Sertraline reviews (list)

In this brief blog, we have curated a list of Sertraline reviews which should provide you with a bit of guidance when deciding if Sertraline is good for you.

These Sertraline reviews should not  be taken as an alternative

What is sertraline?

Sertraline is an antidepressant which helps people recover from depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic disorders (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Sertraline has fewer side effects than other antidepressants.

Sertraline comes in tablet form which is available via prescription.

Sertraline is also known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

Is sertraline a strong antidepressant?

Sertraline can be considered a strong antidepressant as any other antidepressant.

Sertraline is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs  Sertraline will help you feel better and sleep better.

You will also be less anxious and hence your social life may improve.

How long does it take for sertraline to work?

You can expect sertraline to start working within the first 2 weeks of usage but this may not be the case with everyone.

You can expect an improvement in your quality of sleep, an increase in your energy levels and an improvement in your appetite within the first 2 weeks.

Feeling depressed or lack of interest in anything may not subside until between 6 and 8 weeks.

How does sertraline make you feel?

Sertraline should make you feel better by improving your mood, your quality of sleep and making you less anxious.

On the other hand you may initially feel more anxious, restless and overexcited.

Sertraline may make you feel unusual for the first few weeks and put a strain on your relationships.

Is sertraline good for anxiety?

Sertraline is good for anxiety and has been regularly used to treat anxiety.

It is also used to treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder,  panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), and a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). 

Does sertraline make you gain weight?

Sertraline can make you gain weight although it is not known why.

The weight you gain should be minimal and this is a common side effect of many antidepressants.

If you find that you have gained much more weight than you may have expected or your drastically gain or lose a lot of weight then you should speak to your doctor.

Sertraline reviews (video)

These sertraline reviews should not be taken as an alternative to medical advice.
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Sertraline reviews (text)

Below we will provide a selection of Sertraline reviews. The Sertraline reviews are given a rating out of 10.

Not all of the Sertraline reviews have a rating. Some of the Sertraline reviews below will also state what condition they were prescribed Sertraline for but others may not.

The first batch of 10 Sertraline reviews

“Watch out if your pharmacist gives you a different brands of sertraline. This has just happened to me (in the UK). Firstly because these pills are more rounded I can’t cut them equally in half using a pill cutter (I take half a 50 mg tablet daily) so even though I was taking exactly 50mg every 2 days it did make me feel a bit up and down when I was taking a larger or smaller dose on alternate days; secondly, the new brand didn’t seem to work as well for me – I found a few of my old pills during a tidy up, and when finishing them off I noticed that I felt better again. Interestingly all my local pharmacists are now issuing sertraline made by this new manufacturer (Ranbaxy). Boots explained that the old make (Aurobindo) had actually changed their name to Milpharm and changed their packaging – luckily they were able to order this for me. Boots told me I was not the first person to have an issue with the new make (Ranbaxy) not working as well.”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: “I have bipolar type 2 and have been diagnosed for 10 years. Once I turned 29, OCD manifested itself into my life. I could no longer drive, performing poorly at work, and could barely leave the house due to checking. After a year of trying various Combos of lithium and anxiety meds, I had enough and begged my doctor to put me on antidepressants. They were reluctant because I could induce mania, but heard me out and started me at 200mg. It changed my life. Two months and I was free of OCD symptoms and driving again. No side effects, however I tolerate medication well. This is a life saver.

“Ive been taking Iodin drops for two days. I did’nt know that it inteacted with my blood pressure medication. I experienced very strong headaches, so I researched the vitamin supplement. If you are on blood pressure medication, please do not take this supplement because Iodine contains potassium. Blood pressure medications including directics, removes the potassium from the body. So taking Iodine makes it very diffulcult for the potassium to leave the body and causes problems such as headaches. “

“ I have been a “highly funtioning” depressed person for many years: life of the party, witty, intelligent, charming, intelligent conversationalist, highly successful at the top of the food chain in my field, …until I got home. Work was an escape from myself for me. If I had no weekend functions to attend I would be catatonic, only getting out of bed to use the bathroom. I had always felt like an outsider, looking in on life, trying to imitate what everyone else was doing, but never getting it quite right and others sensing that I was a fake. I retired in Jan ’17. Not having work as an escape anymore, in Dec my depression got again very bad. I talked to my girlfriend and she recommended sertraline as it has helped her. On 5 Jan, I saw the doctor, she prescribed 25mg as a started dose for 8 days, then 50mg, with a follow up 6 weeks later to see if the dose would need to be increased. I experienced loose stools, wake/sleep cycle issues, decreased appetite, jaw tightness and jittery feeling initially. I experimented with taking my dose at night because it seemed that immediately after taking it, I had to go back to sleep. Taking it at night then kept me up. So I went back to taking it in the morning, as I figured it was a matter of me getting used to the med. It has only been 2 weeks, but it seems like a lifetime ago. The anxiety subsided first, then my depression. I no longer think of the smallest thing as the greatest catastrophe, my thoughts are no longer chasing around in my head like a bunch of squirrels and I am off the emotional roller coaster. Thoughts from my past no longer send me into apoplexy. I no longer feel like a walking dead person-dead on the inside, waiting for physical death to catch up with me. No not suicidal-many years ago I came to the realization that I can only live once for a limited amount of time, but death is forever. Also, as long as I was alive, I always had a choice, but once I was dead, there was no coming back. “

“  Zoloft (Sertraline) for Panic disorder / agoraphobia 

When I was younger I tried Paxil for GAD and it turned me into a zombie so I was reluctant to try another SSRI. I am so glad I tried Zoloft! Typical SE: First few weeks I actually lost weight because it suppressed my appetite. I had very vivid dreams and difficulty staying asleep so I started taking it in the morning instead of in the evening and it helped. Unexpected SE: It decreased my heart rate pretty significantly (40bpm) for the first two days. I also had a nagging lower back pain prior to taking it and that went away entirely. I have been taking it for nearly a year now and it has really helped, not only with panic anxiety and difficulty breathing, but it also improved my mood. I’d recommend it, but keep in mind, this may not be the SSRI for you, but another brand may work better. “

