Self care (A guide)

1In this brief blog, we will be discussing the meaning of self-care, self-care tips, self-care examples, and more information about self-care.

What is the concept of self-care?

The concept of self-care is where one does something for himself or herself that can benefit his or her physical health and mental health.

Good self-care is what leads to a healthy emotional state and minimal anxiety symptoms. 

Self-care is what every person needs to have a good relationship with himself or others.

The capability of doing activities such as learning a new skill, playing musical instruments and other activities that are good for oneself which can be assessed when the person is able to deal with problems in healthy ways and be resilient.

There are different kinds of exercises that a person can do to engage in self-care.

The person will be able to choose the kind of strategy that is good for him or her and hopefully choose the one that can benefit and be done for a lifetime. 

The repeated habits of these self-care strategies will be these ones to bring the optimal physical health and mental health in a person.

This is why it’s best to import these kinds of strategies that are considered to help the person in the long run and make them comfortable with his or her chosen activities.

What is not the concept of self-care?

The concept that is not self-care is an important concept to address, especially if some people out there are merely using these kinds of strategies for their popularity.

This kind of activity shouldn’t be something that you should be persuaded in doing. 

As an expert in self-care stated that self-care shouldn’t be something that is taken from us but something that regains our self in the long run.

This kind of activity is not selfish like most people would think. 

Self-care should be something to refill our strengths back to not only help ourselves but for the sake of others’ wellbeing as well.

With this kind of activity, people will be more likely to help others without condition due to their relief from this kind of activity.

The main guidelines to self-care

First of all, there are main guidelines to follow in order to practice self-care appropriately:

  • Stick to the fundamentals of self-care. In your life, you will choose your own pattern and routine. You will be able to administer more and determine more specific kinds of self-care that work for you.
  • Self-care needs to be something you proactively organize, instead of something that just occurs. It is an active option and you must value it in this respect. You need to add specific activities to your calendar, proclaim your plans to others in order to enhance your commitment, and proactively search for opportunities to practice this kind of activity.A young living diffuser can also help one feel more relaxed and fresh.
  • What most psychologists usually focus on their clients is that keeping a conscious mind is what needs to be taken into account. In this case, if you don’t perceive something as self-care or don’t do something for the purpose of taking care of yourself, it won’t work its benefits as such. You need to be mindful of what you do, how it feels, why you do it, and what the effects are.

As you can see, self-care is different for all people but there are common practices that are being done by people and some of these tips will be discussed below:

  • Make a no list or chart with things you know you don’t like or you no longer need to do. Examples of this kind of tip might involve not checking emails at night, not answering your phone during lunch/dinner, and not attending parties you don’t like
  • Dedicate yourself to a nutritious and healthy diet.
  • Get enough bed rest. Adults often need 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Exercise. In contrast to what many people assume, exercise is as good for our emotional health as it is for our physical health. It enhances serotonin levels which lead to increased mood and energy. In relation to the self-care circumstances, the important thing is that you opt for a kind of exercise that you like
  • Get feedback on your medical care. It is not uncommon to be absent at checkups or visits to the doctor.
  • Use relaxation techniques and/or practice meditation. You can do these kinds of exercises at any period of the days. You can even use an emoji stress ball to relieve stress.
  • Spend much needed time with your loved ones.
  • Do at least one relaxing activity daily such as taking a walk or spending 30 minutes relaxing.
  • Do at least one pleasurable thing daily such as from going to the cinema, to cooking or hanging out with friends
  • Search for opportunities to laugh

You can organize a 15-day of engaging in self-care activities.

The engagement and enjoyment of these exercises take time and you can practice patience while you’re at it.

You should also indulge in dead pan humor to lighten your mood.

Input sleep as part of your self-care routine. 

Sleep can make a huge impact on how you feel physically and mentally.

Without that enough sleep, you’re only settling yourself with physical and mental health conditions. 

Stress and some interruptions may disrupt your sleep cycle.

This is why you need to check your sleep routine.

You might be the type of person who drinks coffee before bed which is a no-no in this self-care routine.

Also, you need to minimize your exposure to stress as much as possible. 

If you may be showing signs of work stress, you need to find some options that you can do to relieve yourself at the end of the day.

Or you could ask your boss about your stress and make them minimize some of your workloads and you would compensate for them once you’re well.

You should also make sure your bed is in a comfortable spot where you can get your sleep cycle right.

You should be free from distractions such as your phone and some work files. 

You should also make sure to have curtains that can’t show much of the sun through your room which can give you time to sleep properly.

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Take care of yourself by taking good care of your stomach. 

Your gut is one of the parts that need to be addressed in proper health since this can create an impact on your wellbeing and vitality.

You can do this by taking note of what foods you are eating and making sure they aren’t the bad ones. 

An unhealthy stomach can lead to an unhealthy human being. 

Exercise regularly as a step of your self-care routine. 

Regular exercise has been known to create an impact on your physical health and mental health.

