Rick Sanchez Depression (5 takeaways

In this brief post, we will be analyzing Rick Sanchez Depression, a brief introduction to Richard Sanch, about the series Rick and Morty, further we will discuss Rick Sanchez Depression and in the end, address some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Rick Sanchez Depression was exhibited through the episodes:

  • His belief that life is meaningless and pointless
  • He is lonely
  • Separation with his lover
  • He simply live for his own pleasure and restrict from other
  • Mentality that everything is pointless and meaningless
  • He is inconsiderate about others

Richard Sanchez

Richard Rich Sanchez is also called Rick C-137 which is the main protagonist of Rick and Morty, which is an American animated television series by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland premiered on Dec 2, 2013. The series is available on Cartoon Network.

Richard was portrayed as a genius scientist who was involved in alcoholism as well as reckless behaviours in the series. Such behaviour of Rick was a major source of concern for the family including his daughter’s family as well as for the safety of their son.

In the series, Justin Roiland voices Rick Sanchez.

Rick and Morty

The series first season consists of twenty-two minutes eleven episodes and after the first six-episode that was aired, the second session was made with twenty minutes ten episodes. 

And in 2019, the show also came up with the fourth season and it also made a massive hit with the audience. 

The show is based on a series of an animated short film which is based on the Back to the Future parody “ The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti” by Justin Roiland.

Series is based on the plot that Rick Sanchez arrives at his daughter after missing for about 20 years. His daughter welcomed and offered him great hospitality, however, the remarkable and happy reunion of the two wasn’t appreciated by her husband. His arrival resulted in household issues and as well as certain modifications in the house where he used the garage for personal laboratory as well as engaged in all kinds of work that involved scientific gadgets.

Some of the main characters in the series are Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Jerry Smith, Beth Smith and Summer Smith.

The genre of the series is a blend of action adventure, comedy, black comedy as well as science fiction.

Appearance of Rick Sanchez

In the series, Rick appeared to be a lanky as well as a tall man. He was shown with ashy complexion and grey hair with a bald spot on his hand. Rick shows a wrinkled face as well as eyelids. 

He wears a brown pant, a dark brown belt and wore a blakc shoes. Often in the series, he was shown with green spills on his mouth. Rick also speaks in rambling manner as well as stammer.

Personality of Rick Sanchez

In the series, Rick was portrayed as a scientist who was shown with complex scientific inventions such as dream-invading devices, brain-enhancing helmets, creating the first amusement park in the human body. 

His brilliance and creativity is often disturbed by his alcohol tendencies and vulnerability. Rick also gets bored easily and doesn’t perform well in his routine at times. 

Rick was also displayed as homicidal where he has disregard for others and often harms others who threaten him. He also enjoys and finds joy in terminating others.

And despite that, he does feel shocked and annoyed when there is loss of life.

Many perceive Rick as Nihilist where his viewpoint would be that nothing has meaning however, it’s not always seen as such since he shows love and concerns to his family as well as to his lovers in all the episodes. He shows the will to maintain relationships with others as well as keeps a sentimental value for his family.

In the series, Rick and Morty share a strong bond despite the alcoholic behaviour and cynicism of Rick. On top of that there is a prevalent carelessness of Rock when he is around Jerry. 

Another major characteristic of Rick is his reluctance to follow and abuse the orders of authority. He also shares how he doesn’t respect the guards and government officials, moreover he shows great dislike and disfavor towards standardized education and someone else directing him to do things. 

In the series, his wife and the failure of his marriage with wife wasn’t exposed but he shows deep emotions when it comes to romantic relationships. Unity, his former love and Rick are pretty much alike where they would both turn to each other in mirroring the image of themselves however, Unity shares that Rick controls people mentally while Unity takes the physical control of people.

In different episodes, Rick was shown to engaged and his indulgence in assault, breaking and bulgary, cable piracy, abuse, felony unlawful killing, illegal arms dealing,  unlawful killing as well as smuggling.

Rick and Depression

There are certain obvious signs and revelation that Rick’s has attempted suicide and was depressed.