“So I tried a Effexor and amitripalyine before my doctor switched me to sertaline(generic Zoloft) and although it took a few weeks, I began noticing improvements. It is not a magic pill at all. I still had depressed days, but I noticed slight improvement each month I continued taking it. All anti depressants are frustrating at the start due to the fact that your doctor is tweaking the dosage to balance out the side effects and effectiveness. For me it took around 2-3 months to get the dosage just right. Felt super depressed on a low dose and had a myriad of side effects on the highest does. I believe the highest dosage is 200mg daily and I take 100mg once daily. What made this medication effective for me was having depression compounded with PTSD. Some anti depressants are used for depression and ptsd and some are not. It’s very important to know that everybody reacts differently to medications so it’s important to keep an open mind and communicate with your doctor honestly. If I did not advocate for myself than I would have settled for one of the other anti depressants I tried. Zoloft works great for me and it has greatly improved my quality of life. For anybody in the early stages of getting the dose right, keep fighting and remain patient.   “

Zoloft (sertraline) for Social Anxiety Disorder: “I’ve taken Zoloft for 3 years. I‘ve been taking 100mg a day and I can tell you it helped me so much with my anxiety. However, if you choose to take this medication, it will 100% deplete your sex drive. Like to the point where the thought of sex makes you cringe. I’m a 29 year old female and I feel like I’m an 80 year old woman with no libido Lol. Being in a relationship this will create major problems. The withdrawal effects if you miss days are also pretty gnarly. Vertigo, anger, sadness etc. but if you’re on top of your refills and taking them on time you won’t experience those effects. I would continue taking this if it wasn’t for what it did to my sex drive. For everything else it worked great. I discontinued Zoloft today and I just started on Wellbutrin since that medication is supposed to help with libido but we’ll see.”


For Anxiety and Stress: “I was dealing with really bad anxiety all of a sudden 2 months ago. I started having sleep apnea. My doctor put me on 50 mg. The first two weeks was the worst two weeks of my life. The symptoms were worse and it was very hard for me to sleep from insomnia. After the first two weeks the third week it got better but there were still some anxiety the fourth week I felt so much better right now I’m on my fifth week and I almost feel as normal as I used to feel. So stick to it because it works. the first two weeks and a half might be the worse but after that everything gets better”

Zoloft (sertraline) for Depression: “I take the generic drug of Zoloft 50 mg daily (time varies). It took about 2 months to work. Before it started working I couldn’t get off my couch 🙁 I’d just lay there and eat! I was MISERABLE! I gained so much weight I started to have trouble cleaning myself! I literally had 5 rolls of fat going up my back! I started Zoloft generic, and after 2 months I found myself at the gym working out. Next thing I know I’m eating less. I also hired a personal trainer. Two additional months go by and now I find myself going to the gym 5-7 times a week. 17lbs dropped! I’m confident! I enjoy the smiles from strangers and no longer feel people are saying bad things about me. However, I did experience a bad side effect. SEVERE HEARTBURN. One day I decided to just swallow the pill and not take it with water. Heartburn came on so bad I swore I was going to DIE! After that I took my zoloft generic meds with water, but the heart burn continued for about a week before going away completely.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Major Depressive Disorder: “To those struggling: please try to stick it out! This is my second time on zoloft – I was on it about 5 years ago and had my depression well-controlled until a recent job loss and move triggered another incident. I dealt with horrible side effects for over three weeks – feeling trapped in bed in the morning with anxiety, incredible nausea, brain fog, the works. I’m only on 25mg (when I was on it before I started on 50 but switched to 25 as 50 made me very sleepy), but the side effects were still a lot to deal with. I’m happy to report that I’ve started to feel normal again this week, and that aside from a bit of morning anxiety, the side effects are gone. While there is no guarantee this drug will work for you, if you are experiencing uncertainty because you are in the throes of med adjustment, there may be relief on the other end. I found forcing myself to work out was really helpful. Anyway, the success stories on this site helped me keep going – maybe they will help you, too!!”


Sertraline reviews: “  I have been struggling with chonic migraines for 20 years. Since hitting menopause migraines & headaches were an almost daily occurence along with constant fatigue, brain fog and almost zero motivation. Many supplements have helped but only in a limited way for a short time. I’ve been taking 50mg of Iodoral daily with L-selenomethionine, zinc, Vitamin E (natural Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Vitamin C and occassional vitamin D for nearly 2 months and I have energy, brain fog has gone and best of all no migraines & no headaches since the day I started the Iodoral – I can’t believe the feeling of wellbeing it’s given me. My constipation has gone as well and I am sleeping really well, I’ve even stopped my estrogen patch without any ill effects. Life is good again. “

“  Written by a patient

The almost instant effect of calmness is absolutely worth the side effects.

This medication really controls my anxiety and how I react to daily situations.

I am much calmer and generally much more in control of my emotions. 

Side effects that have affected me personally have been quite challenging but are nothing in comparison to the anxiety I felt before hand. 

My most notable side effects are 

– Loss of appetite resulting in weight loss (I have lost around 2 stone in just a few months. I will go through phases of not having any interest in food at all for weeks and then returning to normal for a few days. 

– Vivid dreams, nightmares and night sweats. Most nights I will dream of things I am most anxious about happening in reality. I often wake up crying, having a panic attacks and the bed is often soaking wet from night terror sweats. 

– Fatigue. I am quite lethargic but this is welcome after suffering with insomnia beforehand. “

Zoloft (sertraline): “I was prescribed this a couple of months ago for severe anxiety and postpartum depression after an ectopic pregnancy. I felt euphoric for the first few days, and was literally awake for over 48 hours straight. But after the initial side effects wore off I was so thankful for this meditation. I was always against antidepressants and believed I could just ‘get over it’ with my mind…but after losing the baby my anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t function like a normal person. I’d come home from work and hide in my room away from my family, I avoided leaving the house unless I absolutely had to, I’d spend all day exhausting myself. I now feel more like myself than I have in years.”


Zoloft (sertraline): “This med helps me depression so much! I have severe depression and anxiety and it helps with everything – the sadness, irritability, anxiety, social anxiety, you name it. Unfortunately it causes major weight gain. I mean, I gained 40 lbs in a few months so I weaned off of it, lost the weight with no lifestyle changes. Tried other meds but nothing worked as well so I have it another try. Again, weight gain. No lifestyle changes and gained 70lbs in 4 months. Repeat weaning. Repeat weight loss. Became suicidal. Had to go back on the med. remained on it for 9 years gained 150 lbs and remained stable there. Recently went off again and I’m trying to find another med because I can’t handle obesity but can’t find another med that works as well!”


