Sample of resignation letter as a teacher (6)


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Sample of resignation letter as a teacher (6)

In this guide, we will see some Samples of resignation letters as a teacher and a few tips on what to include in your letter.

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher

A sample of resignation letter as a teacher can become quite handy if you hold a teaching position at a school, you are an elementary teacher, preschool teacher, kindergarten teacher, etc., and you have decided to leave your current job role in the education field. 

Moreover, you may have various reasons such as health issues, you got an offer for teaching abroad, going back to school, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to write a letter keeping a positive, professional tone and giving enough notice so they can find a suitable replacement. Also, clearly state your intention to leave and when, make sure to express your appreciation for the opportunity, your contact information, the information from the addressee, a conclusion, and your signature.

As recommended by

  • Be concise, keeping it short and straight to the point.
  • Give proper notice (check your contract).
  • Maintain a professional attitude and tone.
  • Arrange for an exit interview.
  • Be certain about your decision to leave.

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 1

Example from

“  Date                  

Dear Mr. Smith

Resignation from post of teacher at Grungy Green School 

I wish to confirm that I am resigning from my post of teacher at Grungy Green School with effect from 1 September 2018.  My last date of employment will thus be 31 August 2019, and my last date of attendance will be (put in the date of the last day of term).

I would like to thank you and the rest of the teachers at Grungy Green School for the support that you have given me throughout my time here. I have enjoyed working as a part of this team, and appreciate the opportunities that I have had for personal and professional development. I shall ensure that my remaining time working with the students of Grungy Green School will be as successful as the earlier terms.

Yours sincerely,

ANO Teacher”

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 2

Example from

“Brittney Pettes


City, State Zip Code


Eleanor Acorn


Kakuro Central Schools


City, State Zip Code

Dear Ms. Acorn,

Please accept my resignation from my position as a fourth-grade Teacher at Kakuro Elementary School. My last day will be June 25, 20XX.

My students have given me great pleasure over the years, and the administration has been very supportive during my tenure with the school district.

I wish you all the best. If I can be of any assistance to you during the remainder of the term, please let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Brittney Pettes

cc: David Sterns, Principal, Kakuro Elementary School”

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 3 (from teacher to parents)

Example from

“FirstName LastName

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email


Contact Name


Company Name


City, State Zip Code

Dear Parents:

Please accept this letter as my regretful resignation from my position as a fourth-grade teacher at Lake Harkin Elementary. In just over a month, I will be taking a few years off to work with the Peace Corps. I have always been very passionate about volunteering, and through the program, my next opportunity will be taking me to Sri Lanka. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children, and I look forward to the good I’ll be able to do overseas.

Ms. Michelle Warren will be replacing me as your children’s new teacher. She is a qualified, tenured teacher with an immense amount of elementary education experience, so I have no doubt that she is a perfect fit for the job.

In the coming weeks, the school will send out more information regarding the change and sign-ups for parent-teacher meeting dates so that you will all be able to meet her. I will be introducing her to your children on Wednesday of this week. During this transition, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number is still my mobile phone, at (555) 555-5555.

I cannot thank you enough for the joy your children have given me this year. Working at LHE has been an incredible experience, and I will always look back on my years here with fond memories. Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children, and I do hope you will stay in touch. I am excited to learn about all the amazing things they will do in the future.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name”

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 4

Example from

“Teacher Resignation Letter

Ms. Naomi Bates

423 Westminster Place

Princeton, NJ, 56001

(555) 555-5555

Mrs. Carol Windsor


Montebello High School

233 Senator Avenue

Princeton, NJ, 56023

January 3rd, 2017

Dear Ms. Windsor,

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from the position teaching Grade 11/12 Physics Teacher. My last day of work will be April 30th, the end date of the spring term.

I assure you that I will be working closely with my replacement during this transitionary period to ensure that the students’ learning is not negatively affected. 

My lesson plan for the rest of the year is complete, and all the necessary course materials and teaching aids are ready to be implemented. All of my student files have been updated to further prepare the incoming teacher.

Being a teacher at Montebello High School this past year and a half has been a great privilege, as well as an invaluable learning experience. I am grateful for the opportunity. I can be reached at my personal phone number or email address should you have any further questions.

Sincere Regards,


Naomi Bates”

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 5

Example from

“2 September 2007

Dear Sir:


I submit this letter to inform you of my wish to be released from contractual duty as a primary school teacher at Kibugu Primary School with effect from 28th November 2007. I, therefore, give a notice period of 3 months.

The reason I am requesting this release from my contract is that I wish to pursue further studies and acquire a Master’s degree. I will be studying full time at university.

I do understand that as this request will be tabled to the school’s board, I will be getting approval by mid-November. Until then, the existing contract remains in effect.

I remain respectively yours,

Your name”

Sample of resignation letter as a teacher 6

Example from

“Ms. Jessica English


City, state zip code


Ms. Beth Principal


ABC school


City, State Zip Code

Dear, Ms. Principal,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as a 3rd grade English teacher with the ABC school. My final date of employment will be December 17, 20xx.

Teaching the third grade has given me the greatest pleasure over the past couple of years, and I highly appreciate the support and guidance I received during my tenure from colleagues and the school’s administration.

I wish you and the school the very best, moving forward. If I can be of any assistance to you during the remaining period, kindly let me know.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Jessica English”

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