Serial Monogamist (A complete review)

In this brief article, we’ll describe a “Serial Monogamist”, the difference between dating serial monogamists and serial daters, what’s like dating a serial monogamist.

Finally, we’ll highlight how to get rid of fear & confusion of dating a serial monogamist.  


A serial monogamist is a person who always wants to be in a relationship, but they like committing to one person at a time.

Everybody has their own views of dating and relationships, some like to be with someone and commit to that person to the rest of their lives and some people like to date for a while before committing to a person.

There are some people who are afraid of commitments and there are some who are afraid of being alone or can’t stand being alone.

It depends on person to person about their beliefs and views.

Here are some signs on a serial monogamist:

A serial monogamist ends a relationship, a committed relationship, right before starting a new relationship or starting dating.

It seems that these people are afraid of being alone or single.

  • They don’t play, they like being in a committed relationship:

Serial monogamists don’t play with people’s emotions or play any dating games, they become comfortable easily and remain in committed relationships. They can’t wait too long before being committed to a person.

  • They value comfort, commitment, and communication:

They get easily comfortable with the other partner and want to get committed to them, and they demand the same as well.

They always like to communicate with their partners more often and demand the same from them as well and they don’t like or expect to take the relationship lightly.

  • Dependent:

These individuals are known to be emotionally dependent on their partners, and not just on their partners, it’s more likely that they are dependent on their family and friends for emotional support and validation.

It’s possible that they may have been dependent on their roommates back in their college times.

  • They talk about their ex a lot:

Usually, a person mourns after the breakup but serial monogamists jump to another relationship instantly and therefore, they couldn’t get the chance to get over with their previous relationships.

Hence, they talk about them a lot.

  • They easily get consumed in the relationship:

A serial monogamist can easily get consumed with the current relationship, they are all in there from the starting and they get pretty intense very easily from the very start.


  • Serial Monogamists are the people who jump from one relationship to another instantly, while serial daters are the people who keeps on dating from one person to another and avoids commitment.
  • A serial monogamist, if someone breaks up with them, goes insane until they are in another relationship. And if they are the one who dumps other people, they make sure that there is another person in line before they break up with them.
  • A serial dater, on the other hand, is afraid of long term relationships or even find it foolish, and therefore he keeps on having fun and changing partners like he is changing clothes.


Dating a serial monogamist is not a bad thing at all, being in a relationship can be good enough as they are the most loyal, thoughtful, intense and caring partners of all time.

For them, their partners are the priority and they know exactly what will make them happy, and they just do that.

Being with a serial monogamist will give a lifetime experience of attention, love, and care.

They don’t like the idea of giving up so easily, they believe in “working it through” rather giving up so easily.

These people will not get upset on a very small or minor fights with their partners.

They may seem to be very much out there and over the top sometimes, it’s because they keep their partner’s happiness the priority and can do anything to make them happy and get going.

For them being in a relationship is all about dedication and they dedicate themselves to their partners.

They are not like all the other partners out there, they cannot do what others do, they try to be unique and do things that nobody will ever think of doing.

They don’t usually go crazy on Valentine’s day or give the usual gifts like flowers and chocolates.

They will think out of the box and will give something very meaningful to you.


Apart from being all goody and happy being with a serial monogamist, there are always some disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

  • A serial monogamist may never understand the idea of independence in a relationship. As we have understood earlier that these individuals are emotionally dependent on their partners and therefore, finds hard to be on their own in a relationship even for a while.
  • They don’t understand the importance of space in a relationship, they can be sometimes very intense that they forget that the other person may need some space from them. And this might create some issues in the relationship.


Well, there is nothing much to have fear about but some people might get confused about what to do and what not to.

Therefore, the following can help in getting rid of the fear and confusion:

  • Communication:

Communication is the key to having a better relationship, the partners who communicate, get some solutions or the middle ground where they can settle to.

Speak your mind as this will give better clarity in your relationship than talking to other people or hiding things from your partner, this will increase misunderstandings.

  • Psychotherapies:

Couple therapies and relationship therapies would be helpful in letting the confusion and fear of you.

These therapists are very well versed in this subject and they can pull both of you out from this misery on your own without anyone else’s help.

You two and a therapist will be enough for these therapies and in the end your decisions would be the answer to everything. 

Serial Monogamist (A complete review)


In this blog, we’ve described a “Serial Monogamist”, the difference between dating serial monogamists and serial daters, what’s like dating a serial monogamist.

Finally, we’ve highlighted how to get rid of fear & confusion of dating a serial monogamist.

Please feel free to comment below or leave a suggestion, we appreciate your time.  

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Do serial monogamists marry?

Serial monogamists may marry or may not but they stay in a deeply meaningful relationship and not in just some casual relationships.

Is it bad to be a serial monogamist?

It’s not bad to be serial monogamists, but there can be cons of it as it means that they may come into some toxic relationships because of the fact that they cannot live alone.

What makes someone a serial monogamist? 

A serial monogamist is a person who always wants to be in a relationship, but they like committing to one person at a time.


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