Self-Compassion Worksheets (7)

This page displays self-compassion worksheets. Self-compassion worksheet helps individuals increase acceptance, understanding of himself and his emotions and love for himself.

These worksheets are helpful for the individuals for correcting their perceptions about themselves and being kind to themselves.

Some of these self-compassion worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in detail. 

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Discovering My Competencies

Self-compassion is defined as an individual’s ability to understand, accept and love his true self.

Often people find it easy to love others but when it comes to them, they fail to provide the same amount of love for themselves.

Self-compassion plays a very significant role in an individual’s life.

It makes an individual strong, increases acceptance, increases problem-solving and helps the individual heal from mental and physical illnesses including anxiety, insecurities and so forth. 

Self-compassion is referred to as being kind and gentle to oneself, being able to understand oneself, being able to accept oneself the way one is, and acknowledging that one is able to learn and grow from every mistake he makes. Self-compassion increases self-love.

Self-love is important to be able to love others. 

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Changing Perceptions About Self

According to Dr. Kristin Neff, self-compassion is composed of three components.

These three components are self-kindness, mindfulness, and common humanity.

These three things help develop self-compassion in an individual. In her view, self-compassion is opposite to the internal sufferings, pain or self-criticism.

Hard times are inevitable and can not be eliminated from one’s life but the ability to confront these hardships and managing them skillfully can help get rid of them.

Self-compassion plays a major role here. Self-compassion enables the individual to love himself, understand himself, accept the reality and manage the situation using his competencies.

An individual’s thinking patterns, his perspective, and his perceptions determine how well he can deal with unpleasant situations and distressing emotions.

The perception that one can not do anything, one is worthless, one is useless, one will not be able to face the challenges, one will fail and won’t be able to accept his failure, are all self-defeating thoughts.

An individual needs to identify these thoughts and reshape his perceptions about himself.

He needs to focus on his abilities to increase his self-compassion and be strong enough to confront the daily challenges of his life. 

Studies have shown that a positive direct relationship exists between self-compassion with health behavior and physical health.

A negative correlation is found between self-compassion and perceived stress.

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Self Encouraging Activities 

There are multiple ways of increasing self-compassion.

Some useful ways to boost up self-compassion include comforting one’s body by following a healthy and balanced diet, writing a letter to oneself mentioning one’s fears about painful situations and how they would deal with those situations in a healthy way, encouraging oneself and meditating to increase mindfulness.

Self-compassion is very essential for the individual.

It helps encourage the individual, increases the level of satisfaction and happiness, improves body image, enhances self-worth and makes an individual resilient and helps reduce the chances of getting mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety etcetera. 

Some ways to increase self-compassion includes, changing perceptions, viewing one thing form more than one perspective, speaking what the individual is feeling, foreign oneself for the mistakes one had done and learn from those mistakes, spending time doing what the individuals enjoy doing, being non-judgmental, working to avoid judgments and assumptions, taking care of one’s mind and body to increase self-love. 

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Self-Compassion Worksheets

Self-compassion worksheets is a full resource pack that contains about eight different exercises that can help improve self-compassion.

These exercises are explained in detail and are very effective as well as helpful for increasing the self-compassion in an individual.

The exercises included in self-compassion worksheets include; planning ways of treating your friend, self-compassion break that allows the individual to understand and accepts himself by being gentle to oneself, writing a journal to practice self-compassion, identifying and dealing with three different parts of the self viz the criticizer, the criticized and the compassionate observer, modifying the critical self-talk, self-compassion journal for practicing the three components of self-compassion viz mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness, identifying the needs of self and last but not the least, taking care of the caregiver.   

All the eight activities mentioned in this resource pack are very helpful and effective.

You can download this worksheet in the form of pdf from here

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Daily Self Love Worksheet

Daily self-love worksheet is a very simple, engaging and effective worksheet for practicing self-compassion and increasing self-love.

It directs the individual to mention the happening and qualities of oneself that gives him the reason to love himself. 

This brilliant, simple and at the same time very effective worksheet is a great resource for improving self-love which ultimately elevates self-love of the individual.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can download it from this page. 

Self-Compassion Worksheet- My Self Care Plan

My self-care plan worksheet aims to help individuals plan how to take care of themselves, their needs and their competencies.

This worksheet is specifically designed for kids. It helps increase self-compassion and improves their self-esteem.

The worksheet directs the children to plan how they will keep themselves fit, how they can prove to be a good friend, whom they can trust, how they can clam down and relax, how they can maintain cleanliness, things that can make them happy and develop a sense of mastery, identify their goals and values and follow a balanced diet.

This worksheet helps improve self-compassion, self-esteem, trust in self and abilities, problem-solving skills, competencies, and aid in developing positive emotions, positive perceptions and positive image about oneself. 

You can download this worksheet from this page. 

Self-Compassion Worksheet- Shame and Self-Compassion Worksheet

Shame and self-compassion worksheet aim to decrease the feelings of shame and guilt from the individual and enhance his self-compassion.

It enables the individual to view one thing for more than one perspective and perceive things in a more positive way.

It gives an individual a chance to reshape the regretting and shameful thoughts of the individual.

This activity helps the individual change their cognitions and improve their self-compassion. 

This worksheet consists of 4 pages and is a great resource for practicing self-compassion and being able to confront self-defeating thoughts with positive thinking styles.

You can download this worksheet form this site. 

This page provided you with some of the most effective self-compassion worksheets that are helpful in improving self-compassion and reducing self-defeating thoughts, actions and behaviors.

These worksheets are a great source of acknowledging ways in which one can improve his self-compassion and deal with his daily issues mindfully.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated fro reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you. 

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