Sad teen girl (What to do?)

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In this article, we will try to look at the mental disorders associated with a sad teen girl. We will look in detail, what teen depression means, the symptoms of teen depression, how to cope with teen depression, and how parents can help their depressed teen. 

Sad teen girl 

Is your daughter a sad teen girl? Are you worried about her? Are you worrying about what is wrong with her? Do not worry, we got you covered.  

A sad teen girl may mean that your little daughter is going through some difficult times in her life. A number of mental health disorders are associated with adolescence. It may range from general irritability to major issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mood disorders. 

Adolescent or teenage is the most crucial time in one’s life. It is a period of development and advancement from childhood towards adulthood. According to WHO, anyone from the age of 11-22 is considered a teenager. 

In other words, adolescence is the time when puberty hits. It is the phase of life dominated by physical and emotional changes . With the cycle of physical changes that lead to the maturation of the reproductive system, occurs changes in an individual’s beliefs, values, and emotional intelligence. With puberty, there is a surge of hormones among the teens, which makes dealing with emotions a little difficult for them. 

With all these sudden and unexpected changes, having a sad teen girl is no surprise. The rather sudden surge in hormones, makes your teen suffer from various mood disorders, given the kind of world we live in. It is fiendishly challenging to understand an adolescent in the first place. Therefore, we must be utterly cautious when we are dealing with an adolescent  . 

Sad teen girl and mental disorders 

Anxiety and depression are very common among teenagers, however, girls are prone than boys in their adolescence. Girls mature faster than boys do. This makes them more prone to depression and anxiety. 

Five basic mood disorders a sad girl might be struggling with are as follows:

Teen depression

In teenage depression, the thing individuals will in general notice initially is withdrawal, or when the girl loses interest in things she preferred to do.  The changes may be contrasting, including misery or irritation. Or then again in her conduct, including, appetite, energy level, sleep behavior, and academic execution. In the event that few of these manifestations are available, be careful about the chance of depression. If you happen to notice these changes in your once- very-happy-daughter, who is now a sad teen girl, you know what she is going through. 

Teen Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental  framework that alerts the body when it’s in the way of  danger. .Anxiety only becomes aproblem when it hinders the daily activities of an individual. An excessively anxious teen may pull out from exercises since she’s excessively terrified or on edge, and her tension doesn’t disappear with consolation. She may be constantly worried about everything she does. Her anxiety may make her withdraw from her social life, her pleasures and decrease her confidence and self-esteem, leaving her to be one sad teen girl. 

Eating disorders

Another disorder, happening with more noteworthy recurrence in young girls than young boys —is eating disorders. While this can be a result of depression, the normal presumption that they’re brought about by depression isn’t borne out by research. teenage girls who have eating disorders sometimes give no indications of depression; to be sure, they are frequently advanced, serious adolescent girls who have a mutilated self-perception, yet not the manifestations of wretchedness.


Likewise, behaviours of self-harm are unlawful ways of dealing with stress. By engaging in self harm,  kids ease the emotional torment or numbness they’ve created. It can follow or combine with a state of mood disorder yet isn’t understood to be a result of it. 

Substance abuse

It is during adolescence, the kids feel various emotions, they do not know how to deal with. In such a scenario, they look for an unhealthy way to get out of it. Some start engaging in using drugs and other intoxicants. The relief caused by using these drugs makes them addicted to them. They reach a stage, where sadness is caused because of the lack of availability of these intoxicants. 

It is very important that you keep an eye on your sad teen girl, to spot these mental disorders if they do occur. Make sure, you are there for your girl when needed. She may be going through things, she cannot tell you, or you might not be able to understand. 

What is teen depression? 

Like depression in adults, teenage depression is a serious mental health condition that results in a lack of interest in pleasurable activities, worthlessness, guilt, loss of sleep and appetite, etc. it is not just a phase that one can overcome through willpower. In fact, it is a result of various circumstances. 

There are various reasons why a teenager may get depressed. For instance, teenagers can create sensations of uselessness and insufficiency over their class grades. School execution, economic wellbeing with peers, sexual direction, or everyday life can each majorly affect how an adolescent feels. At times, adolescent depression may result from environmental pressure. In any case, whatever the reason, when companions or family – or things that the teen normally appreciates – don’t assist with improving their trouble or feeling of detachment, there’s a decent possibility that they have teen depression.

