Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons (Samples)

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Sabbatical leave letter for health reasons

A sabbatical leave letter for health reasons is written and requested when an employee needs a long period absence from work.

When we talk about sabbatical leaves in general, they are usually granted to university lecturers and doctors after they have been working with a university for a certain period of continued service, but it is also possible to be considered for other type of professions depending on their personal circumstances and reasons.

However, if you have to take a sabbatical because you need emergency leave to take care of a family member that requires attention due to health issues, you could qualify for “compassionate leave” or unpaid leave, depending on the amount of time requested or needed.

Remember that your employer could actually grant you the sabbatical or reject it. 

Unpaid vs paid sabbatical leave

Paid sabbaticals are uncommon but do exist. Make sure to ask your manager/supervisor/immediate boss, your HR department for more information or even check your employment contract.

If you are fortunate enough and your employer does offer a paid sabbatical policy, then you need to inform about the conditions, if you are eligible and how to apply.

However, if your employer does not offer paid sabbaticals, still you could apply for unpaid leave and “if your employer has no such policy either way, all is not lost.

Once you’ve determined what sort of unpaid sabbatical you’d like to take and the principle ‘why’s’ involved – so why you’re choosing to take one and why it will benefit your employer – you have every right to ask (”

When can I apply for sabbatical leave?

Usually, you are allowed to apply if it is part of your employment agreement or company’s policies.

Professors and doctors may have a special clause in their contracts that allow them to leave work for up to 1 year following a certain amount of years (e.g. seven years of continued service).

In addition, it may be requested if you have worked for a company, typically 20+ or if you have what they consider a “valid reason”.

If you are dispensable then it is more likely they will ask you to resign and probably re-hire you in the future but if you are indispensable then it is unlikely your employer will reject the application.

Now, regarding the valid reasons they could consider are:

  • Being ill or having to stay away from work for treatment or recovery from a medical condition.
  • Pursue higher education. For many companies, it is important their employees keep expanding their knowledge and expertise by achieving a higher degree, this in the long run will benefit them.
  • Pregnancy and maternity. Even though there are laws that protect new mothers, having a right to leave pre and post delivery, you could consider asking for a sabbatical if you feel you need more time. 

Sample 1:

Even though this is a sample letter for a sabbatical leave when pursuing higher studies, you could follow the letter template/format and adjust it to your personal circumstances such as asking a sabbatical leave for health reasons.

“Dear [Recipient Name],

My name is [John Smith] and I have been working in the finance department for the last nine years. I have recently found myself stuck in a loop, doing the same things over and over again. My learning process stopped and I haven’t improved for a while now.

Feeling the need for self-development, I would like to request for an extended leave, a sabbatical, in order to continue my studies and earn an MBA degree. I am committed to [company name] and I am happy to work here. I am planning to resume my work at [company name] once I earn my degree, by then, I will be more knowledgeable, motivated, experienced, and more committed.

I do believe that this move is beneficial for both me and the organization. I am planning to enroll in late September. The whole program takes no longer than nine months, so I should be back by May. I have already spoken to the head of the department and he assured me that coverage is available and that workflow will not be affected much.

I kindly ask you consider my request, and I am hopeful that will approve it. Attached with this letter are the program acceptance letter and other related documents for your reference.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards”

Sample 2:

“Your Name

Your Address

Your City, postcode

Your Phone Number






City, postcode

Dear Mr./Ms. [Lastname]:

I would like to formally request a two-month leave of absence for personal reasons. If possible, I would like the leave from work to begin on August 1, 2019, with a return date of October 1, 2019.

If approved, I will be staying with family in [Anycity] during this time period, and I would be glad to assist with any questions via email or phone whenever possible.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name”

Sample 3:

“Dear/Respected (name),

I would like to formally request the opportunity to take (6-12) month sabbatical leave, commencing x months from today (date).

I have been (your position) at (name of the company) for x years and would like to take care of my health and follow some treatment options recommended by my doctor. I do hope to be able to get some rest and recover by (date) to return with a renewed sense of energy and better health. 

