Sadness Art (List)

This brief blog aims to provide  you with some sadness art. The images representing sadness ar have been curated form reputable third-party websites.

Each sadness art drawing is accompanied by a little detail that describes the image.

If you are an artist and you want to share your sadness art with us, to post it here, mention your name and the link to your art in the comments section at the end of this blog.

Sadness Art 

Sadness art is the art that signifies sad thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and feelings.

Below is a list of some images representing sadness art along with some descriptions of each of them.

In this image two hands are drawn with one of them holding a paper and the other one throwing plucked, broken flowers on it.

This sadness art uses dull and dark colors to represent sadness. In this picture, a woman in black, thick hair is crying.

 This image is a very artistic sadness art. In this image, a man is portrayed. The man is crying continuously.

He cried so much that his whole body filled with his tears.

Here, tears seem to represent extreme sadness, hopelessness, guilt, fear, and other emotions.

In this image, we can see a sad, depressed girl who has laid her head down on her arms. She seems to be sad.

The red balloon has flown up in the air. It seems all the happiness in her life has left her and she is sad now.

This is a very unique piece of sadness art. This art portrays the image of a girl who is sad and surrounded by a number of hands.

This image can have more than one meaning.

To me, it seems as if she is the victim of people’s opinions, ideas, and perceptions, that have been imposed don her unwillingly.

In this picture, a girl with a mask is crying.

The mask has stitches on it that show that the girl appears to be fine, happy, and healed from outside but behind her persona, she is sad, broke, and hurt.

This sadness art uses bright colors to depict sadness.

The selection of colors, empty tyes of the girl, and no facial expressions shows how sad the girl shown in the image is.

This art uses black, white, and related colors to portray the image of a sad girl with longs hairs. She seems to be weeping.

The raindrops and birds looking down upon her seems to confirm that the girl is depressed, sad, and crying really hard.

In this image, a girl’s face is shown. The girl is weeping.

Her wet eyelashes, weepy eyes, and smile-less lips show how sad she is.

This image shows a picture of a girl in a red dress and brown hair. The girl is crying with red tears coming out of her eyes.

The red tears represent how sad she is from inside.

This image signifies that a girl in entrapped in a jar. This picture could have several meanings.

For me, this picture signifies that a girl is trapped in the jar of sadness which is too deep that she can’t figure out how to get out of it.

In this picture, as the quote itself says, the man seems to be lost in his own mind.

He is having multiple thoughts or we might think of it as the process of over-tinking.

This is troubling the man and making him feel uncomfortable.

In this picture, a small kid has been shown who lost her heart-shaped balloon.

The dull colors used in this image shows how sad the girl is on her loss.

This is a very simple sadness art in which a broken heart is shown. 

In this image, a mother (as it seems) is holding her child who is crying for some reason.

The black, gray and related colors used in this art depict the sadness of both of them. It looks like they have lost something valuable.

In this picture, an animated girl is drawn who seems to be crying. The dark colors used in the image represent sadness and depression.

This picture portrays the image of an animated girl with braids. The girl seems to be weeping.

This sadness also shows the image of an animated girl who is crying. She seems so sad and depressed.

Her messy hair, wet eyes, and empty eyes show how sad she is.

In this image, an old man sitting on a chair is crying. 

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In this image, a woman with her eyes filled with tears is portrayed. The woman seems to be very sad, fearful, and hopeless.

This page provided you with some sadness art. The images mentioned on this page were curated from reputable third-party websites.

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