior energy, which characterizes the sublimation process.

Superficially we think that everything in our body is material. With great confidence, we mistakenly imagine that this materiality is “complete.”

Experiencing the processes of biological, sexual transmutation in our own being, in addition to the certain beatific experience of overwhelming intensity, makes us spontaneously aware that we are simultaneously structured from an incredible amount of energy particles, mysteriously spinning and fixed by a miracle hard to imagine in this condition.

In the human being, the processes of atomic transmutations to weak energies occur continuously in metabolism, sexual processes, erotic feelings, mental activity, spiritual experiences.

It is now well known that every atom of our physical body contains a gigantic energy equivalent to 200,000,000 eV.

And it can be said that in the sexual potential of every man there are “trapped in the matter” hundreds of billions of electron-volts.

Against the background of a beatific love affair, a single forceful thought kept constant is enough to awaken step by step and channel this fabulous energy in the desired direction.

Our thoughts are the strongest force in the universe. Through biological transmutation, the colossal resulting energy will amplify to the extreme inner availability, gradually making all the banal limitations of consciousness disappear.

If sexual continence is not realized, the vital energy of the being is irreversibly discharged and, instead of being transformed and used wisely in the higher planes of the being, it is permanently lost.

Over time, there were men who exerted very intense intellectual effort and who noticed that love with sexual pleasure at the end decreased their mental strength and the power to make rapid progress in their work.

On the contrary, the practice of continual love proposes a solution that offers that energy reserve, both mental and physical and spiritual, necessary to sustain very intense and long-lasting efforts.

Sexual energy matters more than you think

The genitals store an important part of the primordial energy – the original force – with which we are born.

Through various activities this primordial sexual energy is consumed; women lose it mainly through menstruation and childbirth, and men through sexual pleasure at the end.

No human with ordinary concerns does anything to refresh it, either because he/she does not have the necessary information or they do have it, but it seems too difficult to start and maintain a constant practice. 

The sexual essence is produced continuously in the body by the sexual organs and is lost or simply unused, accumulating in them and can lead to health problems.

Simple mental concentration is not enough to control it, we need exercises in which to work directly with the Jing sexual energy, transforming it into vital energy (Chi) and then into spiritual energy (Shen).

In South Africa, this energy is called “num” – spiritual energy, Chinese sages call it “chi” – the energy of vitality, and in India it is known as “kundalini” – creative energy.

If we awaken or activate this energy, it will lead to the movement of cells in the brain that will give a boost to the development of new skills.

Art, painting, poetry, aeroplanes, fashion are created from human talent, potential (from potency, potent-impotent), from sexual energy. Where there is sexual energy – there is life. 

sexual energy = creative energy


What you need to remember is that sexual transmutation is the process by which one element or form of energy is transformed into another.

In the Tantric tradition, the process by which one form of energy passes into another form of energy is called sublimation.

Sexual transmutation is like a secret recipe for success.

I recommend you see the Further reading section below and learn how to turn sexual energy into creative energy.

You will notice that your life will change a lot once you start these practices and enjoy their benefits.

Please feel free to leave any comments and to share your knowledge of sexual transmutation with us. 

FAQ about sexual transmutation

How can I increase my sexual energy?

To increase your sexual energy you have to take care of both your physical and mental health.

Make sure you are eating healthy food, exercise, reduce stress, kick bad habits, and build a healthy relationship.

What is the transmutation of sexual energy?

The transmutation of sexual energy involves switching your mind from thoughts about sex, to other activities, more creative perhaps.

Sexual transmutation is the process of converting sexual energy into some other drive, motivation, or energy of a higher order.

How do you manifest with sexual energy?

To manifest with sexual energy, you first have to feel good in your own body, to make peace with your mind and soul.

Make sure you take care of your needs, and by being truly happy, you will be able to manifest good energy. 

Can you send sexual energy?

You cannot send sexual energy to someone else, but you can manifest sexual energy through body language.

For some people, even a smile can hide sexual energy. 


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