I have been a good and professional employee, always displaying (benefits for the company) for the company’s best interest and benefit.

During my time off I can be reached at (phone number/email) if there are any questions or concerns.

I thank you for considering my request and will be doing a follow-up in upcoming days.


Your signature

Your name”

Sample 4: (Serious Illness)

“Your full name, job title

Home Address

City, Postcode


Mr./Mrs. Last Name, 

I am writing to you to formally request a medical leave of absence due to a serious health condition that I have been diagnosed with. Due to my illness, my physician has advised me to seek an immediate medical leave from work and expects that I will be unable to return to work for (insert number) weeks or longer, depending on my response to treatment and recovery progress. I will be happy to have my doctor submit a medical certification form to verify the need for leave. Please let me know what additional information is needed in order to process this request. I greatly appreciate your assistance with this important matter.


Your signature

Your typed name”

Sample 5:

“Your full name, job title


City, postcode


Mr./Mrs. Last Name, 

I am writing to you to submit a formal request for a medical leave of absence due to my own serious health condition that requires surgery. My doctor has scheduled a surgical procedure for (insert date) and expects that I will need (insert number) of weeks for recovery before being released to return to work. My physician will be happy to provide a formal medical certification document on my behalf. Please let me know the next steps I should take to secure approval for this request. Thank you in advance for your consideration. 


Your signature

Your typed name”

Sample 6: 


The Manager,

(Insert company name)

Subject: Sabbatical Leave Letter for Health reasons (Insert illness)

Dear Sir/ma’am,

Respectfully, it is to inform you that I am suffering from (Xyz’s illness). I am an employee of your firm for the past (x years). I recently have been diagnosed with a (insert illness). Due to this sudden illness, it would not be possible for me to make an appearance at the office for (6-12) months.

This critical condition has deteriorated my health a lot. I cannot eat properly and have a terrible body rash, where my doctor has advised a new treatment and rest for my complete recovery. It is impossible for me to concentrate on anything. I can attest to have been a dedicated employee and did not take any additional leave from work ever. 

The employee regularity record would serve as evidence of this claim. I would be able to come back after my complete recovery and serve your firm again with the same vigilant and attentive inclination. I hope you take my plea into consideration and allow me a leave of absence for (6-12) month. I shall remain indebted to you for this kindness.

Yours Truly,

(Insert name),

(Insert date)”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I write a sabbatical leave letter?

You can write a sabbatical leave letter by following the example:

“Dear (name), I would like to hereby formally request the opportunity to take a (6/12) month sabbatical leave, commencing 6 months from today, on (day/month/year). I have been (your position) at (name) university for (X) years and would like to conclude my research on (full details of your project/work).”

How do you write a leave of absence letter for personal reasons?

To write a leave of absence letter for personal reasons consider:

– Including a brief explanation why you are taking the leave and perhaps state where you’ll be while you are on the leave.

– Offer assistance to your employer to make a smooth transition to your leave period and also include any relevant contact details if they need to reach you.

– Make sure you thank your employer for considering your request and consider that they can refuse/reject to approve the leave.

What is a good reason for leave of absence?

There are several good reasons to consider asking for leave of absence from work.

For instance, if you have a family emergency to take care of a family member or if you have a health condition that requires your attention (sick leave), the birth or adoption of a child, loss of a loved one, among others.

How do I write a leave application?

To write a leave application you can follow this format:

– Greeting/salutation in a professional and polite manner. 

– Be clear and concise when stating the purpose when requesting a leave absence.

– Include the date you are actually requesting the leave on and also the date you will be returning to work.

– Work with your boss and discuss a plan during your absence.

– Include your conact information.

– Include your name and signature.

Do we get salary in sabbatical leave?

You may qualify to get a salary in sabbatical leave if you are eligible for it.

This benefit depends on what the company agrees taking into consideration for how long you have worked for them (usually at least 3 years) to receive paid leave for a pre-determined amount of time.

However, some companies may agree to pay a full or a partial compensation.

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