Sample resignation letter hostile work environment (6)

In this guide, we will see sample resignation letter hostile work environment (letter template/format).

Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

A sample resignation letter due to a hostile work environment is useful if you feel you have been experiencing unfair treatment, harassment, discrimination from your boss or colleagues, and it is causing a lot of stress.

If you have a nursing assistant, certified nursing, working in the health field, or any other career/job, you may have been experiencing a difficult situation at work and you have even tried filing a complaint letter due to the situation but there was no improvement, leaving you no choice than resigning.

Here are a few examples of how to write a resignation letter due to a hostile work environment where it is important to keep into consideration the following key elements:

  • The date you are writing your letter.
  • Your name and details.
  • Including your period notice.
  • Description of the incidents or the situation (facts), in a professional way and try to gather all the available documentation to support it.
  • The date of your last day at work.

Note: it might seem like a good idea to release all of your frustration and anger towards the situation but it is not the appropriate medium to do this, so avoid it at all cost.

  1. Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from

“Today’s Date

Manager Name

Company Name

Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

It is with reluctance that I submit this letter. Although my time with (company name) has been, on the whole, satisfying and productive, for quite a while now I have become less and less satisfied with the work situation. The direction of the company, the group in which I work, and the new targets and the methods of accomplishing them have made it increasingly difficult to feel I’m contributing enough.

Therefore, it is with regret that I ask you to accept this letter of resignation from (company name) effective (last day of work).


(Sign Here)

Your Name

cc: (people to be copied on the letter – HR Manager, Director, etc.)”

Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from

“434 Example Street

Martinez, CA 12411

March 25, 2019

Mr. Jaden Smith

Director (Sales)

Macy Works

102 Trinity Circle

Martinez, CA 45021

Dear Mr. Smith:

I would like to inform you of my decision to resign from the position of Sales Manager for Macy Works, on a two-weeks notice, effective April 8. This notice period is in accordance with the terms and conditions charted out in my employment letter.

As I have mentioned several times, both verbally and in writing, my work is being adversely affected by the unhealthy conditions prevalent in the office. Since I am supposed to be working with a team of people who are not very good at providing directions, I am afraid that this situation is making me come out (wrongly) as someone who is unable to work properly.

Not only is this situation hindering my work, but it is also making me nervous and unable to meet deadlines, which is a great cause of concern for me. Since I have made several attempts to rectify this situation over the last 3 years, and have been unable to resolve it through dialogue with the management, I believe that I should move on.

It would be a great kindness if you could process my leaving documents immediately so that this transition can take place without problems. On a completely different note, I am grateful for the opportunity to work here and anticipate a future liaison if circumstances change.



Denver Pole”

Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from

“Barbara Ward

100 Broadway Lane, New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234

Dear Mr. Bill,

It is with sadness that I write this letter to inform you of my decision to resign my position as an Office Administrator at the Cleveland Branch of Marvel Consultants effective two weeks from today. I’ve been in my position for six years and have enjoyed the job the people I work with and the consultants I support. If you check my file you’ll see that for the first five years of my employment I received excellent performance reviews.

It is the last year that has been difficult– the last year with a new Branch Manager. Unfortunately, the new manager has taken the polarising partisan political positions so commonly fought about in the public forum and not only invited them into the office but has stirred up disagreements and been insulting to employees who disagree with his position.

During this difficult time and with another national election coming up one would think the wise path would be to eliminate politics from the office. Instead, I have felt persecuted because of my political beliefs and challenged and forced to defend them.

As I said I have enjoyed my job at Marvel Consultants. I’ve learned many things in my time here including what makes a hostile work environment. Just the sense of relief I feel in writing this letter confirms that my resignation is the right move. Thank you for this positive experience.


Barbara Ward”

  1. Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from

“Dear Mr. Coursey,

I am sending this letter to inform you of my immediate resignation from my position as a project manager at ABC Company. Unfortunately, this resignation is due to the hostile work environment I have been experiencing since the recent promotion I received. The rest of the employees have behaved increasingly hostile to me since I was promoted over them and I can no longer keep coming into the office under these conditions. I will not be coming back into work so please accept this letter as my official notice of resignation from ABC Company.

I apologize for any inconvenience that my resignation may cause to ABC Company. It is my hope that by bringing this situation to your attention, some type of action can be taken to prevent this from happening to the next person who steps into my position. If you would like to discuss this with me further, please contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email]

Although I am very upset at the situation that has necessitated my resignation, I am glad for the business experience I have earned by working at ABC Company up until now and know that it will serve me well in my next job. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Vanderbilt

Sophie G. Vanderbilt

Project Manager

ABC Company”

Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from


[Immediate Supervisor],

Please accept this letter as notice of my formal resignation from my position at [xyz company]. My last day of employment will be [date].

I want to thank you for providing me with this opportunity three years ago. You saw my potential and provided the chance to learn from you and the team in ways that I could not envision and in ways that were unclear to me at the time. We’ve tackled many successful projects together, but my favorite was [project x]. That’s the project that showcased to me how much your mentorship expanded my [descriptive] expertise, and we had a lot of fun along the way. The time you spent teaching and challenging me has left a lasting impact on my career and development, and I’m grateful to have worked for you.

I wish you and everyone at [company] the best and look forward to staying in touch and helping in any way that I can — during and after this smooth transition. I’m reachable at [email] or [phone].



Sample resignation letter hostile work environment 

Example from


[Address, including zip code]

[Phone number or email]


[Immediate Supervisor],

I am resigning from my position as [title] for [xyz company] on [date].

I am happy to work with you and the team throughout the next two-week transition. To help ensure a seamless handoff of responsibilities, I’ve listed the projects that I still expect to be outstanding on my last day, including:

[Project One]

[Project Two]

[Project Three]

Thank you very much for the professional and personal development opportunities that you have provided me during the last few years.



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