Sample resignation letter due to a termination (+5 Samples)

In this blogpost, we will be showing you several samples of “Resignation letters due to a termination”.

Writing a “Resignation letter due to a termination”

When you are writing a resignation letter due to a termination, you will need to keep the following points in mind.

  • You can mention your last working day in the organization and if you will be serving a notice period
  • You can then state the reason for your departure from the organization, in this case due to a termination
  • You can finally express your gratitude to the organization for the opportunity and state that you are willing to help during the transition process

Sample 1: “Resignation letter due to a termination”

Dear __________,

I’m sorry to inform you that I am relieving myself of my position immediately. This decision is based on the fact that I was unjustly accused of stealing money from the petty cash pool, and so I refuse to be fired in this manner.

I have one full week of vacation and three personal leave days remaining this year that I have not taken. I anticipate being paid for these days, as specified in the employee handbook on page 14, which gives me one complete week of vacation and three personal leave days left. Also, I’ll apply for unemployment while looking for another job so that you will not contest my claim.

Please tell me what arrangements are necessary for the final payout of my salary, and I will go through the Human Resources Department exit interview described on page 23 of the handbook with you. Should you choose to contact me for further information, please do so at (Contact Number) or [email].

Thank you for the opportunity to have worked at this company for the past two years.


(Your Name)

(Your Address)


Sample 2: “Resignation letter due to termination”

Dear [Recipients Name],

Under extreme duress, I submit this letter of resignation from my position as Project Planner, effective today. Yeah, I know, it seems like you don’t want to but still, you want to do it. But the truth is, for some reason only known to them, they want me to resign. Over the past six months, my responsibilities have slowly been eliminated.

Because my duties have largely been assumed by others, my leaving should not create any major problems. That’s why I think I should resign from my post for the betterment of the company.

Thanks for allowing me to showcase my work. I will owe you.



Sample 3: “Resignation letter due to termination”

Dear Mr. Ironside:

It is with great displeasure that I write this resignation letter effective immediately as I have been informed by my supervisor that I must resign to avoid being fired. I have been wrongly accused of stealing money from the petty cash fund. Although I have a key and access to the petty cash box, I have never taken any money that was not approved by my supervisor for a specific expenditure for the company. I do not know what happened to the missing money. If I knew what happened to it I would report it to the supervisor.

According to my calculations, I have one full week of vacation and three personal leave days remaining that I have not taken this year. I do expect to be paid for these days as outlined in the employee handbook on page 12. Also, I plan to apply for unemployment benefits until I can find another job, and I would appreciate it if you would not challenge my unemployment application. I assure you that I will be trying diligently to find other employment as soon as possible. This forced resignation is completely unexpected and puts me in a serious financial bind; therefore it is vital that I secure employment quickly.

I am choosing to continue my health insurance coverage through XYZ Corporation by taking advantage of the COBRA program until I find a new job. I would appreciate your providing me with the necessary paperwork that I will complete to activate the COBRA program. I realize that I have to pay the full price for coverage through COBRA. In addition, I will expect a check for the money that is in my 401-K fund along with any instructions related to reinvestment options. I am ready and willing to go through the Human Resources Department exit interview explained on page 23 of the employee handbook as soon as it can be scheduled.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 14 years of employment at XYZ Corporation until the last two weeks when I was falsely accused of stealing money from the petty cash fund. I have worked very hard for the company over the years. I have received only good evaluations from my superiors and I have earned three promotions. Should you choose to contact me for further questions please do so at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Kimberly C. Evans

Sample 4: “Resignation letter due to termination”

Maeve Guerra,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning my position with the company effective immediately. Apparently, the forms I have been filing to the various government regulatory boards were all filed incorrectly. Despite my use of the company policies for filling out those forms, I am being directly blamed for the incident and was told I could be fired or resign. I choose to resign.

Prior to determining that I would resign, I looked up my remaining vacation and sick time and note that I have eight days that I should be compensated for in my final check. I also expect to have access to my retirement account, of which I am fully vested.

In my opinion, I am being made a scapegoat for the filing department that drafted those policies. I followed the manual word for word and I am being blamed because the instructions I was given are incorrect. Not only is this not fair to me, it is a problem that the company will have to deal with again if all of those policies are not changed.

Thank you for the opportunities you have given me and for my time with the company. If you need to discuss this with me, please call me at 000-000-0000 or email me at

Sincerely Yours,

Gary E. Tart

Sample 5: “Resignation letter due to termination”

Dear [Recipients Name],

I began employment with XYZ 3 years ago and have enjoyed everything I’ve learned with this company. Unfortunately, recent events have caused the need for our separation. It was discovered on July 6th, 2021 that $1,000 was missing from the vault.

I participated in an active investigation of the situation and contributed any information I had with total transparency as I have nothing to hide from my employer. When I was informed by upper management that my passcode was the last to be used and, unfortunately, they have determined this information to be cause for termination. I am not aware of who else would have access to my passcode. The information is kept in a private file. Therefore I cannot point blame at any other employee with total certainty. I remember securely locking the vault door in place and I can only speak for the facts of which I am aware. At 2 pm, my assistant manager and I conducted a midday audit of the vault’s contents and it was in full balance. At 4 pm, we began our end of day audit and discovered by 4:30 pm that $1,000 was missing. I did not remove $1,000 from the vault between 2 and 4 pm. After the midday audit, my assistant manager was present as I securely closed the vault door.

I respect my employer for their diligence in their investigation. I have supported them throughout the entire process. Unfortunately, without a clear explanation for the missing funds, they have been required to make a decision based on circumstantial evidence. I have led this company in loss prevention and compliance for the last 2 years. As a manager, I understand it is ultimately my responsibility to ensure the employees I hire behave with total honesty and that operations are executed accurately and consistently. To the best of my abilities, I have done all of this and more. While I do not agree with the decision to terminate my employment, I do accept it as a requirement of my position of leadership. In the future, I will take the knowledge I learned from this experience and ensure that better steps are taken to prevent any loss occurring.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with this institution for the last 3 years. If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.”


Casey M. Employee


Phone Number


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Frequently asked questions: “Sample resignation letter due to termination”

What is a forced resignation called?

A forced resignation is also called constructive termination, and this will mean that technically you have been fired from the organization. A forced resignation can occur due to various circumstances, for example, due to misusing of funds or inappropriate behavior at the workplace.

Is it illegal to be asked to resign?

No, it is not illegal to be asked to resign. Some employers may ask their employees to resign in order to avoid embarrassing them by terminating them or for other financial purposes.

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