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Schizophrenia cure

In this brief article, we will be talking about schizophrenia cure, self-help cure for schizophrenia, support as a cure for people with schizophrenia, and more information about schizophrenia cure.

Treatment For People With Schizophrenia

A schizophrenia cure should be an interaction of psychological interventions that have worked for schizophrenia such as psychotherapies and medications.

This kind of cure can also become effective if early intervention is given to the affected patient. 

If you find that your loved one is having psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, you need to get him or her treated immediately to get an effective schizophrenia cure.

As mentioned before, this kind of cure will be combined with other psychological interventions. 

As you might already know, medication is not enough for a schizophrenia cure.

You should also be aware of this kind of disorder to minimize prejudice that can make affected patients feel more guilty of themselves and not seek treatment. 

Self-help techniques are not effective schizophrenia cures but they can help you minimize your psychotic symptoms in the long run and help you be more functional in your life.

Your schizophrenia treatment plan may be decided based on your individual needs but you also need to talk about some additional concerns that might bother you in taking the kind of treatment prescribed to you.

Your Attitude Affects The Treatment Process

Your attitude toward schizophrenia cure can impact the treatment procedure.

It is normal for you to feel disappointed for having this kind of diagnosis but this doesn’t mean you have to passively accept your fate. 

In this case, you should be more active in your schizophrenia cure such as taking your prescribed medications and attending your therapy sessions.

You also need to talk to your health professional about some side effects that you might experience after taking your medication.

You should also take part in reaching your life goals.

You can still make fulfilling aims despite the appearance of schizophrenia in your life. 

You also need to take note of your schizophrenia and don’t be so pessimistic that your schizophrenia cure is not effective.

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Schizophrenia cure (Guide)

Antipsychotic Medication For People With Schizophrenia

Antipsychotic medications are the primary or initial treatments that are prescribed to patients as schizophrenia cures.

These kinds of medications have chemicals in them that can block the flow of dopamine which can increase the occurrence of psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia.

Antipsychotic medications can also be schizophrenia cures for comorbid symptoms such as anxiety and aggression.

These kinds of symptoms tend to be minimized after hours of taking this kind of medication while psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions take days and weeks. 

The doctor should be letting you have a physical examination first before being prescribed with antipsychotic medications as schizophrenia cures.

These kinds of medications can be taken orally or in an injection form.

Antipsychotic medications are effective schizophrenia cures in reducing acute psychotic episodes.

The cure for these episodes can take 1 to 2 years.

Typical Antipsychotic Medication

The typical antipsychotic medication is the first generation of the antipsychotic class industrialized in the 1950s.

The side effects of these kinds of medications are the following:

  • shaking
  • trembling
  • muscle twitches
  • muscle spasms

Haldol and Thorazine are the best and effective medications in the typical antipsychotic medication class.

These antipsychotic medications are schizophrenia cures for the behavioural complications in people with this psychotic disorder. 

However, these antipsychotic medications have the most occurrences of side effects.

This situation led to the development of atypical antipsychotic medications which will be discussed in the following sections.

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The following are other antipsychotic medications of the typical antipsychotic medications class that you can ask if it’s available in your country.

  • Loxitane
  • Moban
  • Prolixin
  • Stelazine
  • Thorazine

Atypical Antipsychotic Medications

The atypical antipsychotic medications are the newer generation or second-generation class of antipsychotic medications.

These antipsychotic medications were used when clozapine came in the picture which acted as a schizophrenia cure with minimal occurrence of extrapyramidal side effects such as not being able to move.

Clozapine is the 1st antipsychotic medication of the atypical antipsychotic medications.

These antipsychotic medications have also been used to research the causes of schizophrenia in the brain.

These atypical antipsychotic medications are used to block serotonin receptors that increase the occurrence of schizophrenia.

These antipsychotic medications have also been reactive towards other neuroreceptors such as cholinergic, adrenergic, and histamine receptors.

If you are having side effects from an atypical antipsychotic medication, you need to be consulted by your doctor immediately.

The following are medications of this class that are used as schizophrenia cures.

  • Abilify
  • Geodon
  • Seroquel
  • Clozaril
  • Risperdal

Self-Help Recovery For People With Schizophrenia

You can also find some self-help techniques for schizophrenia as schizophrenia cures.

After all, you don’t need to depend on the prescribed medicine alone.

You can use these self-help techniques as schizophrenia cures to help you manage your psychotic symptoms.

You can also use these kinds of techniques to help you fight your delusional assumptions, neglect the voices in your mind, be less likely to relapse, and be motivated to take your prescribed psychological interventions.

You can also do your goals in life as part of a self-help technique for a schizophrenia cure.

You still have the option to work a career, have relationships, and be more focused on getting the good life despite your schizophrenia.

You can also set your own aims in life as a schizophrenia cure. You can also concentrate on how your body feels like a form of meditation such as feeling your feet on the ground and your stomach growling for the need of food.

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Psychotherapy For Schizophrenia Cure

Psychotherapy as a schizophrenia cure is helpful in making your thought habits more stabilized than before.

You can also learn how to handle stress in healthy ways than doing negative self-medication ways.

Psychotherapy as a schizophrenia cure can help you to be more motivated to take your antipsychotic medication.

This kind of cure can also help you deal with your daily obstacles such as troubles in communication, self-care, taking medications, going to work, and dealing with relationships.

Psychotherapy as a schizophrenia cure can also assist you to socialize more with peers and attend important areas in your life such as work and school.

This kind of cure can help you maintain taking your antipsychotic medication and to not get involved in a relapse episode.

Psychotherapy as a schizophrenia cure can also help you be more adaptable in your schizophrenia symptoms that can disrupt some parts in your life.

