Sample resignation letter greener pasture (7)

In this guide, we will see some Sample resignation letters when looking for “greener pastures” and some letter templates you can use.

Sample resignation letter greener pasture

A sample resignation letter greener pasture could be written when you feel you have found your dream job offer, with more benefits, a better salary, career growth opportunities, personal reasons, etc. then you feel you need to submit a formal resignation letter to end your employment contract.

Giving your employer a notice period of at least 2 weeks will allow them to find a suitable candidate to take over your tasks and job role.

However, if you need to submit an immediate resignation letter, make sure you check your contract and talk to your employer.

This will speak highly of you, keep a professional image, and for your employer to take action as soon as possible.

Here are some tips that are very useful when writing your resignation letter:

  • Go over your employment contract where you can see if it contains any type of clause that stipulates your period notice. This period may be between 2 weeks up to 6 months.
  • Schedule a meeting with your employer: talk to your boss in person and have the “I quit” conversation where you can state your intention to leave.
  • Be honest, truthful, and also brief: your boss may ask you many questions related to the reasons why you would like to leave. Just make sure your answers stay positive, polite, and brief.
  • Think about your last day of employment: make sure you state the last day of employment and how you plan to either delegate or finish your obligations before leaving, considering the period notice.
  • Offer help with the transition period (i.e. training your replacement).
  • Express your employer for the opportunity.
  • Sign at the bottom.

Sample 1 (career growth)

Example from

“Martha Smith

123 Main Street

Anytown, CA 12345


September 1, 2018

Jose Rodriguez

Director, Human Resources


123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

Please consider this my resignation letter from my position as HR Assistant at Manufly Communications, effective September 30th.

The past four years at Manufly have been incredible. I have enjoyed working here and feel that I am leaving with a great deal of experience. However, I have expressed my interest to move up the ladder many times over the years, and I see that this position does not have as much room for growth as I had originally anticipated. I feel that I need to move on and seek a position that allows for more responsibility and professional career growth. 

Being your assistant has been very enjoyable over the last few years, but sadly I must move on in order to do what is best for me and my career. I hope to stay in touch and I want to thank you again for the time we shared together. I wish you all the best.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Martha Smith”

Sample 2

Example from


I wish to inform you that I am resigning from my current position as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME], effective [DATE]. This includes my two-week notice as outlined in my contract.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance during this transition, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the details above.

Thank you for all your help and support over the last [DURATION] years and for all the opportunities you have afforded me. I wish you all the best in the future.



Sample 3

Example from


This letter is my formal resignation, effective two weeks from today’s date. If you have any questions or require any assistance during my transition, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and [COMPANY] name for all the opportunities you have provided me with during my [DURATION] years of employment. This was not an easy decision to make and I have greatly enjoyed my time working here.

I wish you and [COMPANY] all the best for the future.

Yours truly,


Sample 4

Example from with labels:

“Greeting: Dear [name(s)],

Date of Resignation: I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation from my role as [position] effective two weeks from today, [date].

An Expression of Gratitude: I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for what I have learned as an employee of [company].

In working alongside my team and under the leadership of [supervisor] I have gained a surplus of knowledge and experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

Best Wishes / Signature: I am happy to use the next two weeks to make the transition as smooth as possible. My best wishes for the future of [company].


[your name]”

Sample 5

Example from

“23 Bravery Road | Crest Town, CA 34342 | 800-00800-888 |


Ms. Stacey Kobesch

CEO, Goldmine Company

13 Main St.

Freetown. FA 80080.

Dear Sir/Madam.

Kindly find this letter as a notice that I will be resigning from my position as a human resource manager here at the Unilever Group of Companies. My last day of work will be on 4/10/2019, which will be two weeks from now.

My family and I are planning to locate elsewhere far from here. This will significantly affect my working with you.

I thank you for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity over the course of the last three years. You, together with your staff, created a conducive working climate that made it pleasurable to work with you each day. This is something I will definitely miss.

I am ready to offer any assistance necessary to facilitate the seamless transition of duties and responsibilities to my successor.



David Zapeda”

You can download the MS word document (word format) here.

Sample 6 (email)

Example from

“Subject: David Zepeda Resignation Letter

Dear Mr/Miss,

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from the Unilever Group of Companies. My last reporting date will be on 4/10/2019 (two weeks from now).

I thank you for granting me such a good opportunity to work in your company. Indeed, I have gained a lot, and am grateful.

Before I depart, I would like to train my predecessor to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of duties.


David Zapeda


Sample 7

Example from

“Tracy Bernard

652 Maple Street

Manhattan, KS 20154

(00) 987-4141

May 12, 2016

Ms. Nina Hopkins

Manager of Human Resources

Core Inc.

36 Scott Avenue

Manhattan, KS 20154

Dear Ms. Hopkins:

It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I am informing you about my decision to resign from my position as Secretary for Core Inc on an immediate basis. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a debilitating auto-immune disease that has no defined cure as yet, and I need to make arrangements to take him to Ontario, Canada for an experimental procedure that may make the quality of his life somewhat better.

The experimental program that I have applied for demands that I start his treatment from Monday next week which is less than seven days away and I need to do several things before we can fly to Canada. I have worked for a wonderful six years at Core Inc. and it is not easy for me to leave suddenly – but unfortunately, I do not have another choice.

I understand that the customary resignation procedure requires that I provide two weeks’ notice or forfeit my salary; I am willing to do the latter. Thank you very much for all the skills that you have taught me in these years and I hope to rejoin this position (if available) when I will return in December. I will hand over my work to Mr. Robert Redford today and can be reached at (021) 999-2012.


Your name.”


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