The second  batch of 10 Sertraline reviews

“  I’ve been taking Sertraline/Zoloft for 5 years to treat depression. I started at 25mg then to 50mg where I stayed for 3 years. After a divorce I moved to 100mg for obvious reasons. For at least a year it seemed to do very well with crying episodes and overall getting through the divorce. Around the year mark the depression became much worse and I was extremely lethargic. I lost interest in everything, including friends and family. I wouldn’t go on dates and it was all I could do to go to work. The odd thing was that I seemingly had everything a single person would want. A lake house, nice car, great job and my choice of who I wanted to date. However, people close to me had no idea that I became a recluse. They all assumed I was having the time of my life. One morning I woke up and felt that I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. I went to the kitchen, leaned over the sink with a large machete to my throat. While trying to decide if it would be better to instead cut my wrist, I stopped and called my doctor. I was surprised to hear her say to come right away to see her. When I drove to her office I was crying my eyes out because I hated who I had become. Thankfully my Dr didn’t give up on me and actually up’d my dosage to 200mg. It honestly saved my life. I soon became depression free with the only side effect of still being lethargic. Also the dizzy brain zaps when I miss a dose. I’m remarried and happy again, but always tired. My Dr. Has put me on a new medicine called Fetzima 20mg and has cut the Zoloft back to 100mg to help with the tiredness. So far so good after 3 weeks. I went through a few dizzy spells, but stuck with it and feel like my old self again. If you or anyone you know has secluded themselves please know that there is hope. The first step is having someone who understands your sickness and that you don’t choose to feel this way. The second step and hardest thing to do IMO is finding and then giving the medicine time to work. Best of luck. “

Zoloft (sertraline): “I was on Zoloft for about 3 years when I was a teenager. It tremendously helped my depression. There were side effects however. My doctor told me that it metabolized slowly and takes a few weeks to notice results.. so in my ignorance, I thought that that’s how long it takes the body to metabolize the stuff. For at least a year there would frequently be times where I’d forget to take my pill in the morning.. sometimes for a few days in a row. So when I remembered that I should take it, I would take 2,3, or even 4 of them to make up for days where I skipped. Like I said, this is only due to my own stupidity. I would end up being awake ALL night long.. completely stung out and not knowing why. I developed Insomnia and pretty much went crazy.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Panic Disorder: “A few months after I turned 19, I started to experience random panic attacks with out a trigger. My heart rate would increase, my breathing became uneasy, and my thoughts became irrational and I felt like I was out of my mind. I felt genuinely hopeless. After consultation with my doctor I seemed to have panic disorder was prescribed 50 mg of zoloft. I will say the first two weeks were AWFUL. My appetite decreased, I was nauseous, and my depression and anxiety elevated. However, afterwards it was like something clicked and my thoughts stopped racing so much and I could experience life again w/o fearing a panic attack. Although I still have some rough days, zoloft has changed my life. If I can sense a panic attack coming, it’s more tolerable and not as scary. A lot of people quit this medication because the first couple weeks of adjusting can be rough. For me, I rode it out and I am relieved that I did. I have been on zoloft for 10 months now and I feel so much better.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Depression: “Its very good drug I think its light on body and pretty much no side affects when starting or stopping the drug”


For Depression: “I have been on APO-Sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks. I have taken AD in the past on and off for 6 years for depression. This AD had been prescribed mainly for grief-depression with depression too. I found taking it in the morning I could not get motivated I felt sluggish so I changed to taking it at PM time with dinner this has helped. It does not keep me awake I wish it did give me energy but no, so changing the time I take it has helped with getting into my system and help coping with systems. I have felt it has helped me move forward and start to enjoy a bit more of life. I don’t think 100mg would be good as 50mg . It has helped change my life already with exercise. I stopped living basically but it has helped want to give things a go again. Doctor has said she would only like me to stay on for 6 months and re-access. I don’t really want to rely as I have noticed I have put on some weight and skin is not the best with thinning hair. Not sure if the later of 2 effects is from AD or change of life.”


“ well i must have had depression for years but didnt really know what was wrong i have everything in life that any person could want wonderful husband son daughter family home,i just couldnt understand why i felt so sad all the time i felt i was under a cloud all the time for years and then i started having anxiety to the point i couldnt even drive my own car i worried about everything i just wasnt happy i actually went to my doctor crying and told him i dont know whats wrong with me and he put me on zoloft he told me to take it every day and you will feel better with a few weeks and gave me xanax until the zoloft kicked in well he was right with in a few weeks i felt like a new me its like a light light came on and i can see so clearly now i dont ever want to stop taking has been a little over a year since i have been taking it and i am happy as ever just wish i would have been on it years ago it really has worked for me.  “

“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) 

I was put on Zoloft after spending two weeks in total panic and passing out twice. Went to ER and didn’t know what was happening with me until it clicked me. Went to my doctor and was prescribed Zoloft 50mg and Diazepam 5 mg. The first week was bad with the side effects but I was already lying in bed in desperation; couldn’t leave the house and needed someone to be with me in case I would pass out again. I was so scared. Today is day 14 since I started zoloft and the anxiety is still here but not as strong. It takes time and every day I feel its benefits. Hang in there and give it some time to work.”

“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS; CFIDS; M.E.) 

Have been dealing with sever anxiety and depression for a few years, lexapro made me more depressed, Wellbutrin made my anxiety worse, but Zoloft has been a life saver!! Not only has my depression& anxiety gotten better, my chronic nail biting habit has stopped and my migraines have significantly gotten better. So to everyone who is saying it’s a horrible drug, I’m sorry that you had that experience, but don’t discourage other from trying it. Everyone’s body is different. It might just change someone’s life like it did for me. Push through the first few weeks. The nausea and insomnia will get better if the drug is right for your body.”

Zoloft (sertraline): “Well I went to my Doctor and asked for medication for general anxiety and depression. I was prescribed Zoloft. I took it with a meal and about two how’s later, I felt like I was having a heart attack as I had chest pain, racing Pulse and palpitations. And I took my Blood Pressure and it was 140/90, Pulse 110. My usual Blood Pressure is 106/70, pulse 75. After about 6 hours, I began to feel OK again thank goodness. I will not be taking this medicine ever again. Going good back to my Doctor and asking for another medicine.”


For Generalized Anxiety Disorder: “Sertraline is an amazing drug that eradicated my anxiety/panic attacks with no side effects! This drug saved my life!”