You can do this kind of activity whether you are at the gym or at home where they are tons of exercises you can do such as walking and stretching. 

As mentioned before, you need to choose the routine that is comfortable and right for you.

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Eat well as self-care routine. 

This is in relation to taking care of what we eat for our stomachs.

Eating healthy foods can help people be more active and less passive which can become a flaw in personality that can cause stress. 

The following are some of the best foods that you can add in your meals as a self-care routine such as fatty fish, blueberries, green leafy veggies, nuts, and brassicas such as broccoli.

Assert no to others and say yes to your self-care habits. 

Of course, saying no is a difficult thing to do, especially if that person has done a lot for you.

This is true for your loved ones such as family members and friends. 

Once you learn how to say no to things that aren’t good for yourself, you’ll feel more powerful and more committed to your self-care.

You will learn more tips about being more assertive by buying this book on this website.

Do a self-care journey. 

You can take a journey that can help you do self-care.

This journey can also help you to unwind away from the city that hinders you and into a new place where you can rejuvenate. 

These self-care journeys don’t have to be expensive for you, you could go camping in the nearby town or enjoy the sights in the nearby town.

The goal is to get away from your normal and hectic schedule that hinders you to do self-care.

Take a self-care out time by going outside. 

You can go outside more often since this can reduce your stress levels and lower your blood pressure.

Research has found that going outside can help reduce fatigue when the person stays inside too long which can cause burnout and depression. 

Hanging on the outside can help you sleep better, especially you went from a full day hiking or walking with your dog.

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Make a pet help you with your self-care routine.  

Pets can bring precious love in our lives.

They don’t only give us the unconditional love that we need but they also have been found to help us in our journey to self-care. 

Studies have shown that dogs reduce stress and minimize your tendency to get burned out.

These dogs are also very helpful for people who suffer from PTSD and who need to be assisted by dogs which they have grown fond of.

Take good care of yourself by being more structured. 

You can get yourself organized which can be the first milestone you can set in doing self-care.

You could do some planners listing your responsibilities and appointments and you are already bringing organization in your life. 

You can also make a place where you can place your keys, backpack, and other essentials before going to work or school to help you not worry about missing items the next day.

Make homemade cooking to care for yourself.

Most people don’t have the time to cook for themselves even if this is the healthiest alternative than buying fast foods on a daily basis.

These fast foods don’t really have that many nutrients that we need to keep us functioning normally. 

Even if you do home cooking for a week, this is enough to help you get through your self-care journey.

You could also engage in this activity by cooking for your family and you can get some ideas through diet books.

Read and understand a book on self-care for self-care.

Most of the time, people are more dependent on their phones and laptops if they want to get ahead of the news.

You should try bringing a book with you which can help you in your self-care. 

It will be much better if the books you are bringing is about self-care. You could find that you feel different from reading these books. 

Bringing these books can actually improve your mood and help you be more attentive.

Schedule and organize your self-care time and prioritize that time with everything you have. 

It is difficult that we find any moment of the day that we could dedicate ourselves to self-care.

However, these moments are very important for our long-term health.

These moments can help you wonder about the things that you could have done to bring you alive.

It is like how we spend time with friends where we don’t want to miss a single moment.

It’s up to you decide what self-care activities are you leaning yourself into.

You should make sure that you treasure each moment without being forced to such a routine. 

When you keep working on your self-care journey, you’re only giving yourself the power to be yourself and regain your strength over time.

Why is self-care important for you?

Self-care is important for you since it can help you be more appreciative and healthy in your body, mind, and soul.

Once you form self-care as a habit, you can find yourself being more capable of dealing with difficult problems that could leave people who don’t engage in self-care distressed but you don’t get distressed immediately due to the power of self-care.


In this brief blog, we have discussed the meaning of self-care, self-care tips, self-care examples, and more information about self-care.

If you have any questions about self-care, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: Self care

What are examples of self-care?

Examples of self-care are doing a regular sleep habit, take your lunch period, eat healthily and well-balanced meals, walk around during your lunch period, use your time to relax during your sick leave, and take your dog for a walk after work.

How do practice self care?

You can practice self-care by eating healthy and be in the present moment at the same time, be thankful of the gifts that you were given for this day, know your accomplishments, make a cosy space for yourself, bring out your inner child once in a while, move around when you have the time, read a good book, and unplug from social media. 

What is Self Care Day?

Self Care Day is a day where public awareness is promoted about caring for oneself.

This is a day where everyone gets to experience what it means to take care of oneself with no regrets or judgment from other people.

How do you practice self-love and self-care?

You can practice self-love and self-care by practising gratitude, engaging in physical activities, you need to avoid technology for a day, and you also need to drink water.

This just shows that you need to be physically healthy as well in taking care fo yourself.

How do I take care of myself as a woman?

You can take care of yourself as a woman by eating healthy foods, exercise regularly, and take proper vitamins.

If you were prescribed with maintenance treatments, you should always take them as the doctor prescribed to you.


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