You can also use this kind of cure to help you get educated about your psychotic disorder  

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy As Schizophrenia Cure

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on our thinking habits and behaviours.

This psychotherapy can help you handle your symptoms of schizophrenia such as hallucinations and delusions.

CBT has also been helpful as a schizophrenia cure due to lessening side effects of antipsychotic medications and deal with additional complications from this psychotic disorder such as anxiety and depression.

CBT has been used as a psychotherapy to people with either OCD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

This psychotherapy comes from the premise that what we think about the circumstance can affect our behaviours.

For instance, you will think that you will never get the girl and your behaviour will manifest you being humiliated due to not getting the girl.

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Art Therapy As Schizophrenia Cure

Art therapy as a schizophrenia cure is used to engage in creative arts such as music, dance, drama, and painting.

This therapy can make you go back to your feelings and be able to know about how to express more. 

Art therapy has been the most highly recommended schizophrenia cure for affected patients.

This therapy doesn’t require you to have prior experience in the arts.

Art therapy as a schizophrenia cure can be done in individual forms or group forms.

This therapy has been considered to be effective against schizophrenia but this conclusion is not yet generalized since research on this therapy and schizophrenia are small.

Art therapy as a schizophrenia cure can help affected patients who have gone through traumatic experiences with their psychotic disorder.

This therapy might be effective for most patients but not for some patients

Family Therapy For People With Schizophrenia

Family therapy is a schizophrenia cure where the patient will be with family members to help support the patient.

This therapy can do the following conditions:

  • help and assist family members or carers work out how best to support you
  • help and guide family members find methods of dealing and solving complications together
  • include you if possible, based on how you feel and what you would want
  • be with other families or just yours, based on what’s accessible and what you and your family want.

Family therapy as a schizophrenia cure can educate families to the disorder of schizophrenia.

This therapy can help you and your family to find methods that can work for your psychotic disorder and solve complications that may occur from your psychotic disorder.

You don’t have to be present in family therapy if you don’t want to.

This therapy as a schizophrenia cure can help you and your family members open up about your schizophrenia and how it is affecting your life and each family member will discover the thoughts and emotions that are hidden about the psychotic disorder.

In this case, this therapy can bring out some appreciation and understanding of schizophrenia.

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Social Recovery Therapy As Schizophrenia Cure

The social recovery therapy is effective for people with early symptoms and signs of schizophrenia.

This therapy is a cognitive-behavioural treatment that can increase one’s social skills and promote self-esteem in adolescents and young adults who have schizophrenia symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and other symptoms of this psychotic disorder. 

Social recovery therapy is good as an early intervention for these affected patients.

This therapy has been effective in treating the early lack of social skills.

This therapy exerts the importance of being in proper timing such as intervening schizophrenia earlier.

This can help affected patients adjust in important areas in life such as work and school.

Social recovery therapy can also assist and guide these people with schizophrenia on how to solve problems, be more equipped in verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding what the other person is saying, and interpret and express emotions appropriately.

This therapy can also help minimize additional complications in this psychotic disorder such as anxiety.

NHS Community Mental Health Teams For Schizophrenia

Most people with schizophrenia have been cured by community mental health teams for a local access.

This psychological intervention can help these kinds of people to live independently while treating their psychotic disorder. 

A community mental health team can consist of and provide the availability to:

  • social workers
  • community mental health nurses who have specialised training in mental health complications
  • occupational therapists
  • pharmacists
  • counsellors and psychotherapists 
  • psychologists and psychiatrists where the psychiatrist is typically the senior clinician in this kind of team

After your first episode of schizophrenia, you are submitted to a specialist team who can give you access to early psychological intervention.

This is why these community mental health teams are there to help you with their health professionals by your side.

You have typically referred to a community mental health team thanks to your general practitioner.

If you are found to have mild or moderate symptoms of schizophrenia, you will be referred to primary mental health care services.

If you have chronic symptoms of schizophrenia, you will be referred to the Care Programme Approach which is a form of a community mental health team who can provide you consistent care for your symptoms.


In this brief article, we will be talking about schizophrenia cure, self-help cure for schizophrenia, support as a cure for people with schizophrenia, and more information about schizophrenia cure.

If you have any questions about schizophrenia cure, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: schizophrenia cure

What are the signs of a psychotic break?

The signs of a psychotic break are complications concentrating, sleeping too little or too much, depressed mood, anxiety, avoidance or withdrawal from loved ones, paranoid delusions, other forms of delusions, and hallucinations.

What is the most effective cure for schizophrenia?

The most effective cure for schizophrenia is medication in the initial process.

Medications are the core of schizophrenia treatment and antipsychotic medications are the most typically prescribed medications.

These kinds of medications are thought to control and manage symptoms by impacting the brain neurotransmitter dopamine.

Can schizophrenia go away?

Yes, schizophrenia can go away or fade from you. It will only take a few days to get it away from the affected person depending on the symptoms that are present.

Symptoms like delusions typically fade away within a few weeks. After about six weeks, many people will see a lot of better manifestations.

Some of these people may have a relapse or their symptoms return or get worse.

What should schizophrenics avoid?

Schizophrenics should avoid or prevent sugar and caffeine in their diets.

These kinds of patients should also avoid or prevent alcohol and drugs.

It can be tempting to try to engage or indulge in self-cure towards the symptoms of schizophrenia with drugs and alcohol.

What vitamins are good for schizophrenia?

The vitamins that are good for schizophrenia are Thiamine or Vitamin B1 which can be taken with acetazolamide which is more typically prescribed for glaucoma or epilepsy, this kind of vitamin may treat a variety of symptoms of schizophrenia and there is also Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Cobalamin (Vitamin B12), Niacin (Vitamin B3), and Folate/Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).


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