“ I’ve always resisted taking any medication and never wanted to give into it. My day to day was getting so bad that I would cry at the drop of a hat, over practically nothing. I was argumentative to everyone and always negative. My doctor started me on 25mg of Sertraline (generic) and its like the heavens have opened up. I’m so look much happier and positive. I very rarely cry if at all, and only when warranted. I haven’t had any side effects at all. I take it in the mornings when getting ready. Part of the routine. I can’t believe I was so stubborn all those years. I’m sure I missed out on a lot of life. My OCD is reduced, my social anxiety is reduced, I’m finding that I’m even becoming more bold in trying new things. I took a flight from California to Texas by myself which I would have NEVER done prior to taking this medicine. EVER!. LIFE IS GREAT NOW!  “

“  I’ve had no problems with side effects from sertraline; it compares well to fluoxetine and citalopram, which I have used before. I’m currently using 100mg daily, and am considering increasing to 150mg daily.“

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Panic Disorder: “My neurologist prescribed this to me because I was having anxiety and panic attacks a lot of stress with college and relationships etc. It made me feel like a zombie I couldn’t get out of bed. I would get very very nauseous, and I would have tremors and chills especially in my legs. Ask you doctor for a second opinion and another medication Zoloft isn’t a good recommendation”


“  I have taken this medication for over 13 years. I never had any suicidal or negative feelings when I started taking it. I just got extremely irritated with people and thought I was as strong as superman to take on anyone; I had a very short temper. This medication has been very effective for me. I have tried to reduce the dose to completely eliminate it, but once I do not take the full dose, my supermen strength returns. “

“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) 

I was prescribed 50mg sertraline (Zoloft) 10 weeks ago for serious depression and anxiety. The first month was awful, I would wake with choking anxiety and felt a dark hole swallowing me up. I felt 10 times worse than I had and felt suicidal. I didn’t feel like eating and was zapped of all energy. I looked up help articles and read that it could be up to 5 or 6 weeks before I would begin to feel better. I just about hung on, I kept telling myself my brain was playing tricks on me, give it one more week. Its scary to realise how bad they can make you feel. Into week 5 I felt the anxiety dropping off a bit and the darkness wasn’t as bad. I’m on week 10 now and having insomnia, nighttime munchies and don’t want to think about anything. I’m still depressed but it’s good not to have the intense anxiety. I want to stop taking them but the thought of having crippling anxiety back scares me.”

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Major Depressive Disorder: “I have a genetic problem breaking this medication down therefore I was on a very low dose – 12.5 mg. It caused me severe side effects and had to discontinue. I had a hard time standing, was dizzy, nauseous, suicidal, extremely tired, easily angered. It gave me tachycardia, made my migraines worse, and gave me blisters on my face around my mouth/chin. It did help with restless legs. The only other treatment I’ve had success with are ketamine infusions. Unfortunately they are much more expensive. I know my experience sounds awful but most will not react how I did. Everyone’s body is slightly different so it’s worth a try!”


“Zoloft (Sertraline) for Depression 

This was my first experience with Antidepressants. The drug effects were terrible, sinister to the extreme.Insomnia, face swelling, body twitching, tremors, demonic dreams so vivid that even the withdrawals of opiates mixed with benzo , are in comparison angelic dreams.I called the cretin Doctor very angry, since he told me , that it takes at least 6 weeks to see any improvement.I just compared my prior mental state and I was 100% time better,before I was put on this disgusting medicine.This drug has so many side effects, that I am quite puzzled how can they help someone in the long term.I never felt so bad in my life. No natural sadness can be compared with the gamut of side effects that this poisonous medicine brings.”

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Depression: “I have been on Zoloft for more then 20 yrs. Over the last 6-8 months I have had increased side effects. Diarrhea, loss of appetite, not sleeping, sleeping too much just laying around waiting for the next trip to the bathroom. I had blood work, colonoscopy, endoscopy, you name it. Nothing! I read up on Zoloft side effects. Bingo! I started tapering off. Already…all of my symptoms are improving. It’s been only three days Depression is the same.”


Sertraline reviews

The third batch of 10 Sertraline reviews

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Panic Disorder: “I took Zoloft for 5 years, I went off it 9 weeks ago and now I can’t sleep, I have panic attacks day and night, I see a new psychiatrist in 2 weeks, considering asking for something else, life sucks with all the panic attacks, always afraid of thoughts that I can’t seem to get out of my head, I have issues leaving my house, and being around groups of people.”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews): “I started Zoloft after being on citalopram. Citalopram worked the best for me but due to my age, my GP wouldn’t raise the dose after 25mg stopped helping. I’ve been on Zoloft since around February or so and it’s increased my anxiety dramatically. To the point that I can’t sleep and I’m writing this at 4:49am. I also noticed I started to struggle with death anxiety A LOT which I hadn’t had problems with in the past. I am still taking Zoloft but will hopefully be changing medication in the next few weeks.”


Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Depression 

I’ve suffered from depression my entire life but the last 3 and a half years have been a nightmare. I also couldn’t find the right combination of meds. I became suicidal. I was put on Welbutrin and while it halted the downward spiral, I still wanted to die and would have sudden, severe suicidal episodes. I was referred to a psychiatrist and he recommended pairing Welbutrin with Zoloft. I’m extremely sensitive to meds so he started me out on 25mg and then bumped it to 50mg. Within 2 weeks, my death wish and suicidal thoughts had decreased drastically. It’s been a month now and the dark thoughts are completely gone. I’ve had occassional night sweats but nothing compared to the frequency I experienced on a higher dose of Welbutrin. I also tend to wake up in the middle of the night, but as time has progressed, it’s been easier going back to sleep. Libido has drastically decreased though. All in all, I think it’s been very helpful, I had no idea how dark my state of mind was until I came out on the other side

Sertraline was one of the most effective antidepressant medications I’ve tried. I was however unable to continue using it alongside Ropinirole, which is a dopamine agonist I was prescribed for restless legs syndrome. Although Sertraline is classed as an SSRI it also acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor (so technically it’s an SSDRI), which is why it was interfering with Ropinirole but the dopamine aspect also seems to make it more effective as an antidepressant medication than standard SSRIs I’ve tried (Citalopram and Escitalopram) and much better than some non-standard antidepressants like Mirtazapine.

The side effects on the starting dose of 50 mg for me were some moderate headaches for the first few days as well as noticeably increased levels of anxiety, which are particularly distressing when trying to deal with a severe depressive episode and adjusting to an antidepressant medication for the first time. With having to switch from this and onto other antidepressants a number of times I found that it was easier to start on half the initial dose for the first week and then only increase to the full prescribed dosage. This gives the body and brain a bit longer to adjust to the chemical changes such medications induce and this method also helped reduce the anxiety-related side effects for me.