Symptoms of teen depression

Emotional changes 

  • Sensations of trouble, which can incorporate crying spells for no evident explanation 
  • Disappointment or sensations of outrage, much over little issues 
  • Feeling miserable or void 
  • Peevish or irritated disposition 
  • Loss of interest or delight in regular exercises 
  • Loss of interest in, or strife with, loved ones 
  • Low confidence 
  • Sensations of uselessness or blame 
  • Obsession with past disappointments or misrepresented self-fault or self-analysis 
  • Outrageous affectability to dismissal or rejection, and the requirement for inordinate consolation 
  • Inconvenience thinking, concentrating, settling on choices, and recalling things
  • Progressing sense that life and what’s to come are troubling and hopeless 
  • Successive contemplations of death, biting the dust, or self-destruction

Behavioral changes 

  • Sleepiness and loss of energy 
  • A sleeping disorder or resting excessively 
  • Changes in hunger — diminished appetite  and weight reduction or expanded desires for food and weight gain
  • Utilization of liquor or medications 
  • Unsettling or eagerness — for instance, pacing, hand-wringing, or powerlessness to sit still 
  • Eased back reasoning, talking, or body developments 
  • Successive protests of unexplained body hurts and migraines, which may incorporate incessant visits to the school nurture 
  • Social disconnection 
  • Helpless school execution or successive unlucky deficiencies from school 
  • Less thoughtfulness regarding individual cleanliness or appearance 
  • Furious upheavals, problematic or hazardous conduct, or other carrying on practices 
  • Self-hurt — for instance, cutting, consuming, or over the top penetrating or inking 
  • Making a self-destruction arrangement or a self-destruction endeavor

How to deal with teen depression? 

Talk to an adult 

If you feel depressed or are not in the right place mentally, tell your parents about it. If it so happens that your parents are not that understanding, go to the school counselor, or a teacher you start. If you have an elder sibling to confide in, make sure you tell them what you feel. Talking to someone who understands and accepts depression will make you feel lighter. Thye may be able to help in ways that you might not be sure of. 

Do not isolate yourself

If you do realize that you are suffering from depression, do not push people away. It may certainly be difficult for you to continuously interact with everyone, but make sure you at least, keep someone in the loop. Isolating yourself will only make you feel even worse. You may end up overthinking and feeling worthless. 

Go for therapy 

If it is something you can not handle on your own, find a mental health professional who can help you, cognitive behavioral therapy with some antidepressants are known to be the best combination working to alleviate depression. 

Manage stress and anxiety 

The symptoms of depression can worsen when there are extreme stress and anxiety. Once you have understood that, look out for the triggers that worsen your depression. It may be the stress of an exam, or your parents fighting. When these stressors appear, find out ways to deal with them effectively. Or try to avoid them in the first place. 

Engage in life nourishing habits. 

Having a healthy life, makes one think that things may get back to what they were. Eat healthy and nutrient-rich food. eating junk and fat oriented food can make symptoms worse. In addition, make sure you engage in some sort of physical activity in order to keep your body alive. They help you release hormones like endorphins. Sleep for at least 8 hours and avoid depressants like alcohol and other drugs. 

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How to help a depressed teen? 

Is your daughter a sad teen girl, dealing with depression? Here are a few ways you can help her:

Get help 

Remember, you are just a parent. You cannot treat depression. If your teen girl is depressed, take her to a mental health professional. They know better than anybody. Clinical treatment with a combination of psychotherapy and medication is generally known to cure depression. 

Support and listen 

As a parent, it is your duty to be there for your child. No matter what the child is going through, care and support from parents can certainly make life easier. If you see your girl sad and depressed all the time, do not disregard her or her feelings. Make sure you ask her and listen to her proactively. Do not dismiss what she says. 

Give importance to physical health 

As a parent, you can certainly manage the health of a teenager. Do not let your child eat junk and oily food, instead make them healthy and nutrient rich food. In addition, if you see that your child is sitting idle the entire day, get them to do some physical activity. Go on a walk with them, ask them to join a sports class, dance class or whatever they like. Reduce their screen time. 

Boost social connection 

Try to get your child to go out and play with friends. If they are pushing everyone away, you may want to call their friends home and surprise them. Take them out to restraints and parties that will help to interact with everyone. This will distract them from their glooming feelings and feel better. 

Try to keep your mental peace 

At last, remember dealing with depression is no easy, and dealing with a teen depression maybe even difficult. You need to take care of yourself. Make sure you get a break and enough sleep to restore your energy. Have a peaceful environment at home. Try to be open about everything, to everyone, instead of bottling up your feelings. 

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In this article, we have tried to look at the mental disorders associated with a sad teen girl.We have also looked in detail, what teen depression means, the symptoms of teen depression, how to cope with teen depression, and how parents can help their depressed teen. 

FAQs: Sad teen girl 

What is the fundamental cause of depression among the adolescent? 

For teenagers, an unpleasant home climate or neighborhood poverty and savagery can prompt depression. Other potential triggers for teenage depression incorporate learning disabilities that make scholarly achievement troublesome, hormonal changes influencing temperament, and actual sickness.

How does puberty affect depression?

Hormones play an important role in puberty. The female hormone estrogen is associated with depression. Estrogen levels significantly increment in young ladies during adolescence, which may add to the expansion in depression rates among them.

Can puberty cause mental illness? 

Puberty is associated with drastic changes. These drastic changes can cause mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.



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