Sc Personality (An Update)

The disc system was created by William Moulton Martson in one of his books which explains in detail the behavior and emotions of a human in an effective way. In his book he has described four styles of personality i.e. submission, dominance, compliance and inducement. Everyone of these types manages their interpersonal emotions and behaviors in their own unique way.

The Disc system is there for us to help understand the behavior or people and how they interact in their normal lives and under certain situations.

After learning about each of the personality types one can further tailor his communication towards the specific type of personality.

It is easy to understand each of these personality types as they have fundamental differences.

The Disc system consists of four compass points which are influence (I), conscientiousness (C), dominance (D) and steadiness (S). Marston observed that a person can define his personality through one or two of these 4 traits that fit them most closely.

This gives us a total of around 12 combinations of different personalities, here we will be focusing only on SC personality.

DISC type Sc Personality:  

This type has been derived from type S personality, the interaction of Type S with c. Sc personality types are usually very cooperative with other personalities.

Sc personalities tend to be very cooperative with others. They follow trusted leaders.

People with Sc personalities are very humble, avoiding to talk about their accomplishments and conflicting situations.

They seek predictability and consistency in their relationships. The DISC type Sc make decisions very carefully because they pay attention to details and are very organized.

They use very structured approaches and low risk solutions in their own lives to solve problems. 

DISC Type Sc personality types tend to be motivated and energized by receiving constant feedback about their work and developing a functional  daily routine.

They also feel motivated after evaluating and presenting all the necessary details of the current situation. 

Sc personalities often face difficulties when not bringing the actual issue to the surface when needed and delay decisions when there is a high risk situation.

Further they also hesitate to try those solutions which are not already used to solve particular problems.

As, sc personalities pay attention to every minute detail, they often overspend time in overthinking about the problems.

DISC Type Sc personality types feel stress when they have to share ideas and thoughts with other people in a group or when it comes to directing people about their work.

They also feel stress when they start to look for new opportunities without guidance. Further, because they overthink about a situation, they also stuck between multiple ideas which frustrates them often.

Sc personality feel comfortable with working with those who show gratitude, take initiatives and play stable and consistent roles in the group.

People with Sc personality find hard to work they feel unacknowledged and unappreciated or if someone pushes them to discuss their personal matters.

They also feel uncomfortable when they try to dismiss other ideas of the people. 

Sc Relationships

In romantic relationships. The personality type Sc brings strengths to the relationship with their unique ability to listen and give attention to their partner.

They tend to build long term trust and relationships. They also consider their partners’ feelings and ideas while making decisions.

However, they might feel trouble when there is a need to express underlying conflicts or negative feelings.

They also trust others very quickly. 

Individuals with Sc personality type strive for accuracy and patience which makes them technical in nature, practical, procedural and methodological.

Thus, they strive for perfection and high quality work without flaws and mistakes. People with Sc personality  Albert Einstein is one of the  examples of an Sc Personality type.

He spent years on his Theory of Relativity and ended up winning a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

His need for accuracy and the patience he had to attain it provides an excellent example of someone with an Elevated Steadiness & Compliance pattern. 

Logical and Reserved

People with SC personality types are logical in their approach. They solve problems on the basis of logic.

Although, people with Sc types look detached with their surroundings, still they are very sensitive in nature.

They understand the issue of other people and they know how to handle people with different problems at their workplace.

They are often deeply thinking about how best to relate to people.  The individuals with Sc Personality value friendship a lot.

They tend to have good relationships with others, but as they appear to introverted people somtome misinterpret their loyalty towards them and think them as aloof or odd one out.

Gradually, they tend to become what other people think of them. For example they become reserved with the people who think of them as reserved.

Because of self fulfilling prophecies, they start to live upto to expectations of others rather than their own.

Thus, at the end of the day  they start fighting a battle with their inner and outer self. 

Passive and Determined 


Due to their passive and reserved style, they find it difficult to relate with unfamiliar settings and people.

So they sit back and observe the settings before engaging with the people This again will make them appear to be standoffish though this is not their intent.

