Sample resignation letter immediate (7)

In this guide, we will see some Sample resignation letters immediate effect and some tips on how to resign as a professional under short notice.

Sample resignation letter immediate

A sample resignation letter with immediate effect may start as the following example from

“Dear Ms. Lee: I regret to inform you that I am resigning from my position here immediately as a Business Development Consultant for personal reasons. My last day will be tomorrow. I know this is unexpected, but I am happy to assist you in the replacement process to help alleviate the transition.”

But, what is an immediate letter of resignation? Basically is a written notice to let your employer know of your imminent departure.

Usually, employers expect their employers to give at least a 2 weeks notice (15-day notice) but it will actually depend on your employment agreement (i.e. 3-months, one month notice).

However, there may be personal reasons or problems, health reasons, family reasons, new job opportunities, etc., that may force you to leave your job earlier than this or under short notice (i.e. 24 hours). 

How can you resign with immediate effect?

Make sure you contact your employer as soon as possible and let them know your departure is imminent.

You could tell your line manager or boss about the reasons for your sudden leave.

This may help preserve your professional relationship since employers are less sympathetic to employees who submit their resignation on short notice and do not attempt to explain what may be happening that forced you to take this decision. 

Try to give at least 2 weeks’ notice when possible and if not then try to provide as much advanced warning as possible.

When submitting your resignation letter with immediate effect, make sure you address it accordingly and keep a copy for your personal records.

Sample 1: effective today

Example from

“Dear Ms. Jones,

I am writing this letter to let you know that unfortunately, I am resigning from my position at Smith Communications. I have just suffered a personal emergency and feel that it is in the best interest of all parties if I step down from my position at this time. I will not be coming into work tomorrow or thereafter so please accept this letter as my official notice of immediate resignation. I hope that you can understand.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause at Smith Communications but I believe I have made the best choice. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at [email] I will return all messages as soon as possible.

I am of course very grateful for the valuable experience and opportunities that I have gained by working at Smith Communications and will miss all of my coworkers. I do wish everybody there the greatest success and hope that our paths may cross again at some point. Thank you for all of the patience and cooperation you have shown me.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Carter

Anthony H. Carter


Smith Communications”

Sample 2

Example from

“Ross Angus

423 Macaulay St.

Princeton, NJ, 56001

March 31, 2017

Carol Windsor


Ministry Sound Tech

233 Senator Avenue

Princeton, NJ, 56001

Dear Ms. Windsor,

Please accept this letter as notice of my immediate resignation from the position of Events Technician at Ministry Sound Tech, effective April 1st, 2017. Regrettably, I will be unable to come into the office or work past that date.

Working for the Ministry has given me the opportunity to start a career as a sound technician and I will be forever grateful for that. I cannot think of another company which could have provided a better training. I have always been impressed by the professional attitude of all my co-workers, both in the field and at the office. I hope to continue my career in this spirit, and I would like to thank you for the many lessons that you taught me.

If you could send my employment record and any outstanding wages to my home address before June 1st, it would be greatly appreciated.

I will miss working with you and the rest of the Ministry Sound team. If you have any questions or need to speak with me for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time.


Ross Angus

(555) 555-5555”

Sample 3

Example from 

“Frank Webster

1514 Medallion Rd.

Anchorage, AK, 99523

(555) 555-5555

January 11th, 2017

To: Madeleine Lemieux

Owner & Manager

Blue Ridge Surveying Company

12 Parc St.

Anchorage, AK, 99501

Dear Mrs. Lemieux,

It is with great regret that I must give notice of my resignation, effective immediately. I apologize for not being able to give you more notice, and I humbly ask that you accept my resignation from the position of Accountant and Co-Manager this day, January 11th, 2017.

While I am aware that this is in breach of the terms of my employment contract, I ask that you waive this clause, due to my extenuating personal circumstances. Please be assured that all records and filings are current and up-to-date. I am confident that any replacement you hire will be able to pick up where I left off without too much difficulty.

Thank you for everything that you do at Blue Ridge to make it such a great place to work. I will miss you and everyone else at the office. It has been a real pleasure to work for you these past four years. I am very sorry that I am not able to leave on better terms.

I hope that we can stay in touch. You can reach me on my personal phone number or by email.

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Webster

Professional Accountant”

Sample 4

Example from

“Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning from my position with ABCD Company on September 15. I apologize for not being able to provide two weeks’ notice. I regret that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to resign immediately.

Please let me know what the process will be for receiving my last paycheck and remaining benefits. I am happy to collect the paycheck through Human Resources, or you could have them mail it to my home address.

Thank you so much for the support that you have provided me during my tenure with the company. I greatly appreciate your years of guidance.


Handwritten Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name”

Sample 5

Example from

“Your contact information

First Last Name

Home address

City, ZIP Code

Home phone number

Email address

The date of the letter

Employer contact information




Organization’s address

City, ZIP code


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. Last Name

Dear Title

First paragraph

State the purpose of the letter (resignation), mention your position, and identify when the resignation becomes effective.

I’m writing today to give my resignation as Accounts Manager and to inform you that my last day of work will be May 16, 2017.

Middle paragraph

Explain the possible reasoning for the resignation (if appropriate) and thank the employer for the opportunities you’ve had.

I have enjoyed working at the company and I will miss working with the team. I’m grateful for the skills I’ve gained over the past four years and will cherish my time.

Final paragraph

Conclude by offering your assistance during the transition and offer the opportunity for further discussion.

If there is anything I can help to ease with the transition, don’t hesitate to ask. I can provide a quick cheat sheet for my follower or temporary replacer regarding the client list.

Closing marks

Respectfully yours

With regards

Best regards,


Handwritten or typed depending on the letter”

Sample 6

Example from



Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of [INSERT JOB TITLE] at [INSERT COMPANY].

Although my employment contract states a required notice period of [INSERT NOTICE PERIOD LENGTH], I would like to reduce this to [INSERT REQUESTED NOTICE PERIOD LENGTH], completing my employment on [INSERT LAST DAY YOU INTEND TO WORK].

This is due to [INSERT REASON WHY YOU REQUIRE A SHORTER NOTICE] and I hope we can come to an amicable agreement to grant this request. I will do everything possible to provide a smooth handover on my current projects.

I have enjoyed being a part of the team and am thankful for the opportunities you have given me during my time here. I hope that I can rely on you for a positive reference in the future.

Yours sincerely


Sample 7

Example from

“Immediate Resignation Letter Sample (With Reason)

Octavio Ramirez

444 Milray St.

Brooklyn, NY, 030303

10th November 20XX

Steve McCann

Manager Greenworld Industries

678 Yolk Avenue

Brooklyn, NY, 40004

Dear Mr. McCann,

Kindly accept this resignation letter as a notice for my immediate resignation from the post of an assistant accountant at Greenworld Industries, effective from 15th November 20XX. My main reason for resignation is that my family has to relocate to Australia due to immediate reasons.

Working at Greenworld has presented me with lots of opportunities to sharpen and grow my career to some considerable level. This is something I will forever be grateful for. What’s more, I have always been impressed by how the company operates. Right from the manager to the lowest-ranked employee, everyone is not only dedicated but compassionate. I hope you continue with the same spirit even after my departure. My gratitude also goes to my coworkers for providing such a positive working environment.

I will miss working with you. if you have any question or concern, please contact me at +1 (515) 555555

Thanks for your time.


Octavio Ramirez”

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