Sample resignation letter NZ (7)

In this guide, we will see some Sample resignation letter NZ and tips on what you should include in your resignation letter.

Sample resignation letter NZ

A sample resignation letter NZ or New Zealand is useful if you don’t really know how to start your resignation letter or if you need ideas on how to write one (templates).

If you have already talked to your manager about your intention to leave then you are ready to write a formal resignation letter after getting a new job opportunity, personal growth, you have an emergency situation that requires you full availability, you are continuing your education, you have a family issue, a health condition, etc. 

Keep your letter short/brief and straight to the point, no need to include too many details or write a lengthy letter.

Here you will see some standard and professional resignation letter examples.

Here are key details to include in your resignation letter:

  • State the basic information such as your job position, basic details, and the details of the person you are addressing the letter to. In addition, give enough notice before leaving. For some employers, it could be 3-month notice, 1-month notice, or at least 2 weeks’ notice.
  • Be positive and keep a professional tone, avoiding any negative comments about your experience or criticism against other employees or your boss.
  • Thank your employer for the opportunity and highlight some of your skills gained (optional).

Sample 1

Example from

“[your address and contact details]


[person’s name]

[name of company]

[company address] 

Dear [person’s name]

I wish to inform you that I am resigning from my position as [job title] for [name of company you work for]. My last day of employment will be [date]. 

I have accepted an offer of employment at [your new place of employment and job title]. [You can also say where you’re going and why you’re moving on, but you don’t have to.] 

Thank you for the many opportunities I have had with [name of company]. [If you want to, you can thank your employer for their support and guidance, and briefly mention any positive memories of your workplace.] 

Best wishes to you and the company for the future. Please let me know if I can be of assistance during the transition of the new person into their role. 

Yours sincerely (when you know the person’s name) or 

Yours faithfully (when you don’t know the person’s name)

[your name]”

Sample 2

Example from

“(Current date)

Manager’s name

Company Name


Dear (Manager’s name)

Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from (Company name). My last day with the company will be (date).

Before I leave, I will ensure that all my projects are completed as far as possible, and I am happy to assist in any way to ensure a smooth handover to my replacement.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work at (company) for (years of service). During this time I have thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere within the team and I will miss our interactions.

While I am excited by the new opportunities that I will be pursuing, I will always remember my time at (company name) with affection. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information after I leave, and I would be delighted if you stay in touch.

Kind regards,

(Your signature)

(Your printed name)”

Sample 3

Example from

“Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State, Post Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email (optional)






City, State, Post Code

Dear First Name Last Name,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as (a position held) for the (XYZ Company), effective (Leaving Date).

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last (number) years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided to me during my time with the company.

If I can be of any help during this transition, with training or hiring please let me know as I would be happy to make myself available.


Your signature

Your name”

Sample 4

Example from

“Dear <Manager’s First Name>,

Please accept this letter as formal notice of my resignation from my position as <Job Title> at <Company Name>. My last day of employment will be <Day, Date>.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in this position for the past <duration of your role>. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here and appreciate all of the opportunities you have given me. However, I have decided it is time for me to move on to my next challenge.

I would like to do anything I can to help with the transition, including wrapping up my responsibilities and training other team members. If I can be of any other assistance during this time, please let me know.

Thank you again for the opportunity, and I wish you and <Company Name> all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

<Your full name>”

Sample 5

Example from

“[Current date]

Manager’s name

Company name


Dear [manager’s name],

I am writing to formally notify you of my resignation from the position of [job title] at [company name]. My last day with the company will be [date].

I was recently offered another role that will allow me to cut my commute time in half and spend more time with my family outside of work hours.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at [company] for [years of service] and would like to thank you for all the opportunities I have been afforded here.

In the coming weeks before [end date], I am fully committed to providing assistance in ensuring a smooth transition.

Kind regards,

[Your signature]

[Your printed name]”

Sample 6

Example from

“[Current date]

Manager’s name

Company name


Dear [manager’s name],

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from [company], effective [date]. I understand that transitioning a new person to the role of [position] will take some time and would like to provide as much notice as possible.

During my time at [company], I have learned a lot and grown professionally. Thank you for all your guidance and support over the years.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the projects I have been working on. I am happy to help in any way I can with the transition process.

I wish you all the best for your continued success.

Kind regards,

[Your signature]

[Your printed name]”

Sample 7

Example from

“Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing to formally notify you of my resignation from my position at Smith Industries. Due to unforeseen personal problems, I am no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of my role and I feel it is in the best interests of the company that I vacate the position. My last day of employment with Smith Industries will be on the 20th of April.

I do hope that my leaving will not cause you or Smith Industries any inconvenience. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you think there is any way I can assist with finding a replacement, or if there is anything I can do to make the transition easier.

I really appreciate your understanding. Despite the personal issues I am dealing with, I truly enjoyed working here. I hope we will be able to stay in touch and I look forward to seeing how Smith Industries grows in the future.

Kind regards,

Your name”

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