I was eventually on 100 mg per day, which helped reduce my long-term depression for all the time I was using it. I found that it was effective for moderate to severe levels of depression in my case. “

Zoloft (sertraline reviews): “I’ve taken Zoloft for several years: once to help with OCD when I was younger and more recently to help with depression. Overall I definitely experienced less crying and general hopelessness on Zoloft. I still had my bad days but in general it’s manageable. The biggest side effect was the weight gain. I gained about 20 lbs in a year. I also felt like I sweat easier on this medication, especially my palms. This was pretty minor though. I’m switching to another medication due to the weight gain and I will say the withdrawals from Zoloft are tough. My emotions were really heightened and anything could make me cry. Be sure to tell your loved ones that you’ll need some extra support as you taper off.”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Panic Disorder: “Zoloft has worked wonders for me”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews ) for Social Anxiety Disorder: “I have been on zoloft now for 7 years. In that time I stopped taking it 2 times. I have diagnosed social anxiety and OCD. Here is what I can tell you. When I started to take Zoloft I was 18 years old. The first month it did little, but after that it changed my life. I became more social. Intrusive thoughts are gone. I have control over my life. I stopped taking them twice because I thought that I’m cured. The withdrawal was both times somewhat manic. But after a few months all my symptoms came back. I had come to a conclusion that I just need Zoloft to function. If it’s for life to be functional then so it be. Life is much better with these medication. For all people that are new to this drug you must know that it takes some time to kick in. But like I said, it is worth it. Side effects for me are occasional – can sleep more than 8 hours, but yet again, I was always a good sleeper. Wish you all the best. My dose 100mg”


“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Depression 

I started zoloft mainly for chronic depression. I had anxiety as well, but it wasn’t as debilitating as my depression, mostly social/overthinking. The night I took zoloft (50mg) I woke up around 8 hours later, out of the blue, restless. I was tossing and turning for about 15 minutes and when I got up to tinkle I started to have a panic attack out of NOWHERE. My heart was racing, I felt like I was going crazy, which just triggered the symptoms on a loop. I hadn’t been apprehensive about the meds at all, & I’d only had a panic attack like that once, 3 years prior after a brownie. For the next 3 weeks, I was insomniac & couldn’t go a day without having a mild panic attack even though I halved the dose to 25mg. I had to have someone sleep with me to calm me down. It was an absolute nightmare. VERY IMPORTANTLY, there were also a few nights where I woke up out of the blue feeling like I HAD to kill myself IMMEDIATELY. I’ve been suicidal from a tender age but NEVER felt such an insistent voice telling me I MUST die randomly, out of the blue. Suicidal idealization was normal for me, but NOT like that. My dad encouraged me to stick out the medication (the 6wk trial period).”

“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Panic Disorder 

I am 18 years of age, diognosed with severe panic disorder, GAD, mild depression and ADHD. Before taking zoloft i was taking lexapro, then before that, cymbalta, luvox and and first logan. Zoloft has been quite tricky for me to find the right dose, as i started on 25mg, then 50, 75 and then 100mg, i had felt that taking 100mg was too much and i felt very drugged, as well as the same occurrence taking the 75mg but less severe. I’m currently on 50mg and it feels like it is the right amount to reduce, only slightly, my panic disorder. At the moment Zoloft is the medication that is helping the most at the moment and i am still yet to find after 2 1/2 years to find an antidepressant that will be a effective antidepressant. Overall, zoloft for the time being has had the most positive effects on me so far.   “

“I have depression due to a chemical imbalance. The reason that I know it is a chemical imbalance is because I have a very stressfree and happy life otherwise. When I went into my depression I was crying everyday and I could not get up and do anything, everthing I tried to do like loading the dishwasher or blowdrying my hair felt like I was trying climbMt.Everst The night I started taking 50 mg of zoloft the crying stopped immediatly the next day, had flat feelings for a couple of weeks, then slowly but surely everyday I could tell a difference and today 1 month later I feel great now! Back to normal. I will never stop taking zoloft. I love it! Hope this helps someone   “

Zoloft (sertraline): “I was prescribed this medicine in 2004 to help with depression. Instead of getting better I progressively got worse and my psychiatrist’s answer was to put me on Xanax. Long story short, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Turns out I have bipolar II and since I wasn’t on a mood stabilizer I essentially lost my mind. Horrible experience.”


“ Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Anxiety

After suffering from anxiety my whole life, I finally decided to start medication. My doctor recommended sertaline because I was breastfeeding. I cannot believe how good I feel. I have been on it for over 6 months now and do not think I have any negative side effects now. Starting the medication was rough. I had insomnia, headaches and it felt like I was over anxious (like my heart was racing). Everytime I increased my dose, these symptoms would come back. Once I get through those symptoms, I feel great  “

“Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Depression 

Prescribed 50mg daily for depression. Seemed to work well enough, however I experienced some pretty intense emotional blunting. It negatively affected my relationship with my partner as I was much less affectionate and no longer felt the same need for physical or emotional intimacy as them. I just felt blah 24/7 and didn’t really have any ups or downs. Without the depressive feelings, I was able to be a lot more productive, but it completely reduced my desire to socialize which negatively affected a lot of my relationships. TLDR: Works good for depression if you don’t mind having no feelings.   “

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Social Anxiety Disorder: “I am a 39yr old male, and I have been on Zoloft for around 2.5 months. It has been life changing so far, for which I am extremely grateful. I am more comfortable around people during work meetings (something I found very hard previously) and my anxieties have reduced dramatically. I have also been lucky to have had almost no side effects on 50mg, just a little bruxism and occasional insomnia, but the benefits FAR outweigh these minor complaints. I scoured the internet before I started taking it, reading reviews like these, and now I wanted to share my own experience. I *highly* recommend trying Zoloft. Give it at least 7 weeks.”


