Sample resignation letter for a laborer (+5 Samples)

In this blogpost, we will be showing you various samples of “Resignation letter for a laborer”.

Writing a “Resignation letter for a laborer”

When you are writing a resignation letter for a laborer, you will need to keep a few facts in mind. These are:

  • You will first need to thank the management for the opportunity of working in the organization
  • You can then state your last working day and if you will be completing a notice period
  • Next, you can mention the actual reason of your departure from the company in a professional manner

Sample 1:

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Mr. Cannon,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation from my general labor position with Johnson Brothers Contracting. My final day of employment will be June 28, 2022, as I have accepted a position doing factory work.

This new position fits my current health needs better than outdoor labor, though I have truly enjoyed my work here with Johnson Brothers. Thank you very much for the learning opportunities I have received. I enjoyed working with the crew and supervisors on the job site and will miss seeing everyone.

Please know that I intend to wrap op all of my current projects and duties. I want to be sure my departure isn’t disruptive and is as easy on everyone as it can be. I hope you won’t hesitate to let me know if I can help in any way. You can reach me at 000-000-0000.


David Henninger

Sample 2:

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Bessie Morprocess,

I hereby resign my position with Top Shelf Construction of Lower Manhattan effective in nine weeks to prepare for my wedding. I thank Top Shelf for all of the work on City, State skyscrapers. I have made a lot of good friends and learned a lot about construction. I will help train my replacement for the Construction Labor position.

I wish that I could still work and prepare for the wedding, but my bride is from the City, State. Travel takes a long time. Certain details we have arranged, but her family is quite large. We need to make many more preparations and it will require my hand-on attention. I hope to return to the firm after the wedding. I will have plenty of responsibilities and need the money.

I will help train in my Construction Labor replacement. I will drop off my badge and uniform to Human Resources before I go. I can be contacted at 000-000-0000 or (

Many Thanks,

Peter Quaker

Sample 3:

July 23, 2022

Mr. Christopher Ridley

Manage Human Resource

Atlas Oil Company

918 Main Street

New York, NY 26354

Dear Mr. Ridley:

Please consider this letter as formal resignation from my position as a Laborer from Atlas Oil Company. As per the company policy regarding resignation notice period (and the contract that I signed), I am serving a two-week’s notice of my intent to leave. June 1 will be my last day at work.

I was offered a job at Simon Contractors Wilmington three months ago which I declined at that time. However, most of my immediate family lives in Wilmington, so I now believe that this move will be a good idea as I will get to live with them while working in the same role as I am now. I will be moving in the mid of June as I have to report to work on July 1 and I will need some time to settle in.

Atlas Oil Company has been my home away from home for three years and it was not an easy decision to leave. I was blessed to have great supervisors and co-workers who taught me the mechanics of working at an oil rig – an experience that will stay with me forever and will help me in my future commissions as well.

I would appreciate it if you could have my reference letter issued as early as possible and provide me with details of any accumulated benefits. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Ben Gordon

Sample 4:

Ms. E. Brown

22 Poplar Crescent

Anywhere, AB T2K 4Z7

June 25, 2022

Mr. R. Richardson


J. Fabricators Ltd.

92 Byng Avenue

Anywhere, AB T8T 3Y9

Dear Mr. Richardson:

This is to notify you that I am resigning from my position as Laborer with J. Fabricators Ltd. My last day of employment will be July 12, 2022. My experience with the company has been very rewarding and I appreciate the time I spent working here. I wish you and the organization continued success.


Emma Brown

Sample 5:

Craig Williams

546 Cornell Street – Apt. 123

San Francisco, CA, Zip 81118


June 12, 2022

Jim Zurich

Construction Plus

12th Avenue

Hayward, CA, 91111

Dear Jim,

This letter is to formally give notice that I am resigning from my job as plumber in Construction Plus. My last day of work will be June 26, 2020.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience by being part of your team and appreciate the time and attention you gave me during my training period.

With the skills I have gained working with you, I am confident I could be a project head for an environmental construction project, and in my future career, I will always remember the support you gave me.

I will do my best to complete on time all the pending work I have and would be happy to help train a new employee.

I am fortunate to have been part of Sales Plus for the past three years and wish you success in the future.

Kindly acknowledge this letter, and if you have any questions, I can be reached at 585-123-4156 or at



Craig Williams

Frequently asked questions:

How do I resign nicely?

You can resign nicely by writing a proper resignation letter mentioning the actual reason for your resignation in a polite and humble manner. In this letter, you can also express your gratitude to the management for giving you the opportunity to work there.

What is the best reason for resignation?

The best reason for resignation is definitely a better opportunity. This is the most commonly used reason for resignation. In addition to this, you can also resign due to personal reasons which are also commonly used.

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