Another example of Sc Personality is Abraham Lincoln. His persistence and determinism led him towards ending salavery and kept the United States intact.

His elevated Sc helped him to change the world but he lacks charisma. He was also perceived as aloof.

However, Sc personality has the tendency to change the world both in positive or negative ways. 

Individuals with Sc personality type act according to their plan. They need a plan and direction to accomplish their tasks and goals.

They can’t work properly in stress or rush situations. They show patience during the situations and also expect patients from other people in return.

They also don’t like to be interrupted because they work persistently. They don’t like distraction when they are focused on tasks. 

They follow routine and schedule during their work. 


People with Sc Personality hate skipping deadlines and also have no empathy towards those who don’t follow deadlines and punctuality. 

Einstein worked for over nine years tirelessly on his General Theory of Relativity.

His personality motivated his focus and patience and he was also the stereotypical absent-minded professor; he frequently became so absorbed in his work that he would become oblivious to his surroundings. 

If you or anyone in your family and friends have this personality, then you must set a deadline for yourself and others.

Because this is the only way you can stay on track. People with Sc Personality want constant reassurance that they are working upto the standards and expectations. 

These individuals don’t usually show warm relations with others but they do cherish them and like to form such relations which can be a great motivational factor in a team or group.

One of the other fundamental elements in the people of Elevated S & C personality is they are mostly rock solid in their value system and it’s hard to make them move.

They always give in a lot of thoughts about their standings and who they are, because of the influence of their Elevated Compliance factor they have a desire to set up their priorities and their  personality guidelines they become set in their value hierarchy and rarely divert from it.

Generally the people having SC personality are more supportive than assertive by nature.

The only case scenario when they become assertive is when they are forced into a corner by regulations and rules.

Usually the people with SC personality are also deep thinkers because of their nature of being introverted.

During group activities or team plays, people with SC personality does not give much input and try to act independently unless and until the group is where they belong with a very high level of trust.

This also means that these personality type people do not go for the leadership roles and are happy to work in a supportive role or in their own way independently, one of such examples is the renowned scientist Einstein.

He worked independently on his inventions which can be seen throughout his life and approach to scientific problems and also because of his aloofness from governmental politics and university. 

Follow Rules 

Some of the things S & C personalities are bound by is the following of regulations and rules, if they by some chance do not follow any rule it brings them discomfort and keeps nagging at them, bothering them all the time.

S&C personality types are also quite content with their status quo and like to keep staying in the same status without any ambition, they will not ask for a raise or a promotion even though they are going beyond their work and covering the extra mile.

If there are no set deadlines or tasks are not limited to be completed in a definite time or schedule, these personality types take more time to complete the task than other people because of their thoughtful nature.

This thoughtful nature of theirs can be both good and bad for the company, good in a sense that they will get it thorough and right but also bad as it will take more time and will cost the business more money by paying overtime.

These people are also slow in making quick, instinctive and necessary decisions at times, although the work produced by them is of top notch quality, which can result in slowing down the production and efficiency of the project.

These personality types are also not much adept with handling risk situations and are not fit for leadership roles because of their too cautious or reserved nature. 

Another example of Elevated S & C is Ben Bernanke. His anticlimactic, methodical personality can be seen throughout his work as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. 

He is one of the most accurate people in his field and is known for utilizing his knowledge in saving not only America’s economy but also that of the world during the housing market derailment of the United States.

Among his subordinates is known for being unassuming, accurate, shy and grounded in data always.

He is also known as the leading authority in the Great Depression and is well 

respected because of his work worldwide.

FAQ about Sc Personality 

What is a stabilizer personality?

Stabilizer is a person having a high S personality in their DISC profile.

These people like to maintain a stable, steady pace and love a predictable lifestyle.

They usually stay away from risk taking adventures and do not act rashly and quickly. 

What are the 4 disc personality types?

DISC personality types are typically divided into four types with the main alphabet of each type combining together to form DISC. These are

– Dominant,

– Inspiring,

– Supportive, and.

– Cautious


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