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Sabrina Cohen Hatton

In this brief blog, we will be talking about Sabrina Cohen Hatton, the contributions of Sabrina Cohen Hatton, the life of Sabrina Cohen Hatton, and more information about Sabrina Cohen Hatton.

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton: Her Story on Homelessness and Liberation

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton is a senior firefighter who has admitted that she suffered from homelessness when she was a teenager.

This kind of story made it big in the news and she was even invited in several interviews.

She stated that she was homeless for 2 years since she was 15 which led to having her own job which is to sell news articles in the streets.

She was able to move on from her homelessness when she was able to work in the fire department when she was 18 years old. 

She hasn’t returned to her homeless background when she worked as a firefighter.

She even stated that it was hard for her to talk about this background. 

She stated that she merely acted as other people would when they already have a new life beyond them that is way better than their old lives.

This led her to not look back on her suffering.

She began hiding this kind of background where it will never be opened. Until she opened it to the world and the world responded with open arms.

This kind of background began with a tweet. She was really suffering from this truth of hers. 

She was afraid of sharing her background due to the discrimination surrounding this kind of background.

She was then able to make her book titled Heat Of The Moment where she was able to talk about safety procedures in the firefighter field and she was able to realize that this shameful background of hers is a part of her life.

This is why she has decided to talk about her experiences while being homeless.

She even stated that she was locked out from a church when she was trying to sleep there and a guy urinated on her sleeping bag.

She even saw a teacher who looked at her selling a magazine but she was then avoided.

She felt so invisible that time and felt like there was no hope for her.

The Christmas for her in the streets were very depressing.

She started looking at kids who have gifts of toys and other grand things and yet she was left there outside were she had to fend for herself.

She even compared her present Christmas with her husband to the one that she had spent when she was homeless.

This kind of experience led her to take her Christmas experience for granted.

She has become an iconic star on the radio.

She also became a big name on the Big Issue Magazine for her work and not only being the girl who sold magazines to earn money.

She was even appointed as the Chief Fire Officer in Christmas which was featured in the mentioned magazine.

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Sabrina Cohen Hatton (All you need to know)

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton’s feelings when she told her true story

As mentioned before, she was afraid of telling people about her story. She had to keep moving into her old lifestyle. 

She felt like she had to keep moving in places that were very unfamiliar to her.

She was very nervous that she had to go through these places and the fact that she was a teenager at that time.

She didn’t know how to depend on people because she had to face the world by herself which is not very healthy for a teenage girl alone in the big city.

She even stated that she had to fend for herself when people try to throw her off from nearby establishments where she decided to sleep.

She was very afraid of people knowing her when she became famous.

Although in the end, she was able to get through this fear and be able to accept what has happened to her before.

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton’s message to others who have gone through the same obstacle

She knows that there are still people suffering from the experience she went through before.

She stated that there is still hope despite not seeing it clearly.

It also works that you don’t become a victim of your circumstances. You need to know that you are still worth something. 

In this case, you should see homelessness as not a position but an experience that you can overcome.

You can still do what you want to do in the big world just like her.

Other homeless people can still choose to be motivated to do things that they want to do by reminding themselves that another homeless person has made it to the top recently.

It only needs a step towards bravery and knowing that you can still make a mark in the world despite the present circumstance

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton’s reactions to the public response of her story

As mentioned before, she was numb that she was going to share her previous life to people.

But she was immediately brought positively by the public’s response who admired her for what she has become right now.

She was able to feel a sense of relief that she was able to be free from the fear that got to her when she opened up about her story.

She was happy that there are still people who are accepting of you despite your previous background that wasn’t something to be proud of.

You can learn about her story and be encouraged to do great things even if you had to go through a dark background.

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton on reattaching to the Big Issue

She first got acquainted with John Bird when she was 16 and this man was the founder of this magazine company.

This led her to work her way up in the company which she has never dreamed of before.

She then became acquainted with writing for this magazine company. This helped her out to make money for herself and her needs.

She stated that it truly was a crazy time in her life because she was really not expecting miracles to come her way such as this one.

She was expecting that she will be left alone outside in the cold and hot days.

Nevertheless, she has worked her way up in this magazine company where she was able to be appointed ambassador.

Sabrina Cohen-Hatton and her crazy year

She was really touched when she had the radio interview for her previous background.

She was interviewed by the Desert On Discs which was a radio station that was talking about her background on the air.

She was able to talk about her life out in the streets and feeling like she had no sense of hope anymore as a person.

She even got tweeted by a famous celebrity that she admired in her life and she was able to get optimistic about this response.

She even shared the tweet by Kath how is a famous celebrity which led her to be more encouraged to share about her experiences despite her previous reservations with the whole experience.

She knows that she can’t get out of this experience even if she wanted to.

This experience is already a part of her and she just can’t let go of that.

She has to realize that she is her own person and that she knows that the brave way to do it is to accept it as it is.

She had this radio interview when she was already with a family and being with her husband who was also a firefighter.

Her daughter was even curious about her life back in the streets and she was proud enough to talk about it to her.

She is already contented with her life since she had a family and a job that she feels is the most fulfilling job she has ever had.

She even made a book that came from her experiences with her job which also got famous to most female readers.

The Heat Of The Moment by Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

This kind of book described how we need to do something in our toughest moments.

This kind of book has a lot of reviews from women who have gotten acquainted with this female Chief Fire Officer.

A nurse stated that she was a wondrous professional in the emergency room.

She was considered as one of the most insightful females thanks to her book.

A lot of reviews have stated that this kind of book holds a new account on how to best getaway from fires despite being in a situation where escape seems impossible.

It was even shocking that a female firefighter had the speech to make this kind of book.

She stated some snippets of her life of being a firefighter in this kind of book.

This kind of book has also made her famous among fans which led to interviews about her past experiences.

She didn’t become a victim of her previous circumstances which led her to become the firefighter that she is today.


In this brief blog, we have talked about Sabrina Cohen Hatton, the contributions of Sabrina Cohen Hatton, the life of Sabrina Cohen Hatton, and more information about Sabrina Cohen Hatton.

If you have any questions about Sabrina Cohen Hatton, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: sabrina cohen hatton

How do I get a job as a firefighter?

You can get a job as a firefighter by getting the fundamental requirements, become an EMT, take the tests needed to be this kind of profession, attend the fire academy, continue learning about this kind of profession, and consider taking formal education.

How much do firefighters get paid UK?

Firefighters get paid with £22,459 in the UK. When you are able to have much experience of being this kind of professional, you get to get paid with £29,934.

These higher earnings will only come once you’ve made more experiences in this kind of profession.

What qualifications do I need to be a firefighter UK?

The qualifications that you need to be a firefighter in the UK are 9-4 grades in GCSE maths and English language or a level two similar vocational qualification.

You will need to get certificates from these kinds of qualifications to prove to the fire department that you will be applying in that you are qualified to become this kind of professional. 

Is it hard to get hired as a firefighter?

Yes, getting hired as a firefighter is very hard.

Although this kind of profession is a very satisfying career since you get to travel to major cities and help people in the midst of a fire which can make you feel like a hero if you like that kind of feeling.

Is firefighting a good career?

Yes, firefighting is a good career.

This is because you get to save lives when you are engaged in this kind of profession and you are able to have some experiences where someone is thankful for what you have done for saving them. 


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