Especially in the season 2 in the third episode, towards the end, it was shown that Unity felt like she couldn’t stay with Rick anymore and ditch Rick. Following the event, Rick was severely depressed because of which he went home, dejected and retreated in the garage which was a major family surprise. Despite the confession made by Beth that there are aliens hidden in the basement, he conceded and took retreat in it. There, he attempted suicide with a makeshift death ray along with evaporating a screaming orphansed creature with a orange liquid.

This symbolizes and represents how he was abandoned by Unity and his former wife. It also shows his cry for help and support with phrases like, “ WubbaLubbaDubDub” which means “ I am in great pain, please help me”. 

The orange liquid also symbolises and is very special in convincing and sharing the severity and ferocity of gis suicide attempt. The liquid helps Rick to sync with other universes and worlds, and drinking the liquid to terminate themselves helps them to connect with other realities.

There are some depressive symptoms exhibited by Rick through the series, some of the depressive symptoms are:

  • Lack of interest shown by Rick
  • Lack of motivation and will
  • Insomnia and disruption in sleep cycle
  • Restlessness and lethargic
  • Social Isolation
  • Recurrent suicidal ideation and attempts

Some of the evidence of Rick’s depressive symptoms are evident and share through his bird person language.

In one instance, it was stated that Rick’s popular phrase was, “ WubbaLubbaDubDub” which means “ I am in great pain, please help me”. This was his call for help.

Another dialogue or expression of Rick in the series was “ GubbaNubNubDooRahKah” which can be translated as whatever lets you sleep at night.

At the end of 4th wall, Rick says, “ see you next week everyone” when staring at the audience, whichimplies that he is signalling the suicide attempt however, being the protaganist, he couldn’t do so.

He is also depressed because of the fact that he is the main lead of the show and he can’t stop himself and leave the show than to continue with it. Ending the show with this declaration would result in severe consequences of the show. And this put him into suffocation as well as severe pressure. Adding onto that, he also keeps himself occupied and entertains the audience so that the show keeps going rather than getting canceled.

Separation from his girlfriend was a serious emotional pain for him that he realised he was all alone. Since he can’t simply quit and drop the show owing to that, he decided to keep the show going by taking the lead.

The creator of the show Dan Harmon shares about how Rick is something that is relatable to all of us, “When you’re standing in line at that bank sometimes, you always feel like, none of these people understand what a hurry I’m in, how much stuff I have to do today, what I’m up against. We’ve all been Rick.”

Another major moral or message from that show is about how despite all the superior and intelligent behavior of Rick, it still overshadows his mental mindset of Rick: Depression.

It also shed light on the belief that is prevalent in people about how highly intelligent and creative people are on higher chances or are vulnerable to depression and their susceptibility is higher than the general population.

Alcoholism and Depression is often connected and even in the show, it seems to fit with Rick. Along with that the feeling of hopelessness that comes along with people who are depressed are evident in Rick.

Thus, the show of Rick portrays how highly intelligent and creative people are prone to depression since they see their world in a different way.

Why is Rick in great pain?

Pain in Rick is caused by the existential realization in him that often overlaps with the concept of cosmic horror where all life has no purpose and meaning in it.

Is it possible to be as smart as Rick Sanchez?

No. it is not possible for the individual to develop intelligence like the way Rick is since his intelligence is something that is not achievable at least in one’s lifetime. He could travel to different states within a few seconds.

What personality is Rick Sanchez?

Rick has a personality of being reckless, pessimist and has nihilistic behaviour. He is also believed to be a sociopath mad scientist. 

What actually happened to Rick’s wife?

His wife was terminated by an incendiary device accident that was sent by Rick. However, Rick refuses to accept it saying it’s a total fabricated story in order to fool and dupe the interrogator.

What is Rick’s IQ?

His IQ is more than 500 since he has advancement in Scientific Fiction technology as well as his smartness. Rick is considered to be the smartest man on this earth.


In this brief post, we analyzed Rick Sanchez Depression, a brief introduction to Richard Sanch, about the series Rick and Morty, further we discussed Rick Sanchez Depression and in the end, addressed some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic.




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