“  Zoloft (Sertraline) for Depression 

I have been struggling for 10 years with depression, severe anxiety, severe panic disorder, driving anxiety and just about every other possible awful thought that one could have. I started on Zoloft at 50 mg and the first week was ROUGH to say the least.. I almost admitted myself to the hospital that’s how bad it was but when I tell you it works I promise you just push through the heightened anxiety or panic or mania. my life has changed soooo much and ive only been on this drug for about a month, upped my dose to 100 9 days ago and no bad side effects when I upped my dose only the initial getting on it. I am feeling much more energized, happy, feel myself smiling for no reason and just cheerful! I know that I still have a long way to go because I am not even at my target dose just yet but wow has it helped. please please please people if you are struggling push through the first two weeks at least! I lived in a very dark cold hopeless place and was ready for life to just stop and then it did get worse before it got better with this drug so just know there is hope and IT WILL get better and the effects will go away! “

The fourth batch of 10 Sertraline reviews

Zoloft (sertraline reviews): “I was prescribed Zoloft 25mg a day for Depression and Anxiety/panic attacks. I was also having severe insomnia at the time and really bad anger problems. From the first day I took Zoloft, my anger almost completely went away. I wasn’t upset by things that normally annoyed me anymore. Another plus I noticed almost immediately was the lift in mood. I had great success raising my mood and lifting depression in the first few weeks of this drug. However I stopped taking Zoloft after 4 weeks because the negatives were far outweighing the positives. My insomnia and panic attacks got WAY worse, it was horrifying. I went to the ER because I had the worse panic of my life and thought I was dying. Sleep was impossible. Now I’m trying Remeron.”


“ Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS; CFIDS; M.E.)

Awful experience similar to MDMA. Rushing feelings, clenched jaw, increased anxiety, worsening of palpitations, ejaculation failure it was just terrible. I only took one dose but the side effects were so severe I will never take another antidepressant again. Everyone is different, but for me therapy (CBT) is far more beneficial for general anxiety and panic attacks. Think very carefully about taking this drug, might it be better to reduce other chemicals in the body (alcohol, caffine, illicit drugs) before pumping more into your sysyem. “

“  Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Depression 

I took this drug first at 50mg and later at 100mg for roughly two and half months for my depression and light anxiety issues that mainly revolved around mood and motivation, and while i’m sure it does work for some, i found no positive effects. The side effects seem to outweigh the desired ones however, as i had trouble sleeping and with my stomach, while noticing no change with my condition. Before transferring to sertraline i had tried fluoxetine which seemed to have a more noticeable effect with less side effects. I’d encourage looking at other options before considering zoloft, as my doctor and i have recently decided to start me back on fluoxetine again at a higher dose instead. “

Zoloft (sertraline reviews) for Panic Disorder: “Zoloft is a miracle worker. I am 20 years old, and I have had extreme panic attacks/anxiety for 3 years and never took any medication for it. It finally got to a point where I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without freaking out thinking I was going to pass out or die. I finally went to my OBGYN and she prescribed me Zoloft. My family and all the reviews scared me out of taking it and finally one day I had enough. I took it 8 months after I was prescribed and it changed my life. I had ZERO side effects and after 2 weeks I was wondering if it was even working. About 3 weeks into taking it I realized I just went to the bathroom without freaking out and I just drove home without a panic attack! It was the best feeling in the world. I take 25 mg every morning and life feels back to normal like I was when I was 16. I feel like I can do anything. If you are hesitant about taking Zoloft DON’T BE! Try it. I wish I would have taken it sooner. This stuff is a life saver.”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews): “I have Bipolar I with severe depressive episodes lasting up to 16 months. Zoloft was a last ditch effort to improve my depression; I was formerly on Luvox and found it too sedating and less effective after being on it for over a decade. So far, I have had 15 days without severe depression after being on Zoloft for one month. I think it’s working. I am tired but I am not sure if that is the Zoloft or something else as I am on several medications for psychiatric problems.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “I used to cry uncontrollably, be extremely irritable, uncomfortable in my body, lethargic, so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed, have suicidal ideation, etc. Now with Zoloft I have NONE of those symptoms anymore. My relationships are no longer being torn apart. I don’t feel embarrassed by illogical mood swings or uncontrollable blabbering. I don’t cry myself to sleep. I feel happy, optimistic, peaceful and completely BALANCED. Zoloft had given me my life back. I had to stop taking it for 2 months due to a different health issue. ALL of my symptoms returned. I was basically losing my mind for two months. A couple of weeks back on Zoloft and I was again calm, happy, peaceful. I don’t have any noticeable side effects. I started at 25mg for the first 5 months (still got quite lethargic and depressed) and now I am on 50mg and I’m like all those women running through fields in white dresses”


“  After reading previous reviews, I certainly can see we all have different metabolisms–thats why it’s important to have a trustworthy and competent dr. overseeing ones treatment. A chemical imbalance is ultimately responsible for a lot of our symptoms. Apprehension about seeking help is our 1st hurdle. We shouldn’t let a bad experience with any (1) drug or type of drug deter us from finding relief. I myself, need to change my medication usually annually. (apparently I build up a tolerance). As I sense it happening, I freely and openly discuss with my personal physician and we either have tried a different med. or upped dosage at times. Over the last 8yrs. we have found that going back and forth between Paxil and Zoloft works best for my metabolism. Prozac and Climadyn weren’t well tolerated (got worse). So, in conclusion, I like to say don’t give up–you don’t have to live life being depressed, anxious etc.. but it may take a few tries to find what chemical may be active, inactive, overactive in your system. KISS – KEEP IT(life) SIMPLE SWEETY! p.s. someday our dna will enable us to quickly and absolutely know what our bodies are in need of, in excess of, etc.. until then its trial and error, and my dr. I’ve chosen to trust. My own knowledge isn’t always enough. Again seek help if you are having depression, anxiety or other problems — the answer could be 1 appt. away  “

“  Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) 

I have severe anxiety. Like severe. Nothing causes it. I’m 17 years old and have had anxiety for my whole life. I finally realized what was going on when I was in like 6th grade. I did all the natural things first than finally decided to go on medication. I was nervous because I didn’t want to rely on it. It’s changed my life. I felt so amazing and less tense all the time. I was always calm. I went off of it for about three months and wow, do not do this… well I don’t know our bodies are different but I had the worst anxiety ever. Panic attacks to the full extreme every night. About 3 times a day. Like full blown panic attacks. I’m finally back on the medication it takes around 6 weeks to kick back in and I’m slowly getting back to normal. No more panic attacks but still feel anxious at times. It’s an amazing drug. But it may not be right for you. I personally have no side effects. You do get withdrawals if you go off of it for a couple days-week. May feel a little weak, off and dizzy. It’s not fun!! So don’t do that!  “

“My story goes like this : In December my life was turned upside down, my best friend got killed. Like most people I cried, but then got on with my life .. until 6 weeks ago : I found myself sitting on my balcony 14 stories high at 7am planning to kill myself. I had wrote a letter to my parents and my friends apologising for letting them down. I stood from my balcony and attempted to jump. I didn’t, something stopped me, as I didn’t want to die. Baring in mind this depression came on so quickly .. I went to bed, and woke up with these awful thoughts. I rang my doctors in tears, they got me to see somebody straight away…. and I can honestly say … I have never looked back. These 50mg tablets are the best thing that has happened to me”


“  Sertraline has definitely changed my life for the better and has enabled me to control very disruptive OCD symptoms. I have suffered relatively few side effects, but the side effects definitely would make me consider if I definitely wanted to take the medication or remain at such a high dose. In my case, for the moment it is absolutely necessary, but it is worth considering.

