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In this guide, we will see some Sample resignation letter high school coaches (letter templates).

Sample resignation letter high school coach

A sample resignation letter from a high school coach is useful if you are a head coach, soccer coach, or related job roles and you have decided you will be quitting your teaching position.

Then you decide it is time to write a good resignation letter not only to leave in a very professional way but to avoid burning any bridges and increase your chances to get a good recommendation letter for future employment opportunities.

You may remember how important it was to write your resume and cover letter to apply for the job and how important it is to write your resignation letter when leaving the job.

It is recommended to write your resignation letter and give your employer at least 2 weeks’ notice so they can have time to find a suitable replacement.

However, some employers understand you may need to take care of a family situation or an urgent matter that may force you to submit an immediate resignation letter.

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“Dear Mr. Wooding,

I am sending this letter to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as head coach of the Blackhawks. Although I have very much enjoyed my time coaching these young men to numerous victories on the basketball court, I have just accepted a job offer in another district that I feel is in my best interest to accept. My last day as head coach will be April 15, 2014, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

I truly hope that no inconvenience is caused to you or the Blackhawks by my resignation. If there is anything I can do to help make this transition easier on all parties, I would be delighted to put forth all effort. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further. My home phone number is (555)-555-5555 and my email address is [email] I look forward to hearing from you.

I will always be grateful to you and the Blackhawks for teaching me so much about basketball and life. I regret leaving this position but look forward to what the future may hold. I wish the Blackhawks every success and hope that our paths may cross again as friends one day. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Simmons

Greg D. Simmons

Head Coach”

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“Scott Nolan


100 Main Street, New Parkland, CA, 91010

George Carter

Owner, Brimsdale Tornadoes

100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Dear Mr. Carter,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning from my position as assistant coach of the Tornadoes effective immediately. I am going to pursue my dreams and take the head coaching job with the Almandale Oranges in the International League. It is the kind of job I have wanted my entire life and I am going to take the opportunity.

I want to take this moment to thank you sincerely for the opportunity you and Head Coach Pastor have given to me over the past four years. Without your guidance and belief in my abilities, I would have never received the exposure I needed to get the chance to be a head coach. Since I know that Coach Pastor will be in Brimsdale for a while, I realize that my best chance to become a head coach is outside of the Tornadoes organization.

I have already spoken to the team and Coach Pastor and they have all wished me well. If you need to contact me for any reason at all, you can call me at 555-221-3211 or email me at Thank you again for the opportunity.

Sincerely Yours,

Scott W. Nolan

Head Coach

Almandale Oranges”

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“[Your Name]

[Work Address]

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

Please accept this as the formal notification of my resignation at 

[Company] as [Title], effective as of [Date two weeks from now].

I appreciate the many skills I learned and the co-workers I’ve met

over my [# of years] at this company.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to aid in this transition,

and thank you for this opportunity.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]”

Sample 4

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I am writing this letter to resign from the position of elementary grade teacher at [INSTITUTION NAME]. My resignation is effective immediately. As per policy, my last working date will be [DATE 1].

It was not an easy decision to resign having taught children for over [NUMBER] of years at this great [INSTITUTION NAME]. However, considering my current circumstance, it is important for me to focus attention on pressing issues that require my full time and attention. 

Kindly accept my resignation and advise on the next steps. I will make sure to orient the teacher replacing me in the shortest possible time. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries.

Thank you for your kindness and support provided to me over the years. I wish this great school all the very best for the coming future!




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“Dear Athletic Director,

I am writing this letter of resignation to inform you that I will be unable to coach high school golf this spring. As a result of staying in my classroom for afterschool studies and added responsibilities at home, I will not have time to participate as a coach. The last three years have been wonderful and have been a great experience. I have enjoyed the opportunity to coach the kids and play golf as a team.

Thank you,

Jeff Gunning


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“Dear All,

It is with much sorrow that I inform you that I am stepping down from all positions at West Catholic High School, effective immediately.

My ultimate goal was to coach football for two more years, in order to see Gabe through his football playing days and to see both Jack and Gabe graduate from West Catholic. Due to recent changes in my career and changes occurring in the working environment at West Catholic for myself, I felt the decision to resign was in the best interest of myself and the school.

I have spent many sleepless nights over the past nine years running facilities, athletics, volunteering, working with development, and of course, coaching football. It has been physically and mentally exhausting. I have decided that now is the time to step back and focus on my family.

I feel very fortunate to have worked, coached, and become such good friends with so many players, coaches, teachers, and families, all who have worked as hard as I have to make West Catholic a tremendous community. I also feel fortunate to have had both Jack and Gabe play for me during part of their high school years, and that they are receiving quality education from West Catholic.

I am saddened to leave the student-athletes, coaches, and parents who have committed themselves in preparation for the 2016 season.

I ask for your support in my decision, and please know that you all hold a special place in my heart.

Dan Rohn”

Sample 7

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Team, After careful consideration, I have decided to resign from all coaching

responsibilities related to Team 7 this season. Unfortunately, it has come to my

attention that some parents and the Board of Scituate Soccer failed to see the

humor in my pre-season email. For the avoidance of doubt, the email was largely

(albeit not completely) meant in jest and with the goal of giving the parents a

chuckle while enduring yet another round of organized youth sports. It was also

meant as a satire of those who take youth sports too seriously for the wrong


My overarching goal is the well-being of my players, and I do not want

any player to feel uncomfortable, nor do I want to see the team disbanded

because of a lack of active players. Therefore, while I’d prefer to go down

swinging, it’s really about the kids and it just makes more sense for me to take

the year off.

While I respectfully disagree with the Board’s interpretation of my comments, I

believe that they should be commended for their immediate actions to address

the concerns of the offended parties. The Board’s action proves that the chain of

command is functioning as designed. Board members volunteer their valuable

time and I do not plan to add to their already significant workload. 

I also respect those parents who were offended as I am sure they acted in the best interest of

their children. While I may question their sense of humor, I have no right to

question their judgment regarding their children. Perhaps we may even have

An intoxicating drink(I’ll buy) and a couple of laughs at the end of all of this.

And while I am sorry some people failed to see the humor, I do not apologize for

my actions; I wrote it, I think it’s funny and I do have a distaste for the tediousness of overbearing political correctness. Furthermore, I was serious about parental involvement as I do believe parents should cheer and encourage players (in a positive fashion obviously) so that the kids feel the excitement that comes from team competition. 

And most importantly, I was completely serious that I want to see each young girl develop a positive self-image, self-confidence, and the will to succeed in any endeavor that she desires. Lastly, I have added some comments to my initial email (in capitals) to clarify several points that may have been viewed as offensive.


Michael A. Kinahan

Go Green Death!”

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