I began with 50mg a day and suffered quite severe side effects for about a week – sickness, diarrhoea, brain fog, dry mouth, jaw clenching, headache, vision impairment. This also happened each time I increased my dosage, which was slightly reduced when I went up by 25mg a time instead of 50 until I reached 200mg.

Side effects that have remained include jaw clenching, overheating, random bruising. The most disruptive is overheating as this happens a number of times on a daily basis. (feels as if heat is radiating through my body, light headed, nausea occasionally). However, the benefits outweigh the side effects for me. “

“  Zoloft (Sertraline) for Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS; CFIDS; M.E.) 

I began taking Zoloft while pregnant due to extreme anxiety & OCD. I was absolutely terrified as I had never taken a medication before. It was initially rough & took a few weeks to actually ease my anxiety & obsessive thoughts. I increased from 25mg to 50mg & was able to function again. I still have anxiety but the medication definitely helps me to handle my feelings. I know I could increase & that would address the lingering anxiety but I’m comfortable at 50mg. It definitely helped me to get out of a very difficult dark period of anxiety. I’m glad I decided to take it. “

For Anxiety and Stress: “This drug has truly given my life back. I am so grateful please try it, I cannot believe how great I feel.”


Zoloft (sertraline reviews): “Long story short I finally felt compelled to try anti depressants. I had experienced depression for a couple of years and had bouts of anxiety. Last straw were symptoms similar to bipolar disorder. Like mania. I had been so reluctant to try meds. But man I’m glad I did. I’m sad I didn’t try them before. My life these couple years would have been so much better, less traumatic. I started 50 mg of sertraline in July. Right away I noticed my mood improved. I used to be short tempered. Now I am more patient. I stopped crying every two days out of frustration due to my sons tantrums or misbehaviour.( challenging toddler) or from feeling overwhelmed with house work. Little by little that fog of depression started to dissipate. I am happy now.”


“I started taking 50 mg. Zoloft on Nov. 3 of this year (2016). After two days, I broke the tablet in half and felt much better. I have taken 25 mg. every morning since Nov. 5. Aside from a couple of episodes of anxiety and anger, I have felt much better. I believe the Zoloft is working. I had serious road rage, and I would explode in anger at home. I tried very hard to hold my anger inside me until I was alone. Then I would scream and carry on like a maniac for a few minutes. Then I would cry in helplessness and shame for a few minutes. Finally, I talked to my internist, and she suggested Zoloft. I am very grateful that this medicine is working for me. I am calmer and nicer; I much more patient than I was prior to mid-November.”


Zoloft (sertraline): “I was prescribed 50 mg to start, and went in with an open mind. After one day I decided it wasn’t for me. Maybe 50 mg was too much for me, as I am sensitive to medicine? Anyways, I felt so miserable all day. My head was super foggy and I couldn’t think clearly. I don’t know how to describe other than just feeling so horrible and wanting to feel normal again. I couldn’t do much of anything all day except lay on the floor or bed and feel miserable. I also experienced major TMJ jaw- I wasn’t able to get my jaw to relax. I took a hot shower and almost fainted. It was hard for me to see how this would make me feel better ever, even though I know some people do have success with it. I just couldn’t bring myself to take it again the next day.”


“ Zoloft (Sertraline reviews) for Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) 

Zoloft is amazing! I’m 39 years old and have had anxiety as long as I can remember. I’ve never wanted to try meds until my Psychilogist convinced me to try a small dose. I’ve been in 50mg a day for 8 months and I have never felt better. I can’t even describe how good it feels to not live in constant worry day after day. I didn’t realize how bad I was until I started to feel “normal.” The side effects for the first couple weeks were pretty bad but I still went to work and was able to function. I had no appetite what so ever, tired, a couple panic attacks and some headaches. Around 2 weeks all the side effects stopped and I feel great! I know not every drug works for everyone but I would encourage anyone with anxiety to at least give a try and try to make it through the side effects.  “

The fifth batch of 10 Sertraline reviews

Zoloft (sertraline): “Zoloft was the first anti-depressant I tried and it worked well enough that I stuck with it. The first 2-3 weeks were difficult. I found myself yawning constantly, extremely drowsy, having no appetite, nauseous when I DID eat, thinking about doom and death. But those were side effects that all eventually subsided. I feel a lot better because I have more control over my emotions and anxiety. I cry much less now and don’t lie in bed at night thinking about suicide as much anymore. I went down in dosage from 75 mg because I felt a little too muted, like things that were REALLY supposed to bother me didn’t, and the nausea on 75 mg really sucked. I was finding myself vomiting for no reason. 50 mg has been good to me the last 6 months.”


“ I probably was always prone to mild depression and the odd mood, but the strain of looking after my aged and ill father for about 4 years 24/7 took it’s toll. As my wife said at times it was like treading on eggshells with me. I was put on 50mg of Sertraline and after a week or two I felt human and happy again. I came off the tablets last week after about 3 years (had tried after one but it was too soon) and feel fine. If I suffered any side effects then not sure what as some things could be put down to getting older although not too old, just coming up 59, but feeling tired at times and yawning is about as bad as it got. Maybe some colic but easily sorted with the very occasional domperidone pill. Anyway for me Sertraline was good.   “

“  There is a difference between sertraline and Zoloft (generic vs. brand name). Not all sertraline manufacturers are the same. I take the one made by aurobindo. After taking it for over a year (after a 15 yr break from name brand Zoloft which didn’t give me any trouble), I started waking up with severe anxiety a few mornings/week. I feel like something terrible is going to happen and had to take an inventory of what’s going on for the day so I could calm down.I have breakthrough depression where I’m depressed for twenty minutes or so, then it just disappears for days. I get really tired but have trouble sleeping. I also get hitting pains through the side of my head and more “regular” headaches on top of my typical migraines. I’ve checked on this and there are issues with the generic. I’m going to see if I can switch to the original Zoloft or ask Walgreens to change manufacturers. Look up your manufacturer, check out other people’s experiences and print it out to show your doc if you need to. We all know that some don’t like to listen to patients. The first generic manufacturer was green-something. I did get an *extremely* dry mouth and eyes, but after a few months it got better.  “

Zoloft (sertraline) for Depression: “I was placed on zoloft after being on citalopram for 3 years. I was on 25 mg Zoloft for about a week and bumped to 50mg for 21 days. Then bumped to 75 mg where I’ve been for 3 weeks. So about 7 weeks total. My anxiety is gone & I’m way more mellow. I had two job interviews and didn’t have any panic or meltdowns. So that’s great. I noticed I’m way more apathetic and that my libido is gone. I still have days where I’m empty feeling (even though I have tons of friends and family that I adore) and where I cry. I also feel very spacey at times. I function okay I think and I am able to take care of errands, the household, and my child. I may lower back down to 50mg if I continue to feel numb on 75 mg after 8 weeks. This medicine isn’t scary, don’t be afraid to try it. Please also remember that it takes months for it to start working and some people stop taking this medicine early before it could of begun to help.”


“I was taken off Citalopram after a relapse into depression due to bereavement issues and put on to Sertraline, initially 50mg/daily. This didn’t work and so, on my GP’s advice, my daily dose was increased to 75mg. This dose has also proved ineffective but, worse than that, it has triggered severe insomnia. As I write this, I have been awake for 22 hours straight and still don’t feel like sleeping. I have also lost my appetite. I have taken many medications throughout my life (I am 56) but Sertraline is the only one where I have experienced any side-effects. I would be wary about taking this medicine.”


“Reading the comments on this forum I have come to a conclusion that a lot of people do not give this drug time to work! It’s an older drug than many on the market and has come very much the choice of doctors in the U.K. Again as it’s range of doses is long example 25mg to 200 mg so it’s not a massive heavy drug, and to many people read all the negative comments on forums regarding not just sertilne but other ADs, as my doctor has said many times there is no true happy pill in the world.”


“ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS/INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS/DEPRESSION. Thought I’d state the things I had been suffering from quite severely, rather than choose one category! I normally don’t post things like this, but I was once too in the same position as whoever is reading this, so want to help. I had been suffering with anxiety for years, along with panic attacks, and it all got worse when I started to have these so called ‘intrusive thoughts’, causing me to feel very depressed. I was very skeptical about taking any kind of medication, BUT I have to admit sertraline helped me get back on track of being ME AGAIN! It took a week or two to kick in at all, before then I was having the not so nice side effects, BUT JUST KEEP WITH IT! Been on it for 2 months.”


For Depression: “My symptoms were anxiety, depression & intrusive/repetitive thoughts. I struggled initially with side effects when starting on 50mg (deepened depression, headaches, dry mouth & insomnia), which I had reduced to 25mg during week 1, which I found helped. Week 2, I raised again to 50mg and the side effects began to wear off. I continued on 50mg until week 4 and showed small signs of improvement (sleeping longer, reduced anxiety and depression), I had good days and bad days! I spoke with my GP, who increased my dosage to 100mg and have been taking for 1 week. I noticed some mild side effects resurfaced initially, but faded after a few days. I am now beginning week 6 and I am beginning to feel fantastic and back to my old self. I have read other posts on here seeking inspiration and positive feedback, so wanted to give something back. If you can get through the early phases and stick with this med 4-6 weeks, and if compatible, the Sun will certainly shine once more.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Social Anxiety Disorder: “I think Zoloft caused permanent brain damage and more depression than I had before. I was only on 50mg for about 3 or 4 months but started having serious memory problems like having no clue where I parked. Not even a general direction. The scariest part was that I noticed when people were talking to me things stopped registering. Like I was trying to listen but couldn’t. I stopped taking it hoping this would go away but it didn’t after over 2 yrs now. And now I’m left with more depression than before and serious cognitive issues. I might not be able to keep my job or function in life anymore. It did make me feel better and be more social but wasn’t worth it.”


Zoloft (sertraline) for Panic Disorder: “I was on Celexa for 6 years for panic disorder, depression and generalized anxiety. After 6 years of being on Celexa, I was really fed up with the sexual side effects and the weight so I switched to Zoloft. I was super skeptical at first, given I was starting a new job at the time and it is never easy to change medication. I sucked up my fears and weaned off the Celexa and started the Zoloft. Unfortunately for me, I have had really bad side effects from Zoloft. My panic disorder and anxiety is through the roof… It has never been this bad before. Additionally, my heart rate is extremely accelerated and causing heart palpitations. I am mad at myself for weaning off the Celexa because it did indeed help with my panic disorder, depression and anxiety. Although I gained weight on Celexa and experienced a lot of negative sexual side effects, I am hoping to get back on it next week! I know Zoloft works for a lot of people (my roommate included) but this was not the drug for me.”


“ Zoloft has worked extremely well for me. I feel like I’m operating at about 90% of my “old” self. I didn’t know if I’d ever feel this good again and I think Zoloft helped immensely with overcoming major depression and anxiety. My symptoms developed about 4-5 years ago and I had tried everything: therapy, supplements, dietary/lifestyle changes, not to mention about 10 different antidepressants (Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Fetzima). I was afraid I was bipolar, or simply couldn’t tolerate antidepressants, or that I was just screwed. Zoloft has been a miracle for me. I have slight nausea and that is it. I take it in the morning. Only 12.5mg and somehow that seems to be enough. I’m shocked. Don’t give up!! Keep trying until one works – there are a lot of them out there.


“ Taken to treat borderline personality disorder, bipolar and high anxiety levels. I am not entirely sure what this drug is used for specifically or the details of how it actually works. I have had the above diagnoses for the last 20 years or so. While I do still experience low mood days I note these are less frequent and last for shorter periods of time. I have also noticed that my anger levels are lower and I am better able to manage situations now. My anxiety levels have definitely become lower so all in all I think it is fair to say I am having very positive experiences from using this drug.

I do also attend group analysis twice weekly and regularly use the gym. I have also changed my diet so it’s quite difficult to pin down just how much of this is the actual drug as holistically, I am taking much better care of myself. Changing my diet to a healthy one has made such a huge and noticeable difference both emotionally and physically.

My age is 47 and I have had a range of mental health issues since teenage years, largely due to a disturbed family background. I hope this is helpful to others and wish you all well in recovery. Great site, and fantastic idea. Well done and very happy to contribute. Simon.  “

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